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  1. Every since I've entered Raedric's keep I can't seem to leave. My screen turns black after finished loading and my game crashes. Anyone know where to send the error files?
  2. So I've been trying to play the beta since I've bought it. I've managed to start making my character and playing the game easily enough however all of my save files keep on getting corrupted. Everytime I try to load where I was at previously it ends up loading where I was at but with a darker screen and saying the game is paused. I try to click and move around but I can't do anything and a couple of seconds later I get a message saying: " The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2014-08-26_00416" next to game executable". It would be great if you send it to the developer of the game." Now when I try to go to the load menu all my saves are nothing except a pure, white picture with a red question mark in the middle. I don't know if it could be my computer but I just got it as a custom built computer. Here are my specs: Processor: IntelĀ® Core i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz Memory Ram: 8.00 GB Graphics: NVIDIA Ge Force GTX 660 Gaming graphics: 3561 MB Total available graphics memory Dedicated graphics memory: 2048 MB Dedicated system memory: 0 MB Shared system memory: 1513 MB Primary hard disk: 739 GB Free (931GB Total) Manufacturer: ASUS Model: All Series Number of processor cores: 4 64-bit capable: Yes Display adapter driver version: Primary monitor resolution: 1920x1080 DirectX version: DirectX 10 Would anyone mind explaining to me how exactly I send a crash report to obsidian?
  3. Just curious, does anyone else keep on getting corrupted saves in-game? Every time I have saved so far it has been corrupted making it near impossible to test anything. Plus my game crashes after about playing for 10 minutes. Maddening! Does anyone know how to send a crash report directly to obsidian so they can get this fixed? Sorry if this topic has already been posted.
  4. Lol interesting topic. How does one defeat someone using two shields though? I guess feinting is key here. Or getting someone to help you kill him. Or maybe 2 more people if he is really skilled in using 2 shields. Or keep attacking until he becomes exhausted and keep him on the defensive since depending on the shields he's using, the weight could exhaust him quickly.
  5. Will players be able to see other players custom portraits when they play or is it required for them to implement your custom portrait on their game?
  6. I definitely plan on playing a human paladin with lots of con and resolve.
  7. I'm curious myself if fighters r the only tanks in the game? I mean surely if you play your cards right you could easily make a tanky paladin right?
  8. Wow...I didn't realize there were many wise crack know it alls here on the forums.
  9. Hi Obsidian! I first off would like to say that I am absolutely amazed by the amount of work and effort that you have put into this game. Its really a big deal for me that you guys are making a successor to the baldur's gate and from I have seen from the game so far you guys have got me super excited and pumped up for this game! Everything I have seen on this game has me waiting in my chair in anticipation for it! Again, I am super excited that you guys are making a game like this and really really can't wait to play it! Now I was watching the gameplay preview on the game the other day on pc gamer on youtube and not only was I amazed by what I saw but one thing that really turned me off was the fact that you guys have decided not to put romance in there simply because it would take too much time. I understand this and quite frankly I have always been a strict believer in the fact that "you have to sacrifice some things in order to make the bigger machine run better" as it were. But to be honest in every rpg I have played I have always enjoyed engaging in romance with a particular character just to make things a lot more interesting than just the main story. Lol its going to kind of turn me off as I play that I can't have a little romance with certain characters such as Calisca I mean look at her portait! Her pretty face sends me swooning through the pretty pink sky like a bird! xD But anyway...I ask you guys to reconsider this course of action. Me and a lot of players do like the idea of engaging in romance and sometimes it can end up being more important than the main story to us. I just feel like its taking off a major attraction to the development of the characters as you progress to the game and they may end up feeling like "bodyguards" instead of actual people you can choose to engage in anyway you see fit including romantic situations. I mean surely I'm not the only one who wants this...
