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  1. Resident evil 7 isn't as pretty but damn does it do the job so damn well!! So far that's the one that has impressed me the most. Skyrim VR is quite nice but is like playing on minimum graphics. Still need more to form an opinion. Damn I want more VR games now to come out
  2. Been playing the PSVR and I'm loving it. It's ****ing awesome!! The only thing that is disappointing is that someone wasn't smart enough to make a Jazzpunk VR version. Somebody make it happen please!
  3. Trump will find out that trying to take away guns outta video games is gonna be as bad if not worse than trying to take away guns from Americans. Actually that would help explain the mindset to non-Americans and Americans our pro-gun culture.
  4. Exactly. Blasting boiling hot water on your neck and lower back...ahhhhh
  5. Bought a PSVR today with the Skyrim VR and the psychonauts VR game along with all the free demos and Rec room. Bought it right before I went into work so just counting down the hours while staring at these glorious 2 boxes.
  6. My shower length of time is determined by when the hot water runs out.
  7. I read somewhere that Amazon doesn't pay taxes here at all. That maybe from tax breaks they get though.
  8. Helluva way to clean out the swamp Sarcasm of course.
  9. Because it only head aches to certain people. I have no problem with it and really enjoy it. Also ur thinking this isn't a pnp style game which it is. Pnp is turn based because each turn is 6 secs in dnd/pathfinder, real time with pause is what pnp is "supposed" to look like when everyone has their input going in. Hence the timing between actions and the need to pause. This is not fast pace (Diablo 2 would be fast pace), it's more "medium" pace while full on turn base being slow. It's okay for you not to like it, different strokes for different folks. I like it specially when it's me doing it to the mobs but also because it makes me think of ways to cross a battle field to get to a target and vice versa on the enemies.
  10. He's gotta make a clerk's 3. Yeah he knocked it outta the park with 2.
  11. My dad in a drunken stuper when I was a child explained the difference between beer and liquor drinkers. "Beer drinkers will get fat and liquor drinkers will get drunk.". Wise words because u can tell what people mainly drink at bars when they are older by their girth.
  12. Tactics mainly imho. Positioning becomes important. What game are u talking about because I'm guessing it's about PoE?
  13. You people need to get your act together, he's an embarrassment. Get rid of him. We will get rid of him when the popular parties actually give us a decent or good candidate. Or everyone votes libertarian lol. As someone who considers him an embarrassment as well, it says alot that even now it coulda been so much worse for us, except the media and EU woulda loved Hillary alot more. Granted the media wouldn't get as much to do with Hillary campared to Trump. Hey next election we may have Oprah as next president lol.
  14. Yeah the crowdfunding seems to have lost steam.
  15. The Dr who one is very nice. I would actually love the Ring if it was silver or white gold.
  16. What kind of stuff are you both guys into?Eh, we usually ain't into the same specific thing but share the same "genres" if that makes sense lol.
  17. Title says it all. Finally it's time and as Bill Burr says "Lose half my ****". Gonna keep things small but fun, not tradition boring ass wedding, just gonna be an small event to have fun to remember back on. She's already got a kick ass ring picked, unicorns and sailer moon I **** u not. I've never thought about a ring and if I did it'd be a simple silver or white gold band, plain and simple. But a new opportunity has opened up and why the hell not take it. So I love all types of nerdy ****. Lovecraftian, sci first, high fantasy, video games, etc. Now I've seen the crazy cool **** y'all find on the internet that I'd never even know to look at so I was asking if y'all had to the opportunity, thought a ring looked cool or bad ass, post it here please. I'm not gonna have any rules because I might be surprised to see something I'd normally not like. Thanks in advance!
  18. First rpg I played was dragon warrior on the NES when it came out. I remember being blown away at my cousin's telling me that the entire map was as big as their wall lol. I remember getting my ass kicked by everything but quickly learn a staple that was needed for rpgs until present day and that was grinding. I remember just wandering around the starting area for an hour til I was lvl 5 and had all the gear from the shop. The bbeg castle I knew how to navigate without a torch or light spell bc of all the times I had to travel out to go rest/items/etc. I beat it before I beat super Mario 1.
  19. Bought the remaster Secret of Mana. I was a big fan of the original and farmed the hell outta it multiple times as a kid. I'm really enjoying the hell outta it so far, it feels just like the old combat and while the VA isn't stellar and the people's mouths don't move, doesn't bother me a bit because I'm looking at this stuff as just extra bonus. Also I read complaints about the AI and while it's terrible, it always was. You eventually just started running certain ways by reflex to not get them stuck. Can't wait to kids come home to try out the multiplayer.
  20. I think arming teachers would increase school shootings a helluva lot more. These are people who teach/babysit other people's kids 40+ hours a week without the pay a babysitter gets and without the limits of how many one is supposed to handle at one time.... Yeah.. let's give them guns with the monsters we are forced to dump off onto them.
  21. One reason if they ever do "arm" teachers that it would never work is because of suing. First thing that popped into my head when I heard this is someone gonna try to shoot up a school, a teacher is prepared and pulls out a gun and shoots the student dead after the student starts unloading into a crowd. Teacher hailed as a hero then gets taken to court and sued.
  22. Is the VR on the PS4 as amazing as the Oculus?
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