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  1. Yea I agree. Methinks tidehunter's analysis makes differences without distinctions.
  2. I beg to differ. Since 2012 Chris Roberts' Star Citizen kickstarted Crowdfunder hit over an ohioastronomic $80,000,000 this month, and has yet to be a game!!
  3. Thanks for the heads-up guys. I read & re-read my journal to no avail, and as for returning to the Temple to search, I've moved on to other quests and feel that going back wouldn't be worth the time & energy. Stay strong.
  4. W'sup Quillon. When an acquired item is taken either by the tab key or scouting a right click on it will not only indicate what it is but also what it does. Did you ever right click on that "pink-purple thingy" (or place it in your inventory or stash)? By your description of the odd color there's a good chance that it's at least an Epic item! It may be worth your time & energy to return and get it (if you don't have to restart).
  5. In the Bell room of the Temple my character is in possession of the Initiate's Note which discloses the order of bell ringing for the three bells: Ring the largest bell in the middle after the "second" bell is rung. Not knowing which bell is the second one, and after many attempts of ringing each bell in different order, I get nowhere. Will someone give me a clue?
  6. Tnx guys. I'm convinced it would be futile to return to Cilant lis.
  7. OMG FJ. Your harangue against KoTOR violates "when in Rome" protocol.
  8. I hear ya Ferrante. You've played over 150 hrs, and "like" the game and appear to be wary & frustrated over the whims of the programmers in creating their character & combat algorithms. Get over it! Continue enjoying the game making do with what you have while listening to Stevie Wonder's Superstition: "When you believe in things that you don't understand then you suffer." Also quit taking responsibility for that which you can't control freeing yourself of that way to heavy burden.
  9. Is it a glitch that the notes entered in the Journal Note page can't be edited after entry? Also the mechanics of typing entries & roaming the page itself seems to be an unfinished or forgotten programmers maintenance of the page. Any Ideas?
  10. Very interesting. How did you discover that lighting the pillars in the adjacent trapped room would disable the traps? Since the pillared room is a dead-end, did you light the pillars, and subsequently return to the trapped room (with the exit) to find the traps disabled? Also, if my character was to return to the trapped room (at this point I know I lit the pillars, but don't recall whether the traps are now disabled) with sufficient mech and the traps disabled, is there a way to enable them to acquire xp?
  11. Thanks for the heads-up guys. Now I know the diff tween traps & secrets & the benefit of the hook&rope. Stay strong.
  12. I'm in the ruins in scouting mode and discovered secrets at several signa tiles set in a luminous rectangle yet am unable to acquire any secrets when clicking on them. I have lvl 2 mechanic skill which is apparently not enuf. Will someone tell me what lvl of skills are required to attain these secrets? Also the same question for climbing the walls in in the ruins of Valewood.
  13. Thanks guys for the heads-up. It's all clear now. Stay strong.
  14. Newbie here. How does the grimoire work? When the grimoire is equipped by the Wizard how do I direct which spell t want the character to use from the quick slot since I can't drag/drop any spell into any of the 4 quick item slots from the right page of the grimoire? Will someone give me a clue?
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