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  1. It is possible that "hidden refuge" refers to it being hidden from the public, not all Jedi/former Jedi. It's not like the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which is pretty hard to miss.
  2. Check for different drivers. I once had a problem with the game shutting down at loading screens in both the first and the second game, but different drivers solved that problem. Different, doesn't mean that they have be new, sometimes even older drivers are better. Out of the four different graphic engine drivers I had over the time, the oldest and the newest one had problems with KOTOR.
  3. Oh, how nice, just because someone doesn't completely agree with you, you come up with rubbish like that? As a matter of fact, apart from the KOTORs I haven't bought anything from LucasArts in the last few years. It's just that I don't feel the need to bash LucasArts for everything they do. If you make an assumption which has no basis whatsoever, I have every right to correct you without you overreacting in return. (edited for language by SteveThaiBinh) Yeah, I guess every company should bring out their top products all at the same time, spending boatloads of money on them, instead of concentrating on one big game and some smaller ones, that definately makes sense. Perhaps George Lucas should have released all three new Star Wars movies at the same date, he surely would have made more money that way...
  4. You might have a point if LucasArts would develope every game themself, they don't There is nothing wrong with only bringing out two games per year, there are many companies who only have one game every two or three years. You can't accuse them of rushing games while at the same time criticising them for taking to long, that doesn't make any sense. Apart from that, they commented on KOTOR III without being asked about it, that should be prove enough that they didn't just say that to appease the fans.
  5. War-technology always developes faster in war times. As long as there is no enemy to threaten you, there is no need to develope new weapons and get new designs anytime soon. Besides, designs can reoccur. Just because something went out of fashion some years ago, doesn't mean that it won't pop up again later on.
  6. If I remember correctly, only T3 could navigate the Ebon Hawk. See Kreia's comment when you ask her about the blocked navigation computer and the Peragus mechanic who said that the ship wouldn't go anywhere without a new computer. Without the Ebon Hawk, he needed another ship, and it's easier to get one and bring the Exile on board when no humans are in the way. Besides, killing them is more fun for him
  7. There is a difference betweeen adding something which wasn't really missing and delivering something which was supposed to be there in the first place. Special editions and director's cuts are usually just a bonus, there normally isn't an outcry over the incompleteness of the movie/game. TSL on the other hand, was critizised for that very same reason. If they had decided to bring out a special edition before all the missing stuff came out, then yes, it might have been somewhat similar, but even then it wouldn't have been the same as a director's cut, nor could it have been sold as a real game.
  8. It's really of no interest to LucasArts. 1) It takes a lot of time, money and resources to make these changes 2) They won't make all that much money out of it, as they simply cannot charge as much as they would need to 3) Not all ot that stuff was supposed to be in the final game, so even if they had any interest in restoring material which was cut because of the release schedule, parts of that wouldn't make the final game 4) The engine was already aging when the game was released, now it's close to being ancient. Not to mention the backlash they would get for releasing what is basically the same game twice. It's one thing to leave something out, it's something entirely different to bring out an unfinished game only to cash in a second time, this time with the finished product, quite a while later.
  9. The Exile was rather average as a Jedi, remember the holo-conversation between Vrook and Vandar on Dantooine. Luke and Anakin are rather bad examples, as those two were pretty much the wonderkids of the Jedi. As powerful as anyone, with much less time to learn all that stuff. When it comes to being special, those two are on top. Having your character starting as a grown up and becoming very powerful in a short amount of time gives you exactly what you don't want.
  10. None of those, with the possible exception that the first movie was more kids oriented. I wouldn't rank them on par with the old trilogy, though that doesn't mean much as I don't have any movie ranked close to the original Star Wars movies. The prequels have some cringe-worthy scenes, but nothing out of ordinary. I always like it when people say Hayden Christensen did a bad job, because he made Anakin a whiny brat, well, duh, that was exactly what he was supposed to do. If there is one thing missing, it's the personal stuff. It's really obvious in the space battles. Wedge, Biggs, Prokins, Lando, Luke, you cared about these characters, there is no such feeling for the minor role good guys in the new movies. But that might just as well be nostalgia, who knows...
