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  1. Probably got gangbanged in a bear cave... Happens mate Just read dialogues more carefully and make sure to scout and understand encounter first, engage second
  2. So Obsidian guys, can we please have something done about Chanters? E.g. - Cut 1 chant out of invocations rotation - Bring all chants, including high level ones, to the base of 3-4 seconds - Reduce chant times by level Because increasing chants by level just makes them completely obsolete and unusable in later stages (e.g. fight is already over one way or another before Chanter can cast this level 3 invocation after TWENTY FOUR SECONDS)
  3. Nice info man, thank you Pretty much confirmed what I have tested: - Basically, damage changer can safely ignore everything except Might/Dex - And summoner Chanter doesn't need any stats at all - like, you can virtually put them anywhere you want, he will perform the same - Twisting chants is not really effective, better to pick 1 chant for every fight for full uptime
  4. Unfortunately, the game devs decided this to be a mystery. No, besides basic combat stats on mouseover there is no way to tell actual stats and abilities of your summons. Same with Ranger pets. As for scaling, far as I have seen, no, they are not scaling anywhere with levels, you are supposed to get new summons at other spell levels. Rangers are shafted though, their pets barely scale and get no interesting abilities or anything. What is annoying, they bothered to implement the whole bunch of useless unimmersive Backer NPCs, and did not even bother to do some leveling for Ranger pets...
  5. Completely and wholeheartedly agree. Want to put an easter egg or mention a backer? Use a friggin tombstone like everyone else does, but please don't flood the game world with Swedish named NPCs, thx The main problem with them is that they break one of the fundamental conventions of CRPGs - that those people who are unimportant don't get names and that characters with names should be talked to if possible. In other words, that unimportant background characters whose main job is to be there such that a setting doesn't seem unpopulated are, at the same time, clearly distinguishable such that players don't waste time on interacting with them. By giving them names, even if with a different backlight, you are indicating to players that these are important and should be talked to as. To make it worse, it requires your very special soul reading ability and plays a sound and graphic effect when you do it, you know, just like that very important event right at the start of the game. Players who don't start out knowing that it is a waste of time unless you want to read flavour stories that are irrelevant to the setting and to the game's story are going to spend a lot of time reading/skimming them and activating soul reading just in case this next one is the one that actually does something. Eventually they will eventually learn it, but even then it adds to the time it takes for a player to get a quick view of who are important in a given setting, because the mind is much better at automatically sorting people by whether they have generic names that appear all over the place, like four commoners next to each other, or unique names, than by sorting them by whether their names have one backlight or another. It is a completely different issue with tombstones/testimonials. Those are normally used in CRPGs to list jokes, silly verse, RIPs, and real world references and not to provide useful information except in the cases where there's a specific mission to find some useful information on a tombstone, and they aren't spread out everywhere but collected in a few locations. Fleshing out the game with named characters that are utterly irrelevant to the plot instead of just adding a bunch more generic people with professions rather than names was, as far as I am concerned, a bad idea where gameplay is concerned. It helped rake in the money, though, so there is that. It just makes for an ever so slightly worse game.
  6. It's because some people can't get over anything that's different in any way from Baldurs Gate, as far as I can tell. It's the same handful of people complaining about dozens of picky little things that "ruin their immersion". Baldur's Gate did not have useless backer NPCs with Finnish names, yes?
  7. I would say cut the higher level chants back to default 4 seconds Simply because, by the time you get them, the fights are already difficult enough without having to wait TWENTY FOUR seconds to release your summon. Hopefully devs agree
  8. Yeah, well, if you want to make a DPS Chanter, who is not reliant on summons for damage, that's whole different story of course Then max Might/Dex, dump everything else, pick chants to add damage and get summons, and give her Blunderbuss Gun reloading chant will do wonders too Will blow everything away from behind of a good tanker I wouldn't always recomend that though, Dex has no affect on the chants, but it still affects their attack speed, which will affect the DPS of their basic weapon attacks, which is most of their DPS, especially for the first 12 seconds of combat. This does of course depend on your build, if you're a pure tank you probably don't care about their DPS ^^
  9. Amigo, if you think Wizards are underpowered in this game, try BG1 with 1st level Wizard with 4hp and 2 spells, see how far you will get. My money is on very first Wolf in the forest, they love dem Wizard chewtoys xD
  10. This is really depending on your difficulty settings... On PotD trying to do 15 here and 15 there is not really doing anything to be honest So, have to follow the munchkin path.. 20/21 Might 18 Dex 18 Int - maybe if you want to talk or be a caster... overall dump everything else is dump Ofc wear armor with no recovery restriction or go in bikini for added atmosphere Give it Blunderbuss and pop some cherries Please remember any spells you are going to cast are reducing your damage, use those only if you really need CC and such The only spells worth it are Accuracy buffs for moar crits And for tanker, completely different 18 Con 18 Per 20/21 resolve the rest is dump remember, your job is to tie up everything in engagement ring and soak blows (like, 3 bears humping you), not to actually do damage... this is what girl in bikini with blunderbuss is for! This is your undying punchbag Ignore everything related to damage and stack Deflection and Fort/Reflex/Will Wear heaviest armors. When it gets more or less ok accuracy with heavy shields and such, will actually also start doing some damage
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