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  1. Quote: "Druids choose a spirit form at character creation and can find additional spirit forms in the world." Ok, but what spiritforms? The ones we didn't choose as the first one? So basicly it doesn't matter which we choose since we will still get the others later in game. Or does it mean "additional" ones like none of the starting ones, but new ones? So if I choose cat-spiritform I will never be able to gain bear-spiritform but maybe lizard-spiritform? Or a mix of both? Like you gain all starting ones in addition to some new ones only obtainable in the game. By the way,
  2. I would like if my decisions have impact, but I wouldn't like if the game dictates how I should react even if I reacted otherwise before. If I save the first poor lad, why should it be dissalowed by the game to kill the second poor lad? Maybe I liked the color of the trousers of the first one but the first sentence of the second one makes me decide that I don't like him. Maybe I have a good and a bad day. Doesn't matter, I want my choice. What matters is if that choice will have any impact. Something like this: lad vs bandits (lad has a wife but you don't know this yet, you meet he
  3. First I'm not a backer, but I have this game on my focus. (Buying it at release if I think it's worth it.) So my only experience is from reading the wiki and footage from the beta. At first the concept of godlikes has appealed to me, but now I think the effects are to low for "godlike". Now there are only marginal effects. Pro: - few people will love you - small attribute bonus - one unique passive ability Con: - most people will hate you - no helmet How about giving it more impact? The people thing can stay, but instead of small boni it should be big boni balanced out with
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