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  1. I'm not a fan of immunity system if overly done... I will wait for more patches before continue the game again or maybe after part 2 is out..
  2. The Paradox statement does imply it's Steam only, but doesn't state it outright: "..over half a million players have purchased the game worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games on Steam this year." Though it certainly also says it includes kickstarter backers. Though given it is Paradox I wouldn't put it past them to have forgotten that alternatives to steam exist. The money from PoE almost certainly goes to Paradox first, as they are the publisher. That would exclude KS and backer site sales but would include everything GOG/ Steam/ Origin and non backer site pre orders. Well..I'm not a indsider, but I would say Paradox & Obsidian are in partnership rather than the New Vegas contract model with a straight payment plus possible bouns. If the above is true, then Obsidian should get much more $$ from Pillars and continue to recieve $$ as sale number goes up. I'm glad Pillars got over 500k sales, but I thought the number would be higher..
  3. I hope that means Battle-Forged bug is fixed as well... but nice to have additional features. love it.
  4. Hope you guys fix stacked Battle-Forge bug in 1.05 it occurs when you reloaded save with low health & low endurance fire godlike, and rest.
  5. Blame on the achievement generation not the console, please? I mean NES is pretty old conosle.....
  6. I'm not mad about censorship, because I am not the guy who wrote it. But I do feel it is unnecessary.
  7. The racial ability for Fire Godlike is still stackable, I guess they only fix the item not the racial ability. Well, just don't save and load if you are still low in health for Fire Godlike..unless you want to cheat Steps to reproduce: 1. Get Fire Godlike to low health at which point the endurance is always under 50% out of battle --> The Battle-Forged DR is still activated out of battle 2. Save the game and quit to menu. 3. Load the save 4. Rest. --> Battle-Forged DR +4 is not deactivated. 5. Repeat above steps --> DR can be stacked again and again.
  8. hmm...My battle-forged stacked bug is still there.. My fire godlike still has 8 extra DR...not sure is a good thing or a bad thing in Path of the Damned... Maybe I should start a new game since I'm NOT that far into the game, but I want to make sure if the bug is fixed or not..
  9. I have to say DAI is actully a huge step in the wrong direction..Why? First...this video explains a lot about their decision making https://www.youtube.com/embed/O0Dp7HeW9vs Second, the decision from the engine, to gameplay including weird tatical view control, to the writing, to the horse ride that stops you from bantering, to the old silly MMO style questing, to the 8 limited skill slots, to 30fps limit choppy cutscene, to the elven noddle arms, to the lazy inventory,...none of these went to the "right" direction. Well, the characters design is the only thing that is still good enough... DAO was great and epic, DA2 was good enough. The problems with DA2 were the reused of the map and the story feels rushed after Act 1. DAI...well.. But at least they still have good taste on cRPGs and know how to appreciate it! But!! I still mad at them losing BG source arts...so it made BGEE harder to work on
  10. Simply put...they have better metabolism than us. Everything can be cured in 8 hours provided they are still alive!
  11. Good thing that Bioware still loves this type of games, and have good taste on RPG and cookie. Bad thing that Bioware improved KB/M control scheme in DAI dramatically, and move from Baldur's Gate dialog to beautiful cutscenes with same frame rate. You know what, internet hates changes
  12. I got two battle-forged +4DR on me with full health. Total of +8 free DR. I think it was added when I load a save and rest my character who was already in very low health (under 50% endurance) The DR bouns does not wear off. Since there is no time limit nor it does not act like Transcendent Suffering ability which turns off after battle, the DR bouns can be stacked again and again.
  13. It's more like an outdated official wiki. iirc, it used to "store" partial dmage, but got changed later on.
  14. 10 is the default for Monk. You can get a talent which -2. There is no damage going into wound, you simply build up 1 wound per 10 dmage received.
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