  10. I would like my stronghold to be really complicated to handle just because I am like that. Make it feel like running a business where you have to direct each important person in your stronghold and they direct the people in their category. Like say for example you have an advisor whom directs an assassin, smuggler, and a few robbers. YOUR job is to find out how good these guys are in they're perspective jobs and decide the difficulty of whatever assignment as well as what they are allowed to do and not to do so as it would not be connected to you. For example, in bg 2 if you play as a rogue you get the chance to run a thieves guild. You have to do as I said above which is to evaluate each individual and judge for yourself what they are most capable of. If you fail to do this they end up being forced to handle difficult tasks that leave a greater chance of them getting jailed, resulting you in having to bail them out or they may end up leaving your service because you push their abilities to the limit which can also result in your guild getting shut down which of course no one wants obviously. This imo was a very genius idea to put in as a rogue stronghold for bg2 and I personally would love to do this x10. Like I have to organize the guardsman, patrols, my small army for my stronghold, my wall fortifications, my servants, etc. I hope they implement something like this in this game. As a matter of fact Nwn2 is a great example of what I am talking about. Obsidian, if you do plan on making great strongholds I highly advise to look into this as there are some very genius ideas available to implement that would bring project eternity into an even greater game, stronghold wise.
  11. In my own opinion I believe the "evil alignments" are truly the only way for main characters to be reasonably evil. The reason people don't believe in that sort of evil today is as I said because it doesn't fit in our present society. The law of today is designed to counter "evil" people and anyone who chooses that path has a far more difficult life than what they could have if they just acted like just civilians. BUT...what about thousands of years ago? In monarchies people were alway killing the next one in line to the throne so they could make their way to being king or queen. And these kinds of people equal to the power our republicans and democrats have today. Back then, murder was very easy to get away with because people of medieval times wouldn't care if some poor peasant got himself killed in an alleyway. Lawful evil, neutral evil, and Chaotic evil was quite frankly welcome in those kinds of society's. The fantasy games we are playing right now are set in these times and not in today's time so in truth there is really no need to compare today's society with fantasy society because they are not set in our present time. They don't have the real resources that we today have so if anyone wants to play an evil character "like me" they should. Getting rid of being evil entirely and just leaving hero/anti-hero crap is not fun. I find it very enjoyable when I choose my character's alignment because it feels like I set my own personal attitude on how I act with the world around me. Evil people have succeeded in their own goals in the past before whether people realize it or not so there is really no excuse to block it out entirely. If people here believe that just having evil actions in the game is pointless then they really don't get the point of an rpg. INVENT a way if you must. Maybe your character wants to oneday get a sexy mansion or oneday retire and run a merchant business. Makeup a reason in your mind why your character would act the way he does. For example, my drow necromancer is neutral evil. He doesn't like it when things don't go his way so he looks at that and adjusts things in a way that do go his way. He doesn't care about what is good because he feels it's a waste of time and energy. He dabbles in necromancy in the most sincere and evil ways which require him to do things against the law so his point of view on the law and good is vague at best. He obeys the law of course only to a certain point or if he is discovered. If he sees more gain in serving evil individuals than lawful individuals then he will do it all for the sake of necromantic prowess. He wants to gain more better and powerful items to make carving the way to his own goals which is the state of lichdom or having a place in the king's court OR having a nice castle where he can study his necromantic art in peace. If doing good gives him more of a reward then he will do it however it distastes him because he doesn't want the law to really get stuck on his back all day. Sometimes people will be evil just because of their beliefs. We all know that evil necromancers are...well...evil because they murder people and raise them as undead or invade sacred burial crypts in search of necromantic materials. These are against the religious beliefs of good holy churches and will send out good paladins to quell these evil necromancers wherever they may hide so you can maybe see why your main character doesn't like law or good people because it has proved a difficult obstacle in the past so they may choose to weaken the law in order to get their way and make they're lives better. I hope maybe that clears up some of the issue. Thank you!
