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  1. Like some others have said, I would like to see the results of this project before I fund another one. It's easy to just go crazy funding tons of projects without actually seeing any results - time for some patience. That being said, looks like this game is progressing.
  2. I'm from Texas, USA here. I see lots of Europeans and others which is great.
  3. Haha, that's hilarious. Seems like I saw somewhere that the developers meant "mature" in regards to the story and using themes such as slavery, racism, etc. etc. - not sex. Even if sex is included I have no problem with it if it's handled appropriately and actually adds something to the story.
  4. Death animations seem like a reasonable request, it makes sense that an axe to the head and a magic missle to the chest should result in a different looking kill. I have a feeling this may already be in the works anyway, but a good suggestion if not.
  5. Yep I agree, this kind of thing would be neat to have in our strongholds.
  6. I'm glad you guys are utilizing Steam as one option. I know some folks have a problem with it and that's fair, but I like having all my games in one place - thanks for giving us the option. (Plus, Steam achievements, awesome!)
  7. Wow some of you guys are epic, if only my bank account was bigger I would have given more as well.
  8. Tell me about it, my wife won't be happy......but well worth it, I have until April 2014 for her to get over it.
  9. Interesting question since there is no publisher involved. I'm thinking the beta won't have an NDA attached but would be limited to a section of the game/world, such as the first chapter or something.
  10. I debated for along time, and honestly could change again before Tuesday night, but am currently set on the $110 tier. I wanted some goodies but would prefer them to be all digital.
  11. I never got around to trying Alpha Protocol, the reviews may not have been great but I always wanted to see how the story played out.
  12. I have fond memories of spending lots of time with that Baldur's Gate 2 manual, studying up on new classes to try and such.
  13. Fantastic news, I keep forgetting to count the PayPal amount. I still maintain $3.5M will be a stretch, but maybe we can make a final push on Sunday/Monday.
  14. Wow, lots of new members just in the last 24 hours or so (including me) - great to see the support.
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