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  1. Thanks for the update, the monk class sounds very interesting, can't wait to try it out. Also, I hope we are able to dress up as Vailians, that could be awesome!
  2. Hate it when that happened too. No moving characters during cut scenes, the game should remember where each one was standing and keep it that way. As for the converstation skills, they could do it like in nwn2, (i think it was on the soz expansion) where each character could chime in a conversation any time, and use whatever skills where pertinent to the conversation.
  3. I would like to see customization regarding height, weight, etc but wouldn't like it to affect your actual attributes or gameplay. Except in some cases like special traits that could be added to the character.
  4. I agree that resting should be limited. One thing I didn't like from nwn and nwn2 was how resting only took a couple seconds and you could do it anytime, immediately recover all health and spells, really diminished the difficulty of the game. What I would like to see is a mix of some of the stuff that's already been suggested: limit resting to only specific areas when in dungeons (no matter how many times), unlimited resting while outside, and some injuries can only be healed by visiting a doctor or healer.
  5. I Agree with this it's pretty fun to be able to see who made the killing blow on that difficult boss, not to mention it helps you see who are actually your more effective characters, sometimes you're surprised by the results. The way it worked on the IE game would be perfect IMHO, but they could also go for more detail such as in RDR, where they show how many of each enemy you've killed, accuracy, etc. I don't usually take notes while i'm playing but I've seen some people do it so a tool that would allow you to do something like that would probably be welcome too, though probably not indispensable.
  6. From Mexico, right on the border with the US. Glad to see other people from my country as well.
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