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  1. Hey guys, I just figured a nice legit trick that allows you to significantly increase your damage output with all the long-reload ranged weapons (guns and crossbows). It is not bug abuse and most likely it was intended by the gamemakers. The trick is simple and requires just a little bit of micro: 1. Have two long-reload ranged weapons you want to use. 2. Equip both of them in your weapon slots. 3. When the encounter begins shoot with one of the weapons, then switch to the other. This only works once (both weapons will require you to reload afterwards) so the damage gain is not huge. Might help eliminating enemy casters and marksmen however. It is a nice combo if you have 2 ranged users and you want to very quickly get rid of high-priority targets. That's what the marksmen would do in the late Middle Ages if they had someone helping them with the second weapon. Just fire->switch->fire. It also feels SUPER EPIC. A variation to this is having two different ranged weapons. One would be slow-reload, the other would be a bow: 1. Fire the slow reload as the fight begins. 2. Swap the weapons 3. Fire the bow (or a faster reload weapon) for possibly better dps. I hope that helped! EDIT: I forgot to add that you need to re-load both weapons even after combat if you want to keep using the trick. ~Mike
  2. This game should be named Temple of Elemental Evil 2. Some of these bugs make me wonder what were the beta-testers doing... There are, too, some memory leak issues crashing the game for 32-bit systems while the game is sold as 32-bit comaptible. This is big.
  3. Yeh happened to me too. It makes no sense, sometimes the characters don't even auto-target enemies once their intiial target dies but when their ally gets charmed they just go rogue on him. Looked funny at first, now it's becoming a nuisance with the limited resting.
  4. Monks equipped off-hand gives them acc bonus that fists don't though
  5. Another beta game released as a finished title. This is almost as buggy as good old ToEE. I was so gonna play it but seeing how terrible bugs it has I will just have put it off I guess :/
  6. Windows XP Home SP3 Intel E3300 Radeon HD4850 4GB RAM First of all, I'd like to state that /3gb switch doesn't work for me as it simply disables my graphics drivers. * BUG A The game didn't crash at the Gilded Vale at first. Initially I could just enter from Valewood and walk around freely. When I started exploring buildings, however, the crashes would occur: 1) I could load into the building without issues 2) If I tried to exit a building back into Gilded Vale I'd get a crash. I could, however, re-launch PoE, load my save from that building and leave back to Gilded Valde 3) So I would enter a building, explore it, save, try to leave, crash, launch PoE again and leave without a crash 4) Any attempts (while INSIDE the building) to leave to menu -> load a save -> leave the building would cause a crash. Only quitting the game to desktop and re-launching it would allow me to re-enter Gilded Vale * BUG 2 1) I completed Rhaedric's Hold successfuly. No bugs there, I overthrew the evil bastard and wanted to return to Gilded Valde. Guess wha... a crash! 2) I figured that maybe the Hold is too much for the game to process. I moved to the wilderness area next to Hold. Tried the quit->load->go to gilded valde from there. CRASH. 3) I deiced to go back to Valewood. Save/quit the game -> relaunch -> load -> move from Valewood to Gilded Dale. IT WORKED. I was able to deal with some business in the town (had to do the reload thingy whenever I entered the buildings). * BUG 3 (gamebreaking) 1) I restocked and moved to do Afra's Quest. I got the potion from there eventually. I saved, quit, launched, loaded, tried to go to Gilded Vale. Crash. 2) I deiced to go back to Valewood since it worked last time. Save/quit the game -> relaunch -> load -> move from Valewood to Gilded Dale. Crash. 3) I repeated 2) a few more times, I tried moving from other locations but no avail. Crashed every time.
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