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  1. Similar problems: I am in the castle and I can use certain transitions (like from the temple to the siege rampart). I cannot use the transition that takes me from the scriptorium to Rodrick ... I can no longer use the transition that brings me down to the kitchen.
  2. I voted no. The companions I want have a story, character interaction, banter ... in all of those things, a dog is more limited than a humand/dwarf/elf etc. It might be interesting, but it would involve more effort to get it to work ... I'm also biased: I don't like dogs in general and I've had enough dog companions (DAO, Fallout etc). Now an intelligent panther from another plane ...
  3. Depends on what kind of fail ... delivering a game that is good but does not meet my expectations? delivering a game that almost anybody hates? failing to deliver a game at all?
  4. If everything is voiced, it makes it slow to add new quests / characters or even patch things. I can certainly do without full voice over.
  5. Yes. For several reasons: a) firearms can be part of a medieval setting as they appeared in the 14th, maybe already in the 13th century - which still count as middle ages. "I want a medieval setting" therefore is no argument against firearms. b) It's a breath of fresh air c) It's what the developers want to do. Honestly, why did I support PE? Because I loved the games those people had developed (without a community telling them "Do this" or "Don't do that"). I trust those people to make the right decisions for the game ... I don't trust a vocal minority (?) that tells professionals
  6. Guess you'd have to wait for a dev answer ... when I saw on Twitter that Ray Muzyka (one of the founders of Bioware, who recently resigned) had pledged enough money to PE to design an NPC, I wondered whether they maybe would let him design an evil mage who gained his powers by drawing other people's energies ... named Electrus Artius ...
  7. So ... can you up your pledge if you have used PayPal? By simply donating again and using the same PayPal account?
  8. I really like dark humor ... one or two companions, but fairly often.
  9. Nice. But being the pessimist I am ... 3.5 million will be very, very difficult (I personally don't count on it ... though I have no idea of the Paypal number).
  10. Not sure ... I cannot imagine a whole party of 4-6 folks on mounts implemented in a way that - makes sense (transport: did somebody miss horses in Baldur's Gate or Planescape? combat: mounted combat is FAST - combat in PE is supposed to be turn-based ... I'm not so keen on seeing characters on horses standing motionless next to an enemy, waiting for their turn) - does not take away resources from other, more important areas of the game (just think of animations and what was said about grappling)
  11. I would not have anything against it under one condition: this can only apply to games that have successfully reached their finance goal within the original time frame ... otherwise any game that does not reach its goal within the regular time simply would extend the time frame (so I'm thinking a bit here about the precedence PE would create).
  12. A healthy mixture, leaning more towards the well-known ... it makes people quickly feel "at home" in a setting, especially if the setting is not "run-of-the-mill" medieval fantasy, but more 15th century (with firearms). And I believe it fits better with the fact that Obsidian has been pretty conservative with races and classes (at least as far as I know). But: no monster inflation ... monsters should be special, a highlight encounter. And: while a "troll" is a staple monster and we all have certain expectations (big, strong), that does not mean that it cannot be a bit different (looks,
  13. Jaw ----> floor. Drool ... Words fail me. I'm sorry, I love the old Infinity Enginge games, but this is ... something else. I always associated Infinity games with "great games but a bit dated graphics (which does not mean they could not look pretty)" ... this is a much higher level of graphics than I expected Project Eternity to have ... As I donated through Paypal ... can I also "up my pledge"?
  14. If you are referring to my previous post then let me explain few things: First of all I'm not trying to insult any particular person with that. It was obvious and purposeful exaggeration and no one should take it seriously. Secondly: Having different opinions is of course ok, but if you openly state it, it's at same time permission for others to say their opinion on your opinion. They can agree with it, disagree, make fun of it, whatever they feel like doing. It's how things work in every area of life, not just internet. You can see same thing happen when politicians or even respected professo
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