  11. Randomizing just because there are no save files is a really bad idea. There are lots and lots of players who don't have a save game available, no need to anger customers by telling them what their characters looked like. Letting the player choose the appearance can be done quite easily, even incorporated into the story without missing a beat. There are lots of options availalble, both before the game starts or during play.
  12. Can't really give an answer to any of those questions. no.1 depends on the point of view. Yes, it was his choice to remain a lightsider, even when Bastila tried to turn him. But on the other hand, he wouldn't even have thought about it, if it weren't for Malak firing on his ship, nearly killing him and destroying his mind. Revan without amnesia simply wouldn't have done it. no.2 entirely depends on how you play the game. If you played Revan as a pure lightsider, who wanted the Bastila he knew, not having Jolee and Juhani wouldn't have mattered. A Revan who only cares about being with Bastila might have ended up being in trouble without them. As for no.3, I'd say neither of the three choices works for me. It wasn't an act of mercy, the Jedi wouldn't have done it if Revan hadn't been the key to the secrets of the Sith army. It wasn't an act of war, as the Revan who existed before was all but gone. If they had captured him not half dead and then wiped his mind, yes, it would have been an act for war, but the Jedi weren't responsible for the state he was in, nor did they wipe a healthy mind. For pretty much the same reasons it wasn't a crime, either. It would have been a crime if they had turned "Revan", but "Revan" was gone, they couldn't have saved him even if they wanted to. Not telling the whole truth isn't a crime. The Jedi always manipulated others if they thought it was necessary, that isn't against the code.
  13. Yeah, Sidious lost on purpose. He definately had the skill to beat Windu (though it would not have been guarenteed), but he wouldn't have accomplished his goals if he did. Yoda didn't really lose against Sidious, the fight ended in a tie. You could definately see Sidious being very surprised, maybe even scared, when Yoda pushed the lightning back at him. Now you might say that Yoda lost, because he didn't accomplish his goals, but he wasn't beaten by Sidious. he gave up, because he was all the way down the senate. It would have been hard enough for him to get back up with Sidious throughing things at him, but there were quite a few clonetroopers closing in as well. There is no way that he could have fought against the Emperor and an army at the same time.
  14. Actually, no. George Lucas has made it very clear that the destruction of he Sith, and only the Sith, is what brings balance to the force. The Jedi are still alive in the person of Luke Skywalker. The force was in balance when the Sith were hiding and thought to be extinct. When the darkside had no power over the galaxy. And it returned to balance when the darkside lost control by the death of Palpatine and Vader.
  15. Not necessarily. There are two kinds of balance: 1) Balance between two things, equal to each other. This balance could be destroyed by one part getting weaker. 2) Balance by one object, which can be harmed by other influences. Example: nature. Lets take an oil catastrophe as an example. Before it happens, nature is in balance, but once it happens, all balance is lost and animals and plants are destroyed. This is the balance Star Wars is about. In case of the movies, Anakin Skywalker brings the force back into balance by killing the Emperor, destroying the Sith and turning power back over to the lightside.
  16. I don't really see a "good darkside" or "evil lightside". Revan's intention are somewhat similar to those of Anakin, both want to save something/somebody. While their original intentions were indeed quite noble, the results were as evil as it gets. The fall to the darkside is usually a slow corruption, of course nobody turns evil right on the spot. I don't think that Kreia had the intention of saving the galaxy by killing Sion and Nihilus, it was just a side effect of it. She wasn't really interested in rebuilding the Jedi Order either, as she wasn't really happy whenever you took on another crew-member. As for Atris, see Anakin. She was already way on her way to the darkside when TSL happened. Just because you think of yourself as a lightsider, doesn't mean that you are still one. The Jedi-Council one is tricky. Is it really evil to change one person's mind, if death is the other choice? They did kind of use Revan, which is borderline behaviour, but that's a small price for saving his life. Desperate times lead to desperate actions, but those do not make them evil ls in any way. There are many examples in the movies, where a Jedi uses not so lightside ways to achieve his goals, without coming close to falling to the darkside or being affected by it. I don't really see good ds or evil ls anywhere. Just because a lightsider isn't saving every little gizka in the galaxy or a darksider isn't killing everything in sight, doesn't mean that they are different from before. The only time you ever saw light- or darksiders like that, were if you played KOTOR extremely onesided at every single opportunity.
