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  1. @Italian Translation Team: Will we see any translation fix in the next patch (1.0.5)?
  2. Hello, I noted that the cyclopedia 2nd menu issue is not addressed in the 1.0.5 patch notes... https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75049-translation-errors-missing-translations-italian/?p=1646450 This issue happenend after patch 1.0.3 where in english you can see the 2nd menu (tips) and read each and every entry in there, but you can't read anything when switching to another language different than english. @BAdler: will this issue be fixed in 1.0.5?
  3. v-1.0.4 This time I would like to make a suggestion: in the book "Il calendario di Iroc" looks like that the name of the astronomer is "Iroccio", and the word "Iroccian" means "of Iroccio". In Italian the word "Iroccian" is translated as "Iroc" but I believe that the correct translation would be "Irocciano" like the word "Boccacciano" stands for "of Boccaccio". http://www.treccani.it/vocabolario/boccacciano/ I think that if we have a similar case in our language, a word following the same syntax rule (suffix -cciano for "of smn" if the noun ends with -ccio), should be translated following that rule, but of course this is my humble opinion. So in the end I would translate "The Iroccian Calendar" with "Il Calendario Irocciano".
  4. v-1.0.4 I've found this typo in the book "Brani scelti dal Sermone della Lotta": The word is not "guadagniamo" but "guadagnamo", without "i". Anyway, I want to praise the translation team for their good work.
  5. I'm bringing this thread back from the dead to point that this bug is still alive with patch 1.0.4. I really hope this will be fixed in the next patch 1.0.5, as to have the blade back without its added enchants is really annoying...
  6. Had this too, it looks like patch 1.0.4 will fix this, but I hoped to not to see it before the patch!
  7. Here's another in the World Map: It says Black Meadow but it should be Pratonero, as it is in dialogue options and in the Journal entry:
  8. Ok, sorry for double posting, I've done some tests: It looks like that creating a New game with GOG patch doesn't let the issue to appear, also, I tried to close PoE, reopen it, load my last savegame again and I was able to open containers again. So, in the end the issue is solved temporarily, even if I'll let you know if the issue reoccurs with the current PoE build. I'm editing the OP with this workaround to solve the issue.
  9. Added the DxDiag.txt log file. DxDiag.txt EDIT: To Zwiebelchen: I'm trying this right now, I'll let you know in minutes!
  10. [bug description] Hello, I have the GOG version of PoE, after installing the GOG patch I encountered a bug: I can't open any container in game. Combat loot containers, normal containers and hidden containers too are broken, I can hear the opening sound but no container GUI menĂ¹ appears so I can't pick up any object inside them. Loading a previous savegame doesn't solve anything; loading a savegame created from a previous PoE build doesn't solve anything. [steps to reproduce it] - Install the GOG version of PoE (first build, non patched); - Start a game; - Verify that you can open containers like chests, corpse loot containers, hidden containers; - Save the game; - Patch PoE with GOG patch; - Load the game; - Verify that you can't open containers anymore, seeing no container GUI menĂ¹ to appear. [Expected behavior] Containers should open as it was like in the previous PoE build. [PC specs] - OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 - CPU - AMD FX-9370 - RAM - 8GB DDR3@1600MHz - GPU - Gygabyte AMD Radeon HD 7860 [savegames] BeforePatch_1_0_3_530.zip This is from April 5th, 2015, Eothas Temple; AfterPatch_1_0_3_530.zip This is from today April 8th, 2015, in the Bear Cave. [output_log] output_log.txt EDIT: [possible workaround, post here if this works or not] - Close PoE; - Restart PoE; - Load a savegame. Verify if you are able to open containers again, if yes, problem "solved". ATM I don't know if the issue might reoccur.
  11. I confirm the point-out from @faberdonax with some screenshots, in the second Cyclopedia menu, using the Italian language, is impossible to see any text string: EDIT: found this thread, could be useful to put here a link to it. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75502-bug-cyclopedia-tips-entries-are-all-missing-in-italian-localization/
  12. I'm fine with both options, but if you should choose to delay the whole expedition I think it would be better, as you can save the money for better use (like more game developement or such). Personally I really prefer to have a good 1.0 build game disc and if the other physical stuff will ship in delay with the disc I'm not gonna cry: I'm a patient man and I take pleasure from perfection.
  13. Glad to have been useful! If you manage to discover the cause of this issue I would be interested to know it, if possible. :D
  14. Ok, but as you're saying it, if you select only one party member, the Stealth Circle should reflecting his/her individual ability, a thing that looks like it doesn't apply, looking at mutonizer videos. Am I wrong?
  15. This thread explain soooo much! Thanks for having found out, @mutonizer. this explains why my rogue is so bad in finding traps and hidden spots... I hope this will be fixed ASAP!
  16. Funny thing: I haven't cast armor of faith and that Cowled Dwarf had 115.5 Defense: he teared down my whole party just because he didn't want to die. :/
  17. Thanks, @Ink Blot, for your reply. So to see the cursor changing prior to use Stealth/Detect mode isn't intended? Also, could you please put here a link related to your report? I think I'm missing it.
  18. [Description of the issue] Interaction cursor (pick up loot cursor?) is shown in places where there's no interaction in Dyrford Village map and in Mill interior map. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Start a game; -Look to the attached screenshots; -Point the cursor in the same places you'll see in the screenshots; -Try to interact when the cursor changes; -Notice how no interaction is possible. [Expected behaviour] Something should happens when clicking in these places, or the cursor shouldn't change while hovering on these specific points. [Other remarks / Comments] I'm not so sure that this is a bug, probably as some features are missing, something has yet to be implemented it these specific places, but I don't know. [Files] https://www.dropbox.com/s/wx0loej53lsh7xq/2014-09-07_00003.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ylh5ywdj6v9bjdt/2014-09-07_00004.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/luivub951bkf9pj/2014-09-07_00005.jpg?dl=0
  19. Sorry, forgotten to add [v.278] tag. Can someone edit the OP title for me?
  20. [Description of the issue] Corpses appearing just after loading game with the "Continue" option, the game is paused and a certain number of corpses (can't recognise who they were: maybe my old party? I recall my previous game party having these armors) lies near the starting location. After unpausing the game, the corpses disappear. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] -Start a game; -Save; -Exit the game to windows; -Start PoE and select "Continue" -Notice the corpses near the party; -Unpause the game; -Notice the corpses disappearing. [Expected behaviour] No corpses should appear while continue a saved game. [Other remarks / Comments] I haven't tried to "Load" instead of "Continue" so I can't tell if the same thing will happens while doing so. I'll attach my current character and my previous character saves to let you see if it is related (see [Description] ) [Files] Before unpausing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrj7i2254gn9ymu/2014-09-07_00001.jpg?dl=0 After unpausing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/erduyxgl9nv5ccy/2014-09-07_00002.jpg?dl=0 Savegames: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8upki7rz60pu3hl/Pillars%20of%20Eternity.7z?dl=0
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