  12. Also with some posts I'm reading about being "evil" people are apparently having a problem understanding. Let's look at dnd's version of evil: Lawful evil, Neutral evil, and Chaotic evil. Lawful evil characters are characters whom obviously obey the law and use the law for their own personal gain. These villains can uniquely mask their "evil" side by collectively proving to everyone that they are lawful because they obey the law and have their own personal code of conduct. They wouldn't "murder" anybody but would rather prefer to have some lesser evil man or woman do the dirty work in their place so that they would be breaking the law and they wouldn't. Let's give an example: A group of adventurers are hired by the king to hunt down a very large and organized group of bandits compromised of all different forms of humanoids such as gnolls, orcs, and evil humans. When the adventurers drive out the bandits they discover information that connects to someone within the own king's court. The king of course doesn't believe them because the accused individual has always been a very well-respected individual. When the lawful evil guy discovers this he hires some individuals to put false information on the adventurers, guaranteeing their execution. After they are taken care of the lawful evil villain proceeds with his vile plan and has the king assassinated and becomes king himself. So you see lawful evil villains are people who are much like "behind the curtain" villains until some piece of evidence is discovered to be used against them. Also they tend to prove themselves rude and distant towards people they don't know in order to avoid contact with fools who may prove troublesome. Neutral evil characters are evil people whom will do evil means in order to achieve what they want but without any unnecessary ties to that goal. These villains will do what seems "logical" to achieve this goal but they play it smart and ruthless. These villians don't have their own code of conduct but rather their "code" is a really big and pretty castle to live in or maybe just having alot of gold on their side for their own personal benefit making these kind of people very susceptible to bribes and betrayal of the ones they love just so they can live in delcious luxury. They will murder and do unlawful things so long as their is some personal gain from it. Let's give an example: One particular thief amongst the thieves guild is required to "commit" to the organization after he gains his membership. He does not care about his fellow thieves or the organization but rather wants what he wants and that is that nice pretty mansion that he always dreamed of living in ever since he was a child which infact is still for sale. Proving to be a reliable thief for years to come he had gathered much gold but nowhere near enough to what he requires so he resorts to more quicker methods. Being contacted by the city guard captain he hires the thief to feed him intel on the location of the thieves guild in exchange for a large sum of gold. When he was going to receive his pay he himself was got cuffed by the city guard. Escaping the prison with a lucky lockpick he proceeds to assassinate the city guard captain and gain his keys. Now having access to the rich city's treasury he steals the gold and runs off to buy his dream house. This thief showed he does not care but rather uses his surrounding allies as useful tools to achieve his own ends. When a greater deal than his current "allies" came up he took the bribe but ended up getting betrayed. He luckily managed to kill the betrayer for the sake of revenge and make off with a larger reward. Again this is the whole point of being neutral evil where you stand between the line of lawful and chaotic. Whichever side drives you at that very moment is the side you shall follow. Now Chaotic evils are true worshippers of they're own desires or they're own misguided motivations. They will kill when they feel the desire too and they don't give a damn who gets in the way. They murder simply for the pleasure of doing so or for any other variety of reasons. They care not about the law and usually desire destruction or watching the world burn. They can also have the same motivations as the neutral evil thief listed above but could have went through more unlawful means of achieving his/her goal. Lets give an example: A bandit leader whom leads one of the largest group of bandits has his followers commit to him through fear and intimidation. He makes an example of fools who disappoint him simply by killing them. One day, he gets word from one of his agents that a merchant in a rich caravan full of treasures is going to be leaving town in just a couple of hours. Having raided the merchant caravan and easily dispatching of the guards he also discovers the merchant had his family with him along with his 6 beautiful daughters. He ordered to take the daughters as pleasure slaves for his men and killed all their husbands and the merchant. See through this action they gain everything right in every way they could imagine from this raid but through such immoral and vile means. The bandit leader easily gave in to his own desires and most likely will have the law on his back because of the savagery of the merchant raid he left behind. This can prove to be unwise in the end for him such as making more enemies in the end just because he can't seem to control his own impulses. I hope this gives a larger view on what being evil truly means because in my opinion these alignments represent very real attitudes that are very real attitudes! The reason people don't believe in this is because these alignments do not entirely fit in our present society and so therefore are often rare but it doesn't mean it isn't there. We have murderous gangsters, terrorists, robbers (who can be murderers as well depending on their motivations). These are very real evil people whom could have all the motivations listed above. Hope this helps to clear up the definition of evil! Thank you!
  13. There better be an option to play evil in this game. I always play the evil playthrough and if that is not so then they are not making this game to matchup to icewind dale or baldur's gate but rather to use these games as a false example just to make their game look promising to people desperate for a really good rpg. I have high expectations for this game and if they're goal is to matchup to baldur's gate, icewind dale or planescape then I expect that these expectations will ALL be fulfilled.
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