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  1. Even though there are a lot of issues with the standard D&D Alignment systems, I generally gravitate towards a mix between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good. It makes firing into a Melee a whole lot more entertaining.
  2. Sawyer from Something Awful: This iteration of the system definitely sounds like the best I've read about so far. The mathematical goals of the Mitigated-Miss system are ones that I absolutely approve of. Chaotic, Spiky damage makes it much more difficult for developers to reliably tune encounters in terms of both pacing, and difficulty. In addition to that, this is a game that will already have multiple difficulties, with several variations on the 'Please punish me even more' mode. Anything that is going to allow for more consistent, reliable outcomes based on a Party's power level
  3. I find it interesting that phrases like 'Standard Fantasy Setting' and 'Pure Fantasy' and 'Real Fantasy' can be uttered without substantial irony.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that during one of the updates someone (Chris Avellone?) was talking about Forton specifically, and how he's virtually substance-abused everything known to man (and still does?) I mean, being monk puts you in shape, it's going to do that. But if you are that drugged out that consistently, wouldn't that explain a lot of the ways his body differs from our normal preconceptions. (Especially considering harder drugs? We are talking Hippy-freelove kinda drug user, we are talking like heroin and cocaine for years kinda drug user.) I for one thi
  5. I have to ask myself, "What is the point of a discussion about what type of combat system you would like better in a game that has an Officially announced and confirmed type of combat system? It seems an awful lot like watching a horse race, and then heading down and placing a bet on the horse that was in Last Place just because you're a masochist like that."
  6. The question here is not 'Would you like a loot-based game or and Artifact-based game?' Those are both arbitrary labels that you've assigned value in order to give them different significances. The question you are trying to ask is 'Should the items we receive from exploring the world and defeating opponents be fewer in number, and feel more singular and unique?' To which I believe the answer is an obvious Yes. This game is being designed around harkening back to the feel of a PnP rpg being brought to life upon your screen, and the progression and pacing of such games has always b
  7. I'm seeing a lot of good ideas and Suikoden references. This to me says there is little that I could add to the discussion. Please continue. ^.^
  8. It's also worth point out, I believe, that with the player house and stronghold, you may wind up having a place to put companions who are not currently 'Main Party' material without necessarily shunning them out of the group and having to give out a severance package or what have you.
  9. It's also worth noting that this was also covered and in the thread, that mstart linked, and that the Devs themselves have stated that they are keeping the advances in display technology and new high-resolution devices in mind when developing this game. So please be at ease, the future-proofing will occur. We are not the only ones with these thoughts in the forefront of our minds. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61474-dpi-scaling-for-pe-much-more-important-than-resolution/page__st__40#entry1241308
  10. I'm not really against it. I've actually really enjoyed these sorts of modes in other games. But not if it breaks the game. Something like the ability to start with a little extra cash-on-hand, or pick an additional feat or non-class skill or something? Awesome. Something that let's you start with your God gear from the end of your last game? No no no no no.
  11. I was in the kickstarter comments when Darren was on, and a couple of us pointed it at him until we got a response. If I have time I'll find the comment and insert it into this post for you.
  12. I am, personally, in the camp of not wanting anything that is going to take away from the SinglePlayer Experience of the AGES
  13. Future-proofing the game so that even with the advances in Display technology that are occurring right now, the game will still be playable for years to come is necessary, and is important to several of the developers. With Mod support, future-proofing of the assets is going to be what really keeps everyone going in the years to come after release. Doing things like this isn't just for people with Ipad 3s or Retina displays. It's so that in 2016 or 2017, when people still want to play the best RPG they've ever played, it can be done without looking like mud. That being said,
  14. This seems like a pretty awesome way to encourage a little bit of funding. I'm in. Vix Raine, Wandering Mercenary of the Obsidian Order of Eternity. (Phew, long-winded title is long-winded.)
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