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  1. So... Jolee Bindo minus the light saber? For some reason I read this as Joe Biden Yes, well, when have you ever seen Joe Biden without a light saber? That's right. Never!
  2. What do you mean "not limited to just the five elements"? An avatar is a god incarnated as a human or an animal. They don't have to be tied to any of the five elements. Or are you referring to some work of fiction that I have missed?
  3. In general D&D, yes. NWN the computer game, no. Mrm.. there were certain scripted special fights that stopped when the enemy reached low HP. You could now offer the enemy mercy, or to kill him in a very evil manner. Though you could offer mercy to some, you did kill a lot of enemies. Ah. My memory must be going.
  4. The only problem being that plate armor was being abandoned at that point because firearms made it worthless. A plate-armored knight has to close to melee range to inflict damage, leaving a musketeer a very good chance of shooting that steel-plated knight successfully. The only continued use of plate armor was in the colonization of the New World where there were no enemies brandishing firearms to worry about, only arrows, spears, rocks, clubs and so on. Uhm. Full plate was used by cavalry troops as late as the 17th century, and breast plates as late as the 19th century. They still use them during parades. Many different kinds of infantry troops, such as pikemen, used breast plates well into the 17th century. Hell, full plate armor wasn't even developed until the 15th century.
  5. Didn't unarmed attacks deal subdual damage in NWN (unless you were a monk or had the Improved Unarmed Strike feat, that is)?
  6. Vancian magic and pretty much all other kinds of fast-and-flashy spell casting systems. I especially despise "mana pools". I'd really love to see a CRPG with a well-implemented hermetic magic system, but that's probably never going to happen. I guess that kind of thing is better suited for PnP. Ultima VII and IIX probably had the best magic systems of any CRPGs I've ever played (even if that was pretty much the only thing that was good about IIX). Especially the ritual magic system. It may sound like a hassle, but I'd really love it if, in P.E., you had to gather reagents and place them on an altar or a hand-drawn magical sigil, light candles, and then make a blood sacrifice in order to cast truly powerful spells.
  7. Truth be told, we don't know what they are or are not doing with regards to these classes yet, so this statement is a bit premature. Actually no, we know exactly what they are doing. This thread is based on the idea that these three classes will be lifted from D&D, there is one problem 90% of the posters on these forums still don't seem to get though. This game is not based on D&D. I can only assume you misunderstood my last three sentences, so what I am saying is this. The OP's problem with these classes is 100% based on problems those classes had in D&D. More specifically, a series of computer games created on the basis of the D&D rules. Thing is, this game, is not using D&D rules. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe any of these issues will exist in the game. Most of these issues are also a byproduct of D&D class design, and again, not D&D so it is unlikely to suffer from the class design issues of D&D. I don't think anyone here believes that the classes of P.E. will be identical to their D&D equivalents. We're using the D&D classes for comparison (since the base concepts are still the same), trying to figure out where D&D went wrong (in our opinion) and what P.E. could do differently. At least that's what I think we're doing...
  8. Maybe for some side-quests. But you should get days or weeks (in-game time), not minutes like in some more action-oriented games. Definitely not for the main quest.
  9. I was just kidding about the cthulhumanoid thing. I think it's already been established that the Godlike race is going to look more or less human. Personally, I hope they'll look more like Aasimars than Tieflings: almost indistinguishable from elves or humans, but with an air of otherworldliness about them. Maybe they look a little too perfect, almost like living statues, thus creating an uncanny valley effect. Maybe they have weirdly colored eyes that glow in the dark. Whatever it is about their appearance that sets them apart from normal human beings, I hope it's subtle.
  10. I just hope they won't make the Ranger a Fighter/Druid hybrid, like in D&D. One of the things I really dislike about D&D, at least 3rd ed. & 3.5 (I know little to nothing about 4th ed.), is that every class (except for Fighters) seem to have some kind of spell-like abilities. A Ranger should be a warrior scout whose skills are geared toward wilderness survival, reconnaissance, and skirmishing rather than conventional warfare. They should NOT be able to cast spells, unless they multi-class, and they should not be forced to worship nature deities.
