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  1. I love CRPGs, I've actually been on something of a CRPG marathon lately. I've played through IWD, IWD2, BG, BG2, BG2:ToB, NWN & all expansions, NWN2 & all expansions. PS:T is next. One thing that many of these games are guilty of is what I'd call plot-related forced character positioning. Essentially I'm describing what happens when the plot demands a conversation before a fight and forces your character to stand close to and in full sight of your aggressor, even when it will obviously become a fight and even when tactically it is suicide. NWN2 is by far the worst culprit of this but the others suffer from it to one degree or another. When playing as a sorceror there is little more frustrating than sneaking ahead with your party's rogue, running across an invisible zone which triggers a conversation in which your main character & your rogue mysteriously switch positions, leaving your rogue nice & safe with the rest of your party and your squishy sorceror all alone to face the music... I like to play Archers, Rogues or Spellcasters in these kind of games, never the kind who like to be 'in the thick of it'. Thus it frustrates me immensely where I'm forced into a conversation which results in a fight for which I am immediately disadvantaged. It especially frustrates me when the conversation starts even though I'm successfully sneaking or invisible etc. What I'd like to see in Project Eternity is for this to be handled differently. If my main character rogue sneaks into the room where some enemy wants to start up a conversation, I'd like the game to allow one of my companions to speak for me so I can remain hidden. I'd also like to see the game allow me & my party to remain standing in their original positions after the conversation is over rather than seeing Aerie (or similar character) placed next to something with more swords than braincells. Obviously plot must prevail but I'd like to see that tactical options are never denied me when they shouldn't be!
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