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  1. I wonder if Sharpe would be getting as much hate if he was making jokes and saying the same things about men.....
  2. Is that the one that was sort of like Mass Effect meets X-Files? Yes, it is similar to Mass Effect (both the story and the gameplay). Though, there isn't much from X-Files, the alien invasion is fairly straight-forward, despite the information being kept from the populace. In-game it is explained as avoiding panic. In general, I guess, the developers tried to make The Bureau a part of the canon. I think I'm one of the few people who actually liked that game. I liked it as well. It was my favorite xcom game.
  3. I'm hoping so since it states it's gonna start on April fool's day.
  4. Anyone wanna guess how long our govt will be shut down? I'm gonna guess at the longest, shortly before the end of January.
  5. Boo. Thanks for letting me know, was hoping it wasn't that limited. I'm gonna look up game engines and see which one be the best for the lil project I got in mind. Look up older crpg games that do allow modding in that fashion.
  6. So I'm REALLY late I'm thinking but apparently wasteland 2 now has modding. Does anyone know what can be modded? Work ATM and been thinking about going to college simply to learn how to recreate FONV in a crpg format. Crazy I know but shows how bored I've been lmao. But with the modding capabilities now with wasteland 2, do u think being able to create a "new" zone or along those lines to somewhat recreate FONV landscape? With wasteland 2, it already has alot of the items already in it and I'd even continue using wasteland 2 mechanics. So does anyone know if it's possible?
  7. Well he seems to be going on as if it is fairly widespread. Can't imagine one wouldn't get sacked for calling a coworker a honky or cracker or some other racist term for white people. You would think but it doesn't happen. Going consensus is that it doesn't "hurt" or have the impact that other racist words towards other races. Granted like I said, NOW in the past year since Trump been president, it's all been quiet on ALL sides from media, TV, and social media.
  8. I find it funny bc recently I got a couple of friends posting about the sex dolls on Facebook and it literally is basically what he posted lol.
  9. BruceVC- as far as govt, I'll give ya a real life example. When I went to court for my oldest son custody, I as a white man won and my lawyer asked for child support, the judge said "you have taken the child from the mother, I'm not gonna make her suffer more". I asked if she (black woman) had won if I would be paying child support and the judge said "of course, why wouldn't you?". As far as non minority/males being targeted, just take a look at 2014-til Trump got elected. Remember MTV new resolution for white guys? How people can lose their jobs for saying anything racist or sexist but calling whites honkys, crackers, Whitey's, etc is non punishable even though it's clearly racist talk. One good thing with Trump is now ATM all sides racist in the wrong are more quiet. White supremacists are being shut down by BLM/Antifa and people aren't getting open support from media for hate speech towards whites. Everyone's on egg shells.
  10. It was needed sadly.The only other thing I can think of is when it comes to businesses is that it's hypocritical in it's execution. I'll give an example of what I mean. You have one side of the coin of bakers denying homosexual couples business because of going against business owner values. That is not acceptable. The other side of the coin is NC with the bathroom laws so the NBA denys NC their business because it goes against their "values". This is acceptable. If the side of the cake owners are in the wrong because they don't agree with the gay wedding, then the NBA should also be in the wrong to deny service but they are not. This lies the problem business wise because both are descriminating, as a business neither side should be able to deny services. That's where the hypocrisy lies and the problem.
  11. Exactly, they control both chambers of Congress and the WH (though the WH isn't being all that helpful, thanks to Trump), it's up to them to reach a bipartisan compromise, but they don't want to. Meanwhile, the Democrats understandably are trying to work hard the leverage that they have by stonewalling over DACA. That is funny. It's the republicans fault for not getting an agreement and then saying Democrats are working hard by "stonewalling". Let's be honest, neither party plays with the other and hasn't for a long time hence one of our biggest problems we have ongoing politically.
  12. I am totally down but it's mandatory for him to sing a song.
  13. Lol your good. She calls me her man when she isn't calling me an ****, jerk, and those other lovey dovey names couple's call each other
  14. Eh the religious doctor thing will also be a blessing with the non vaccination and the ones who don't do medicine for religious reasons. That is what I see mainly effected since there's no place I've seen on medical records when it comes to religion (why mix up science with fairy tales?) so how would doctor's know if their patient is a heretic or not? California seems to grown some balls in telling businesses they will get fined for voluntary working with ICE, seems to work with ICE they have to come to you and force you and even then the wording is off if the companies are safe then. Also what's up with ESPN not showing or talking about the president at a sports game? Also I'm wondering if "ALL" or even "most" of the crazy **** our president is doing isn't in retaliation of crazy **** states and political parties are doing. Sadly I'm starting to sympathize with the anarchists in just burning it everything to the ground and starting over again does seem to have it's charm when everywhere your looking from the president, the republicans, the Democrats, the media, the public are all going sex nuts and retard strong. Smh.
  15. They have been doing homes with those tractor trailers as well for awhile now here in the US. Can even bury them under ground. My woman is huge in trying to go off grid for the zombie apocalypse so I've seen some very nice homes created by some very weird items
  16. The killing floor games are really good! I love both of them, even love the first one as much if not more than the 2nd one. Old game with strong community still.
  17. Also with low turn out, that can also give the impression of voter fraud when people don't take into account it's not a flat 50/50 of each candidate.
  18. Mmmm I loved the original Xbox controller. It was big black and beefy and stopped me from throwing my controllers because it would break whatever I threw it at lmao.
  19. I'm gonna say modded Morrowind map or Fallout 3 modded map. Those 2 maps made we wanna explore everything.
  20. My last Hong Kong character was a troll adept with cyber fingers
  21. I think we can blame wow when they started doing the quest location answer thingies. Once they started showing where the quest items and locations to complete the quests, I started noticing alot of games join in. Quest markers I believe they are called?
  22. To add, the ONLY times I've ever felt bad killing someone in a game strangely was the same person, Andrew Ryan and Mr. House. In Bioshock I can evaporate and throw away those creepy lil girls without a care but always dread getting to Andrew Ryan. Hell in FONV I mainly do Mr. House playthrus because he's the only person in the game I feel any type of regret and sadness killing, besides Doc Mitchell who I have never ever killed before ever because he's truely the only pure good person in the game.
  23. Bought fo4 goty on the PS4 and played a few hours, got to Preston and escorted the people to take over my home....and I'm back to playing fonv. I disabled a bunch of mods and now just rolling with texture mods, FOOK, JSawyer, a couple of armor/clothes mods, and Boulder Dome mod (I think is the name) quest mod. Fo4 looks and feels great but for some reason I like the looks of fonv a better with texture mods. Really how things are placed, strange reason. Plus you know I love how starting out feels different for each character. I couldn't stand the sameness in Skyrim or FO4 starting out.
  24. Fonv-surviver notes in HH, dead money and leaving the dlc. Ff6-a few of the characters back stories (I was young) Secret of evermore-quite a few moments in that game made me sad. Silent Hill 2- finding out the truth and the one lady I forgot if was a ghost or not. Silent Hill 1- losing the cop lady and that ****ing nurse
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