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  1. The paladins sound interesting on paper, but one can only guess how the class will eventually play and feel in the game. Combat may not necessarily be the most prominent feature for this type of game, but I hope you put effort into making it balanced and interesting. The Orlan race is looking very good. :]
  2. I'm guessing they are not going to add this, but I think it would be nice if resting came at a cost of food, similar to Might and Magic VI. Resting at an inn is completely safe, but outside you risk random encounters in addition you prevent excessive resting (after every single encounter) since you will run out of food.
  3. Gaining XP only for completing objectives make more sense, as you may want to play a character who tends to avoid combat, but still gets stuff done. I just hope they have a high (or no, I wish) level cap, as I will probably do a lot of side quests, and I don't like to hit the level cap when half the game is still out there.
  4. How come they do not mention Arcanum? To me it was the better of those games, and it worries me that they think so little of it.
  5. I think the 'evil' should have temptations, like Bio Shock 2 where you can extract more 'ADAM' for harvesting little sisters, but also you probably feel like a good guy and maybe get something in return if you adopt them.
  6. I don't think developers should waste their time preventing people from manipulating chance. Consider these examples: 1. Guy attempts to pickpocket amazing item, with a 10% success chance. He saves first, then tries and loads until success. 2. Guy attempts to complete quest by defeating group of enemies, having a 10% success chance. He saves first, then tries and loads until success. Most of you say the first example is someone abusing the system, while the other one is simply having a hard time. I say both examples are of players who like to take "chances" without facing consequenc
  7. The best quests are the ones that are a puzzle to solve! Not the ones where you know exactly what to do, it takes time to do, and nothing exciting happens.
  8. For me, it's about finding the RIGHT balance. When you create more content, make sure it adds something to the game. It was done in Arcanum, and can be done again.
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