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  1. No there are cross class talents that are spells. so a fighter can select spells. Not whole levels of spells just one at a time but still spells https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Talent#Cross-class_talents_.5BWM1.5D Not to mention, a high Lore and some powerful scrolls means a Fighter can roll out a fireball just as well as the next guy (given good stat disbursement, obviously).
  2. No one's disputing that the expansion is great. But it makes no sense to buy it if you don't like the game to begin with. Saying "false" a bunch of times doesn't make it so.
  3. Not that what you're asking is unreasonable, but I do have to say they don't "force" you to hire companions on PotD mode. It's entirely possible to complete any difficulty with the preset story companions, you just have to figure out strategies that work for you and use equipment/abilities/consumables to boost their stats where necessary. People assume that you need to min/max everything to be successful in higher difficulties, but that's just not true for this game. Still, as you've said, it wouldn't be a terrible thing if they let you respec your companions' stats. From the live Q&As
  4. False. The base game is good and all, but if you already have it, then don't cheat yourself out of the expansions. How is that false? If Cbonecapone plays the base game and doesn't like it, there's no reason to get the expansions. "Because you already have the base game," is not a reason to spend another ~$30. I suggest getting the DLC, but what Haran said is not unreasonable in the least.
  5. Agreed with Boerer. The only reason to wait would be if you want it at a discount on a sale or something. But as far as I know, there are none that have been announced for the recent future, and one just ended. So I'd just go ahead and get them. Once you enter the final area of the base game there's no turning back.
  6. As far as I know, there is not a detailed list of dialogue choices you made. There is an in-game "notes" section in (I want to say) your journal, that you can use to keep track of anything you want. So if it's important to you, you could always write them down there.
  7. Powerful, yes. But also squishy. You've got to be at the peak of your game with defensive spells. Strategy and timing is everything. My point is just, if a character as killable as a wizard can solo the game, a whole party, lacking a tank, can definitely beat it.
  8. Honestly, someone won The Ultimate achievement (solo PotD + White March, with completion of several of the hardest battles in the game) using a Wizard. If that's possible, I think anything is possible. Haha. It's just a matter of using your strategy to its highest potential.
  9. You have to access it from below before it becomes available. On the first floor of Cead Nua (where you find Maerwald), there is a giant Adra hand. You must climb up the ladder attached to this hand, and it will take you to the grounds entrance, which will then become available for regular use.
  10. So you're saying that all is good, 'cause Vailians are from equator and migrated south, and Aedyrans are from other regions and migrated to equator. Even if that is the case, there is no logic behind that: Why would Vailians change their comfy equator zone for a colder one? Why would Aedyrans change their comfy temperate zone for a tropical one? Convenient switch is convenient I think we're also just missing some detail. Because I think there are several ways this kind of move could be justified but Obsidian didn't really give us much information on those other countries (as far
  11. Agreed, the Aedyrans didn't originate from the Equator as far as I know. Whereas, if you look at the Ocean folk, who are said to have originated at the Equator, they primarily have darker skin. Same with the inhabitants of the Valian Republics/Old Valia. Their populations are supposed to be full of Ocean folk, and a lot of characters from those places (Pallegina, for instance), have darker skin.
  12. So, on Hard, you're build matters a little, but still not as much as if you were doing PotD. So how much you roleplay, and how much you "strategize" is really up to you. You can manage a full run on Hard with your primary focus being on roleplaying, and you'll do just fine. That said, there are a few things to think about. Like rheingold said, Resolve, Intellect, and Might have a lot of dialogue options, and specifically Resolve and Intellect probably have the most. Where you run into a problem their is neither one of those stats are essential to Rogues (if that's the class you've settled
  13. So there's no way to change your companions classes in-game. What they are is what they are - as far as class is concerned. Modding is a bit trickier. I'm not a big modder myself, so I can't give you first-hand accounts. But I looked into it, and it appears there may possibly be a way to do it through modding. The problem is, a lot of people are saying it could potentially compromise the stability of the game, specifically the stability of the companion characters. Either way, if you want to try it out, here is a link to a discussion people had, and their advice on how to go about it.
  14. Hello all. I'm towards the beginning of a Cipher run, and believe it or not, I've never played a Cipher before (I know, they're supposed to be amazing, but I'm just getting around to it). Now, I'm at the point where I need to start making some real commitments to what direction I'm going to take my character in, but I'm split between two: 1. Crazy Awesome DPS 2. Crazy Awesome Crowd-control As you can see, either would be crazy awesome. But essentially, my character could go either way and, since I have zero experience with Ciphers, I was just wondering what the masses would suggest. Of the
  15. A couple things: What difficulty are you planning on playing? Builds are less important the lower your difficulty setting, and the type of build you go with can depend on the number/difficulty of foes you'll be up against. Also, if you get the White March, there is no non-companion class. They add a Rogue, a Monk, and a Barbarian in the expansions. I don't know if that's something that's important to you, or if you'll be getting the DLC at all, but if so, just wanted you to be informed. In regards to guides, be careful what you read, and always check the date. A lot of guides out t
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