  17. Make that all who survived... Most of the Jedi who weren't on Revan's side were all sent to Malachor and died when the MSG was activated. There would have been quite a few more who would have returned.
  18. They will definately make more games in the movie era or afterwards. Apart from the KOTOR games, there actually isn't a single game which doesn't play in that period. I don't think that there will be another Jedi Knight game any time soon, though.
  19. I'd say it's the complete opposite Selkath sounded like someone spoke with a full mouth, Latin and German on the other hand, are about as clear as a language can get. Unless someone who is used to speaking unclear, attempts to speak one of those two (read: usually foreigners), than it can get quite messy.
  20. If they go for the Civil War scenario, then yes, that might be the best choice. But then again, as the architect said, developers are creative. They will find different solutions to the alignment-question, some of them so far out that no one here will have come close to having thought about them. For that reason, the Civil War scenario isn't a necessity. I'd prefer other solutions anyway
  21. Even though I play LS pretty much all the time, I can't agree with that. You simply cannot take out the LS/DS choice, not if you want great ratings and sell many copies. Once you gave the player the choice, you can't take that out again. You would regress, and that's not something a game-company is interested in. That would be roughly the same, as telling the player he can only play a male character, the outcry would be enormous. LS/DS is not on that level, but it is still something of importance, which you can't just take away from the player.
  22. Awesome trailer :joy: On e question though: When Nihilus crushes the Exile and Visas, does that happen before or after he tries to use his "hunger" against the Exile? And if someone could tell me the reason why the Exile would attack Visas before he takes out Nihilus, that would be nice as well. Simply seems like a weird idea to me, as Visas is no threat to the Exile, unlike Nihilus. (And I don't mean the in-game reason, that one I know, more like the logic behind such a move)
  23. Gameplay and engine-wise KOTOR II was superior to the first one in about every single way, so no, KOTOR I was definately not better than TSL in every way. You can hardly blame Obsidian to create a cliffhanger as a possible lead-in for KOTOR III, when trilogies are the common theme in Star Wars. As for your four points: 1) Revan didn't disappear, he went to fight the real enemy. That enemy is the reason why he tried to take over the galaxy in the first place. 2) Um, Revan decided to disobey the Council as well, so how is the Exile any different? There is no age given, the Exile might as well be younger than Revan. 3) If there are hardly any Jedi left, how are they going to rebuild the Republic? They protect the Republic, they don't have the power to rebuild it. There is no way that the Republic gets back to full strength only five years after being close to being destroyed. 4) See Revan, he doesn't disappear. He either follows Revan to fight the true Sith or he remains at Malachor. Neither Revan nor the Exile had an open past, I don't see any difference between the two games there. I could care less whether they give the main character a back story or not. As long as the story itself is satisfying, I'm happy.
  24. How did you see a scene, when that particular part never made it past the early second draft of the script? The final four versions of the script had the Falcon escaping the exploding Death Star. So no, the real version never had the Falcon blowing up. Whether or not that scene exist is unimportant, as the movie in its wide release had the Falcon not blowing up, thus Lucas is right. How do you know whether all beings are capable of being a Jedi? The old movies never lost a word about it. There are quite a few examples, where the EU contradicts the old movies. You aren't going to tell me that the EU-stuff is right, are you? I'm sorry, but I'll take the word of those who worked on this stuff for all their life over a fan's opinion all the time. Especially since there are lots of fans with totally different opinions, not all of them thinking they know better than the artist(s).
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