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  1. Quote: "Druids choose a spirit form at character creation and can find additional spirit forms in the world." Ok, but what spiritforms? The ones we didn't choose as the first one? So basicly it doesn't matter which we choose since we will still get the others later in game. Or does it mean "additional" ones like none of the starting ones, but new ones? So if I choose cat-spiritform I will never be able to gain bear-spiritform but maybe lizard-spiritform? Or a mix of both? Like you gain all starting ones in addition to some new ones only obtainable in the game. By the way, I would prefer to not be able to gain any of the starting ones later in the game, otherwise it would be very derimental to the choice you make. "Hey, do you want a this unique magical helmet or this unique magical sword? Decide!" ...later... "Oh, you again? Here, have the other one."
  2. I would like if my decisions have impact, but I wouldn't like if the game dictates how I should react even if I reacted otherwise before. If I save the first poor lad, why should it be dissalowed by the game to kill the second poor lad? Maybe I liked the color of the trousers of the first one but the first sentence of the second one makes me decide that I don't like him. Maybe I have a good and a bad day. Doesn't matter, I want my choice. What matters is if that choice will have any impact. Something like this: lad vs bandits (lad has a wife but you don't know this yet, you meet her later in the game) 1. help lad/kill bandits 1.1 lad gives quest to retrieve object A from bandit leader, you get the option to talk to the bandit leader before the fight 1.1.1 switch sides for money, go back and kill the lad - tag "lad killed" 1.1.2a persuade the leader to give you object A (or buy it) 1.1.2b kill the leader and his man and take object A - tag "bandits killed" give object A a to lad and take money - tag "object retrieved for money" give the object to lad but refuse to take money - tag "object retrieved" kill lad and retain object A - tag "lad killed" 2. kill lad/help bandits, they take you to their leader - tag "lad killed" 3. you do nothing, bandits kill the lad and go away - tag "lad killed by bandits" If you talk to the bandit leader outside of questline 1 he will offer you membership if you proof yourself. You get various "evil" quests, including stealing, robbing and murdering. (Each is moraly more "bad" than the one before.) 1. You do them all. - tag "bandit membership" 2. You refuse at one point. 2.1 You kill the leader and his man and take object A. - tag "bandits killed" 2.2 You run away. If you talk to the leader while you have the tag "bandit membership" you can fight with him for leadership, take object A. - tag "bandit leader" You later meet the wife of the lad with following tags: "object retrieved for money" - She recognizes you and thanks you. "object retrieved" - She recognizes you, thanks you and gives you object B. "lad killed by bandits", without "bandit mebership" or "bandit leader" - She doesn't recognize you and asks you to find the murderer of her man, you go to bandit leader and talk. 1. You kill the leader and his man, take object A and get object B as reward. - tag "bandits killed" 2. You switch sides for money and kill the woman. (And you can now follow the mebership line.) "lad killed" or "lad killed by bandits" with "bandit mebership" or "bandit leader"- She doesn't recognize you and asks you to find the murderer of her man. 1. Frame bandits and follow the line as "lad killed by bandits". 2. Kill her, take object B. 3. Tell her who you are (murderer, member, leader) and treat her so she won't do anything about her husband. Other effects of the tags: "bandits killed" - While you travel in this area, no random encounters with bandits anymore. "bandit membership" - While you travel in this area, random encounters with bandits as friendlies and humans or monsters as enemies. "bandit leader" - While you travel in this are, no random encounters with bandits anymore and you can periodically retrieve some money in the bandit hideout. People in this area will sometimes react on one of these tags. This is how a good non-linear questline is built, several decisions who lead back and forth to different points between the lines and influence other decisions you can make ultimately ending in different outcomes that each have a different impact on your future doings.
  3. First I'm not a backer, but I have this game on my focus. (Buying it at release if I think it's worth it.) So my only experience is from reading the wiki and footage from the beta. At first the concept of godlikes has appealed to me, but now I think the effects are to low for "godlike". Now there are only marginal effects. Pro: - few people will love you - small attribute bonus - one unique passive ability Con: - most people will hate you - no helmet How about giving it more impact? The people thing can stay, but instead of small boni it should be big boni balanced out with big mali. So it will add choice especially in combination with the classes. (And thus diversity.) So you can choose a godlike to further increase the strength of some classes (in return to increase their weakness) or balance out weaknesses of others (in return to decrease their strenghts). Easy to add: There could be added a skill bonus/malus, like nature godlike with bonus to "survival" and mauls to "mechanical". Or the fire godlike with bonus to "athletics" and malus to "stealth". Harder to add: There could be some boni to related abilities and mali to nonrelated, like death godlike with a bonus to any debuff ability and a malus to any buff ability. Or the fire godlike with a bonus to any "fire" and "combat" ability, but a malus to any "nature" and "heal" ability that is not fire or combat. This would add to some interessting choices between godlike/nongodlike and classes. For example you can choose to be a fire godlike as druid and therfore greatly improve your capabilities with your spirtform (combat) and the few fire related abilities in extend of weakening most of your other abilities (nature). Maybe the nature godlike is the exact opposite and if you choose to be nongodlike you stay balanced in all your abilities. Maybe add some weak related abilities which the godlike gets regardless of class. So if you chose the fire godlike and mage you improve your "fire" magic but you will learn it's fire abilities anyways or you chose fire godlike and barbarian and miss the boni to "fire" magic, but that may be your only way to gain some fire magic with that class at all. (Ok, it would be OP with the boni to "combat" and the mali to "nature" and "heal" which the barbarian most likely doesn't have anyway, but that is only a suggestion to show what I mean.) TL;DR: Give the godlike more impact (positive and negative) to make it a true choice. Note: I understand why a godlike may not be able to wear "any" helmet, but since you can craft armor yourself why not adding a few non-lootable helmets specifically for crafting and godlikes? If you are allready able to craft a helmet you will have no problem making some holes in it for horns or something individual that fits your own head regardless how "special" it may be formed.
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