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  1. In the context of a place/city, I think this 'bury' is probably the '-bury' suffix (rather than the verb 'to bury'). Think Woodbury, Salisbury, Waterbury, Canterbury. It's like 'borough' (think 'Hillsborough'). Also 'burg' (Hamburg, Pittsburgh, ... Undead Burg). The suffix just means a 'fort' or 'fortified place'. Most importantly though, think of Cadbury
  2. I'm pretty sure the universe is just waiting for me to break and start my first playthrough before it will allow the patch to be released. It only allows me to find my wallet the same day I cancel my cards and only allows me to win raffles when I don't show up. So I guess I owe everyone an apology...
  3. Interesting. I'm more or less in the same boat. Right when it came out I played right until the first town, then decided to give it time to get patched—I've loved Obsidian games since KOTOR II, but regardless of how valid their reputation for buggy games is, I have just had awful experiences with them (bug-wise). I guess that's telling of how much I still like them. I think I'm waiting for at least one more patch for this one though. I've waited this long, right? In any case, the reading-souls thing was a backer deal. I would totally throw money at them if they do another kickstarter, but at the same time I don't want them to be pigeonholed into fulfilling in-game promises that end up detracting from the experience.
  4. I actually haven't played the game yet. At first I was going to wait for the first few patches (I have a bad history of managing to find every game breaking bug in existence)... then I was going to wait for the first expansion... which was a "Part 1." So I figured I might as well wait for Part 2. Then when that came out, I arbitrarily decided to wait just a few... patches... more... I can make it. And maybe wait for IE mod to catch up while I'm at it... Anywho, I look forward to whenever this next patch comes out, I think I'll be ready to dive in then.
  5. Almost... there.... I have been waiting to do my first play-through for both expansions to be out... both for their content and to have the smoothest possible experience (bug/balance-wise). Woohoo! Been a long time since I clicked on that green button on Kickstarter
  6. Woohoo! Definitely will purchase, but I'll probably wait for part 2 before I play. Mostly for the same reasons I like to wait for a full season of something to hit Netflix. I have to avoid spoilers like the plague but if I succeed I don't claw my eyes out mid season out of impatience. Thanks Obsidian
  7. GOG for me! I wouldn't bemoan a Steam copy at all but DRM-free is the way to be!
  8. While I think I'm technically in the promancer camp, I wouldn't like BG2 any less if it wasn't in there. If anyone truly misses the days of the IE games, I hope they support this game because I want them to keep on comin' Besides, who plays those games for the romances? All they were to me was (sometimes poorly written) flavor to the overall story.
  9. Er... Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Anyone? ... Anyone? But almost done building my new computer! Hopping back on the computer gaming train after almost a decade. I find it rather convenient that it lines up nicely with PoE's release. Aaaaand I have Wasteland 2, Divinity, PoE, then Tides. Not to mention many games I never played because they were PC exclusive or I felt they'd be much better there (New Vegas, for example). The future is bright indeed.
  10. Meh, the thing about the DLC option is you aren't adding much in the way of substance, except kind of wildly changing the character arc of the NPCs. I like the idea of romances in the game but I wouldn't pay to suddenly have my party members get the hots for the main character (a direction that isn't a part of there original intended development). Although, to be honest, I don't care for a bunch of DLC anyway; I would rather have a sizable expansion pack that adds a large, meaningful segment onto the game. Not bits and chunks with relatively little to offer. I'm open to romance in future games, but I don't want it shoehorned into this or any one of them. PS: Don't mean to say anyone is wrong, just bouncing off of what has been said.
  11. *cough* did I say it would be released December 16, 2014? Clearly I meant March 24, 2015. Clearly.
  12. Yeah I'm sure they could introduce some type of special HLAs for godlike if the disparity between helms and their established bonuses becomes too large. Personally I hope they expand the range of godlike you can play as in future installments. I'm happy with what they have, but I'd like to be able to roll a godlike influenced by any god in the PoE pantheon.
  13. Meh, if your that I into romances this game wouldn't be your cup of tea in any case. If you want a rich, playable story filled with fantastic adventure and reminiscent of the great RPGs of yesteryear, then I'd hope you'd support the developers for it rather than be bitter about a large part of the community not sharing your taste for romances. Despite being a designated promancer this pretty much is my perfect little gem of a game, as far as I can tell.
  14. No, no, no Lephys. That is impossible. Romance has never been, nor ever shall it be, successfully linked with friendship. All Romance ever does is show up to the RPG party uninvited and burn the house down. It tries to endear itself to the other party-goers with juvenile antics but ultimately, the only people satisfied are the half-wits that enjoy rolling around in the ashes of what could have been a pretty sick party. Thanks, Romance.
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