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Suggestion: Pillars of Eternity II: Path of the Damned and Expansion

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About half way through a first PotD run in Pillars of Eternity I, and an epiphany came to me.  That is 'if' there is a plan to have Path of the Damned, ironman mode, et cetera in P.E.II:D.A. then there is one change that would greatly improve the game.  That is you allowing the player control over party member's stats when they first join the group, or if we 'retrain' them, pray do I.


Given the difficulty of PotD, forcing the player to 'hire' five new adventurers just to increase the probability of success seems particularly onerous, feel do I.  Even with that accomplished, we are constantly having to return to previously explored areas with our companions if we want to advance their personal quests.


It would be fine to even limit this option to only on PotD difficulty, think do I.  Of course, that could be abused but its hardly game breaking, especially given the other actual cheats.


Producers and Designers may see say Eder as only having 16 might or Aloth only have a 16 Intelligence for role playing reasons;  However, that only plays out as them being stuck back on the ship waiting for our protagonist to return, if we are playing while engaging a mode similar to PotD.


If it's easy enough, allowing that option in the original P.E. would be fantabulous.




Oh and its understandably too late now, however 'when' {pray} there is a Pillars of Eternity III.  Suggesting that you include early in the 'Stretch Goals' adding making an additional expansion, am I.  It would be for P.E.II:D.A. that helps update the game engine to whatever P.E.III is using/advancements, as well as content.  The content would take players from wherever they end P.E.II to whereever they begin P.E.III.


For instance, it would be wonderstrukk if about now there is another expansion for Pillars of Eternity that takes the player from where they end the game with, to however we begin P.E.II in the Deadfire Archipelago.  However, everyone is working on P.E.II and that would be nearly impossible, understand do I

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Not that what you're asking is unreasonable, but I do have to say they don't "force" you to hire companions on PotD mode. It's entirely possible to complete any difficulty with the preset story companions, you just have to figure out strategies that work for you and use equipment/abilities/consumables to boost their stats where necessary. People assume that you need to min/max everything to be successful in higher difficulties, but that's just not true for this game.


Still, as you've said, it wouldn't be a terrible thing if they let you respec your companions' stats. From the live Q&As and what I know of Obsidian's vision, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't let you respec because they're trying to maintain the integrity of the characters' backstories. They've mentioned before that, even with multi-classing, certain party companions have to start as a certain class because it is integral to their backstories. Allowing players to respec as they see fit, could mean that they have the ability to make Aloth a crazy tank-paladin, or Eder a squishy, but powerful, Wizard. All of this is simply conjecture obviously.


Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a patch that allowed you to respec companions? I could be wrong about that. I've always just played with them the way they're built.

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