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  1. The reload penalty is for real? I can not check this, since I'm away from my gaming PC, but that would suck. Does it show in the description or did you find this by comparing it to Aedrin's?
  2. Yeah, I'm waiting for the Deadfire Pack to be released. Want to start a new game. Altough I'm not getting my hopes up to play tonight. It'll be the middle of the night for europeans.
  3. Evolution and imperialism/conquest are not interdependent. That's a bad mix up to begin with. Trying to argue that way is applying a social darwinist point of view. Only that were talking about PoE's kith and not humans. Social Darwinism has been proven to be wrong on many accounts. Biological laws should not be carried over to explain human/kith societies. It should either be a historical question, which imho can not be answered in a satisfying way. Or purely biological, which gives mostly trivial answers (different biotopes, synchronous evolution etc.). Just saying. =)
  4. Perfect timing, I just wanted to start or resurrect a thread about Ciphers. This answers most questions I had. One remains though. I have some experience on PotD now (only til 2nd chapter) with Rogue and Monk and I was asking myself how playable a ranged Cipher with pistols would be? I'm not hardcore minmaxing the stats (no stat below 10) normally, and therefore don't invest in dexterity too much. Would a Cipher build similar to the V4 above be enjoyable with a pistol or am I going to bite the keyboard when trying?
  5. One warning if you haven't played PotD before: it's a lot harder than Hard. This can come as something of a shock, particularly if you expect it to be like the step from Normal to Hard. One big difference is you might need to leave some content you'd usually do right away until later. For example, perhaps you usually rush to Caed Nua as soon as you can, but on PotD you should only do this if you enjoy a challenge and are a bit of a masochist. Beyond that, make sure you pay attention to enemy defences and target what they are weak against, and know that the difficult decreases substantially as you go, so by Act II it doesn't feel too bad. Sorry if you're actually a PotD veteran and already know this by the way. Nope, have only played on Hard so far, thanks for the tips! I will take a closer look at their weaknesses, didn't need to do that in most cases on Hard. I usually finish everything and then do Temple of Eothas -> Raedric's Kepp -> Caed Nua. Mostly because by then I have some copper to invest in the keep/buy a weapon or two. ^^ Also thanks to @Boeroer for the detailed list. If I'll struggle I'll come back to check.
  6. How about a wizard, that stays behind a line of tanks? Your damage will be a little bit lower than that of other builds, but you'll be a good crowd controller with high intelligence and perception.
  7. Like @Boeroer, I'll do another run with a rogue. Also much like him, I wanted to make it a RP run, but I also haven't completed PotD so far. I've no idea whether PotD is doable with story companions and a non optimized rogue....
  8. So if my hero relies on DEX and really needs prone protection and there's only one item with prone protection - "Boots of Prone Protection" i'm basically f**ed? But wait, i can use those gloves of +1 DEX! Whole one point of DEX... You poor thing! If only there were things like spells and class abilities you could use to work around that problem.
  9. I like starting from the beginning in CRPGs. Fighting off those rats and weak bandits fills me with determination. ;-) If it's not rats and weak bandits but interesting, plot related enemies, all the better. Also I prefer the crawl to the point, where the protagonist is actually able to defeat a powerful enemy. Starting in a world full of epic monsters and demigods all around you and seeing eye to eye with them is less fun to me. And we were pretty badass already after PoE + WM. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation, why the Watcher and his companions aren't the superkith they used to be. Also, getting that rock to the top of the mountain AGAIN shows what real heroes are made of! :-D
  10. So you're using him as an offensive tank in the frontline with full plate or more as a second line/flanking DD @Blunderboss? Was just wondering because of the outworn buckler.
  11. Yeah, that's one of the reasons I want to avoid using it. Also a storm invoking ranger is... not the kind of ranger (hunter/sharpshooter) I wanted to play.
  12. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I didn't want to start another one for my questions. I was searching the forums for ranger builds and nowadays it seems that Stormcaller is the way to go. Melee ranger is not my thing, I really like the bow theme, and all the more, I like war bows. I just wondered how viable a very similar build, just with Borresaine, would be? Does Borresaine's stun ability work with driving flight? If it does, is it still viable on Hard or PotD difficulty? My second question is about the stats. Is a ranger with a might score of 12 able to get through the DR of most enemies? I though of something like MIG 12, DEX 18, PER 18 rest 10 for my character. But I've no idea how important might still is. Especially in the expansion. I'm not keen on dropping attributes below 10. So the alternative would be MIG 16, DEX 16, PER 16. I guess it's easier with a war bow than with a hunting bow, but I'm really to stupid to do the math myself. So if anybody could help me out here, I'd be very thankful.
  13. I got a Stalker's torc instead of the Torc of falcon eyes +2 on day 4 in Valewood. Minor Ring of Protection on day 3. So that list seems to have changed as well.
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