  11. Luckily, in most of the games you mentioned, it was possible to get rid of the quest markers through modding. However, since the journal entries weren't as thorough as they used to be back in the IE days, that sometimes made it insanely hard to find the intended destination or NPC (especially in the open world games, like TES). If they do include quest markers, they should add an On/Off toggle to the Options Menu, and at least include some hints (no matter how obscure) as to where you're supposed to go in the journal.
  12. This. OP can play Mass Effect 3 if he wants only depressing endings. ?? The Synthesis ending was pretty happy.
  13. Part-cthulhumanoid/part-Hindu god with blue skin and six arms. Duh!
  14. I hope magical items will be extremely rare. A handful of legendary artifacts, all tied to quests. The effectiveness of other weapons and armors should be determined by their design, what material/s they were made from, and how skilled the smith was. And by the skill of the wearer/wielder, of course. Don't make the fantastical mundane!
  15. But we don't really know what is in "accordance" with the continent at this time. I doubt every town/city/region on the continent has the same dress fashion, let alone weather. California, for example, is a large state with many different climates (desert, high mountain, sea level, everything inbetween). P.E.'s continent doesn't necessarily only have one climate model, which can influence dress, for example. That is true, but if you look at... let's say Sweden and Spain during the Late Middle Ages, two countries with very different climates, they still had very similar dress fashions because they were part of the same religious cultural sphere. Of course, P.E.'s continent may not be as homogenous as Late Medieval Europe was (that is not to say that there wasn't great cultural diversity in Europe during that period, a huge chunk of Eastern Europe was under Ottoman rule after all), but I still find it a little odd to find East Asian clothing there. But, it may all make sense once we know a little bit more about the game world and it's lore.
  16. There's a difference, though, between inspired by Medieval Europe and being Medieval Europe. The advantage in a situation like Project Eternity (over, say D&D) is that they can build the monk class history into the setting from the beginning and thus show how / why it developed organically in the campaign setting (which isn't Europe). That's not really the problem. The problem here, IMO, is not that there are Asian style monk orders, but that they dress in a way that looks so out of place. Unless they've recently migrated to... w/e the PE continent is called, they should dress more in accordance with the culture of that continent. But it's not really a big deal.
  17. Of course, but it's heavily inspired by Late Medieval Europe, so blatantly East Asian elements still feel out of place. Now, that may not be a problem if there's a good explanation for it, but otherwise... Which would make it the Late Middle Ages/Renaissance. It's still the Middle Ages, however.
  18. I don't see how it's racist to not want random East Asian elements in a setting based on medieval Europe (and possibly, to a lesser extent, the Near East). As I've said before, I don't mind his appearance as long as he has an interesting personality and doesn't look completely generic, but I would prefer if he looked more like an ascetic warrior from some European religious Military Order. Partly because I think it would fit the setting better, partly because I think it would be more interesting because... well, it's far less common in fantasy games. Now, if he is supposed to be an expat from a different culture, perhaps one with a bit of an Asian flavor, then fine. I just don't want another Forgotten Realms, where there's lots of oriental-style monk orders, with no apparent ties to Kara-Tur, just thrown into the mix because it's "cool". Even if a Shaolin monk would have hitched a ride with Marco Polo and started a monastic order of warrior monks in Europe, you can be damn sure that it's members wouldn't have been wearing Chinese clothing or spouting eastern philosophy. The Church would never have stood for it. And even if it did, European culture would still have transformed the order into something completely different in no time, even if they kept the whole martial pacifist thing going. But a Shaolin-esque monk order with the philosophy and aesthetics of a European Military Order, like the Knights Templars or Knight Hospitallers, now that could be interesting IMO.
  19. And you need kung fu pants and a bare chest to do that? "Wise teachers" like Liechtenauer or Ringeck would probably just laugh him out of their studios if he came to them dressed like that. Sure, he may have studied martial arts in PE's equivalent of Kara-Tur, but that doesn't explain why he's still wearing the clothes.
  20. I really wish they'd loose the Asian aesthetic of the monk class. I'd rather see some European-style warrior monks, like the ones you'd find in a Military Order during the Crusades. I'm not saying they should fight like Knight Templars or w/e - if I wanted to play a pure crusader I'd just play a fighter or a cleric, but at least make them wear hairshirts and modest tabards, or something like that, instead of wushu kuzi or whatever those baggy kung fu pants are called. They just look so dang out of place. And please, no kamas or qi-powers!
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