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  1. Has anyone tried the secret of Mana remaster yet?
  2. I'm looking it up and it's "weird". Sadly the everyday report counts mass family murders as a mass shootings and those count for 54% of their findings. Also they say that only 10% were in "no guns" places BUT 54% of those are the person's home and then the remaining 36% it says a good chunk was in "non-public' areas such as in closed offices and such, which even if allowed to carry guns in the area the jobs do not allow the guns to be carried during work hours which seems like a "no gun" zone though not "federal". When trying to deal with public mass shootings, having half the data is from someone in the family killing their own family doesn't help.
  3. From my viewpoint over here in merry olde England, it isn't so much about "yes, your gun didn't kill anyone", it's that it seems to damned easy for any idiot to get hold of them over there. I can point to many friends around the world and say "Yes, they are competent, intelligent people who can be responsible with a car, with a gun, what have you." But I can also point to a whole bunch more of people who are just idiots I wouldn't trust with a stapler, let alone some form of automatic weaponry. But if they are in the good ol US of A... That is the problem right there. So how do you protect the responsible people from the irresponsible people without violating civil rights? If the freedom of the individual is the paramount concern then I really don't see how we can. And if it isn't a concern, well there is always repression, confiscations, concentration camps, forced hospitalization and just making people disappear. The difference between here and most other countries is the guns are already here. Millions of them. Billions perhaps. Making them suddenly illegal changes nothing. It was illegal for that bastard to bring a gun on school campus yesterday. It was illegal for him to even BE on that campus. It was illegal to use a smoke bomb, pull the fire alarm, and certainly to shoot people. None of those broken laws stopped him. So for gun control to work the government has to go and confiscate them. How do you think that will go? Your previous post aside, that's a completely valid point about responsible people vs the irresponsible people. You say that regulating who can have what guns (outside of the really heavy weapon stuff only the military can use) will just lead to a slippery slope, then what are your ideas for solutions? It seems like the exact same ideological impasse between the two of us (though at least we can agree to disagree without going all knives at each others throats) is part of the problem in that neither side has solutions the other likes, though it often seems like one side often does not want solutions at all. I've heard about regulating guns the same way we regulate cars might be a solution, though I'm not sure how that would work exactly since the function of a gun and a car are completely different. Honestly I don't know. Raising the age of full legal majority nationwide to 21 makes sense to me. It could have prevented the shooter from buying his weapon legally. However much of a hindrance that is. Force hospitalization of people deemed mentally ill sounds very Nazi-like to me. Now people are having their freedom taken over a subjective standard that is way too likely to be abused. Infringing on individual rights is not the way to go either. Increasing the availability of mental health can't hurt but in they end the best system can only help the willing. Turning schools into armed camps does not strike me as the best way to go, although one armed teacher could have stopped this yesterday. Maybe plain clothes security, like Air Marshals for each campus. But even then they can't be everywhere at once. How about doing away with "gun free" zones? I'm wondering if we have had any mass shootings in the past 20 years where people were allowed to be armed themselves?
  4. I rather go to prison than to a retirement home.
  5. I can still cross my fingers for a lovecraftian Victorian England rpg....
  6. http://thefederalist.com/2018/02/08/how-the-media-buried-two-huge-fbi-stories-yesterday/ Dunno if "decent" source of news
  7. To give context, the movie is basically starting about a quarter of the way in and ending almost near the half way point of the story.
  8. If written and executed well, I wouldn't care. Hell could be a good thing as it would give different things that we aren't used to seeing.
  9. I dunno, because of ROTC I figured the military was doing lots of marches/parades since that's what we mainly did in classes lol. There ya go, let local ROTC do his parades and let our military focus on important **** instead.
  10. Browsed class options for my local community college online. Getting to an age where I need something to fall back on or lift myself up. Taking care if sick family, the woman is sick with the flu so been taking care of her and giving her space and meds. Thankfully the kids have only been getting a cold here and there, definitely sick season around here.
  11. Keep em coming, I enjoy ur humor. Besides this is the one thread that can most definitely use some humor every now and again.
  12. Started up a wastelander modded FO3 and really enjoying the game. Level 10 ATM and just got back barely getting 3dog his satellite. Can't wait to start the dlcs after so many years, just figure that I'm gonna need to be higher level.
