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  1. My rogue with max mechanics had no problem disarming all the traps as soon as she saw them...
  2. The writing is definitely wordy, with a lot of adjectives. It's certainly evocative, but I sometimes feel it's a little bit TOO wordy.
  3. NWN's single player was built in a hurry to support what they spent the majority of their time on, the module creation engine. All the artwork had to be constructed to support the idea that it would be used in the module editor dynamically, so you could lay down walls, and doodads, and it would just work. I would say it worked well enough. I can't comment on the art design but I can only imagine how difficult it was to make compelling art that could be slotted in dynamically in the editor.
  4. You might like DA2 if you didn't like DA:O. They created DA2 by turning DA:O's world from a tactical team based CRPG into a third person Action RPG. General consensus is if you like DA:O, you probably hated DA2 and vice versa. I liked them both, for different reasons. True, I don't play either of them much anymore, but for what they were, they weren't bad. DA2 had numerous issues, such as reused areas, every fight involving multiple waves of opponents appearing all over the place, a sometimes nonsensical plot development(why did we fight the grand enchanter again? he was on our side
  5. First I noticed the name of one of the NPCs was incredibly close to my own. Second I noticed the backdrop color looked like a backer color. Now, I'm not actually(unfortunately) a backer, but what's the story here? Is it a coincidence? Or did someone crib my name? I'm cool if they did, it makes me feel special.
  6. This is an annoying switch. I couldn't find it at first, either. Try upping your perception, and using stealth modal to look for hidden objects.
  7. Install at your own risk, it may do what you want it to, it may have a virus, it may break your game. There's no rule against modding your game however you like, though, so knock yourself out.
  8. Before we contemplate revamping the difficulty scale, let's be absolutely sure the difficulty issues are not due to the stat bug making things easier than intended.
  9. Also, if you're using Windows Thin PC, be advised it's a 32-bit OS, it uses a windows XP kernel, and has the same crashing problems. I switched to a 64 bit windows 7, and my crashing problems went away entirely. And I'm on 2GB of system RAM and a 512MB graphics card.
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