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  1. Hope you can figure this out. I supported PoE I and was looking to do the same for PoE II, but giving away my credit card info to some website I never heard of before is not an option. edit: also: using the promo code link doesn't have any effect
  2. The spoken text does not start at the beginning of the sentence, but cuts in at the middle. i.e. http://i.imgur.com/b65SREZ.jpg spoken only from "illed breath and..." Similar for everything else durance says in this conversation. First time this happens to me in the game, don't know if it will reproduce or if it's only related to this dialogue.
  3. i honestly think the game is pretty easy compared to the older titles you listed. It still has an element randomness that can mess you up, but overall the higher HP-totals lead to more success (or failure!) based on your strategy instead of a random crit or saving throw at the start of a fight. This makes patterns more recognizeable and, in consequence, the game easier and less frustrating when you buckle down and look at all the values and options the game shows you. On the other hand, if you run into an encounter the same way repeatedly, your chance of randomly smashing the wall with your head is comparatively lower...
  4. Camp supplies disappear when you manually drag them to your characters inventory or stash after you have reached your carrying limit. Steps to reproduce: reach supply limit, find more supplies, drag to characters inventory.
  5. I like the style very much. Screw IGN and whoever else is posting arbitrary ratings based on appearance that they didn't like. I'm only a little sad that the individual maps feel a little small compared to BG/IWD. I don't know how they compare to ToEE which was published later, maybe that would be a better comparison?
  6. sorry if there is a bug report forum. Please move my thread, i did not see the proper place for it. When you have reached the maximum number of camp supplies and find more, the loot all function ignores them, leaving the supplies on the body. However, when you drag them to one of your characters inventory manually, they disappear forever instead. I don't think this is intended?
  7. I don't mean to insult you, but how did you end up backing this game with a high enough amount to play the beta? The first 60 seconds of the kickstarter introduction show a slideshow of previous titles - Fallout 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Planescape Torment, PoEE. All these titles require learning a system and using (or abusing) it as much as you can. I fully expect, yes HOPE, for the combat mechanics to be complex. And MEANINGFUL as well. I fully support a combat system that not only rewards you for learning, but one that punishes you if you refuse to learn. There's an abundance of easy theme park games being released, across all genres, we don't need more. Dark Souls for PC was a blessing in this regard, but i think its more of an action adventure than an RPG. That is why i backed Project Eternity/Pillars of Eternity. It is my one hope outside of roguelikes to see a challenging RPG. Baldur's Gate killed my first mage in the tutorial, and countless more times. Frustration is temporary, satisfaction and achievement at overcoming obstacles is lasting and makes fond memories.
  8. Oh, paypal is still open. Guess that explains i havn't received anything other than the paypal donation-confirmation?
  9. This is not new grounds to break, check Final Fantasy X. And i think this poll could've been voiced more diplomatic.
  10. I think the option for using oversize weapons should be given. With encumbrance penalties, or simply bad initiative (ad&d, don't know if we'll see this here) for the wielder. About the "slung across the back" thing: slitted scabbard, custom harness. Don't say it's not viable to carry one on your back just because it would be impossible to remove from a full-length scabbard on your back.
  11. Fine by me, but no experience. Unless we get a 2nd layer of experience, say "team experience", to determine how well the party's members are accustomed to each other and giving them boni to defense, offense, whatever. Taking away individuals XP doesn't cut it. For other payment methods: fine. But i'd require negotiations of payment... and the possibilty to have them go wrong. Fataly so. With related alternations to the parties mood, at best
  12. I will probably paint my own. Maps are fun, but not for 95$. (or 85, as i'm came in at the 35 mark). Before shipping to Europe.
  13. When i see this Dungeon, i think Underdark. Oh, and Dwarf Fortress. But anyway, Underdark. Tough to get away from in BG2, but with cities in it to set up camp in and rest. And possibly take on quests. Would be a pity if this fell into the modern day RPG meta of "oh hey, we passed 2 rooms already, here's a teleporter to the surface".
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