  13. Didn't like him but Obama reminds me more of dignity of the office. Bush hands down though can take one on the chin and keep going. Trump definitely looks like a whiny lil bitch compared to them 2. Can't really say about Clinton since I was somewhat smart enough to pay attention more to video games and being a teenager than get involve in politics.
  14. The thing is yes Russians interfering in the election was horribad, BUT it loses it "edge" when it's shown as the SOLE interference when our own Media was blatantly manipulating the population and everyone's okay with that. ****ing the Russians, but **** our own media even more because they are us, our own people manipulating us. Then we got the EU also interfering by saying Trump isn't welcomed/evil/etc BEFORE he's even elected or even has a chance to **** up. The Russians are just a piss drop in the bucket and is the MAIN target because of the old "cold war" villian we Americans are used to seeing them so that we have our outrage directed SOLELY at them and not the other mutha****** who were doing it EVEN more than they were. It's like being SOLELY mad at someone u don't know for kicking you in the shin when u got people u do know repeatably punching u in the face at the same time. Like yeah screw that guy for kicking me in the shin but **** these guys who are still punching me in the face. But seeing them kick one of the guys whos punching us in the face in the balls (DNC emails) make them a lil okay, still screw them though.
  15. If we consider the Russians "hacking" the election by spreading misinformation, it's hard to get riled up about it simply because we was getting the same treatment from our very own media. And since we can't be up in arms about misinformation/manipulation from our very own media because of freedom of press/speech and since we want ALL people in our country to have the same benefits as citizens....then where do we get the right to criticize Russians for doing what we allow done to ourselves? Are we up in arms about the EU with their actions against a Trump win? Nope because even though it's the same **** the Russians were doing, it's okay because they were going AGAINST Trump. Solely blaming the Russians is ****ing bull****.
  16. Like the NSA concerns you? NSA? Not in the slightest, I trust institutions like the NSA, CIA and FBI on most matters. This GOP memo is a deliberate attempt to misrepresent information and the FBI has publicly criticized the GOP move, unusual for them No the FBI is playing damage control by discrediting before it comes out. Before I would be of the same attitude if it wasn't for Comey and the AG at the time and their actions with the Clinton emails. Meeting with Bill at the airport, Comey saying there's nothing illegal about the emails WITHOUT even looking at them because they were viewed by an outside source from the FBI, Comey changing tune closer to election when Trump actually seemed viable.Wayyyyy to many red flags the past year with the FBI seemingly being "loyal" to a party when it should be separate from party politics. I say bring out the memo! Also with Trey Gowdy resigning means that next election, the republicans lost their only candidate I woulda voted for for them.
  17. For my son's bday we took him to a VR arcade. 2 games I must mention. Minecraft is ****ing awesome in VR. The second game was fallout 4, while reg I can't seem to even force myself to finish must less play,in VR....it seems like it was made for VR. Roaming the streets, killing **** in vats. Literally had a blast and could actually see myself wanting to finish the game if I played it in VR. Now to look up and do research on VR on the PS4 if it's worth it or done decently and if I have to upgrade my PS4.
  18. That's become my main reason to play games. It's the only time where I can done out and actually focus on a single thing without my mind going in 20 directions.
  19. Sadly I think Sony is more interested in their insurance
  20. After first being severely disappointed, this is what brought me back in and changed the game into my all time 1# favorite game of all time and all time favorite add-on.
  21. I just got finished talking with my daughter who is gushing about this game she wants to play. Let us know if u finish it and how it is please
  22. Tyvm Chilloutman and Lexx, that's exactly what I needed for a project. Tyvm
  23. That was only like 2 or 3 out of the MANY quests in Morrowind Does anyone know how many action points the different weapons in FO1/2 cost to use per round by chance? Cannot find the numbers on any wikis that Google is showing me sadly.
  24. Have restarted my FONV playthru for the 4th time now because of mods and windows 10. Been getting close to the strip and having it start ctd every 30 mins so been restarting and disabling mods each time. I'm now from 105 plugins down to 36 plugins. Thank God I love this game so much or else it'd been shelved by now.
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