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  1. Oh stop with insulting bovine fecal matter. You got issues. I wasn't insulting anyone. Now for you that's an entirely different story. You damned well were. You said that anyone who doesn't use more casters is lazy. That's pretty damned insulting in my book. So stop it. Stop insulting people. damn you are a real ****, if you think that this is insulting. and yes calling you a **** is an insult!
  2. phantom foes, or more like the whole flanking system is bugged. even if you normally flank, the flanking status sometimes flickers on and off. and i think the same problem appears with phantom foes, but there is no activator (like a flanking partymember) to turn it back on, after it fell off.
  3. the "official" wiki has so many errors... never use it as a reliable source... not long ago, it still said, that the wound mechanic of monk would stagger the damage the monk received... as good as this game is, the wiki is one of the worst i have seen on rpg games.
  4. Is this true even vs enemies with High DR or do Estocs or Maces then get better damage output? yes it is true for every enemy besides the extremely high DR enemies like bosses. and when you face them, you should debuff them regardless of your weapon choice. and the moment you debuff them with some -DR debuffs, dual sabres get the lead again...
  5. well that is another good reason to take another weapon. but i certainly don't see any reason why i need a barbarian AND a rogue... one is enough damage... but then on the other hand, i didn't play through potd yet, sooo... you don't need to drop anything very low for barbarian. just make sure to not have less than 15 intellect and get as much might and dex as possible. the rest can be distributed as you wish, without any major set backs.
  6. dual wielding sabres, simply gives the most damage output. period. it does nearly as much damage as a two handed weapon, and it is onehanded. so if you just go for max damage, and not any other fancy combos, that can be made with weapons, as peddroelm suggested, there is one best answer: sabres
  7. the spell is supposed to give all foes in the the area the "flanked" debuff. but the debuff disappeares often without any apparent reason. to recreate, you just simply cast the spell on an enemy. always have the cursor over the enemy to watch the flanked debuff. after the enemy is attacked some times, the debuff disappears. if it doesn't happen right away, just normaly flank the enemy and attack it until the timer disappears and unflank him. but the debuff also disappears pretty often, without normaly flanking the enemy.
  8. i tested it myself on some xaurips... it had a 38sec duration, and then after about 8 seconds, it disappeared... seems like a bug to me, is there somewhere to look, which bugs are reported, so i don't report a bug a second time?
  9. oh ok... i think i noticed that disappearing behaviour on phantoms/shades/shadows, and then never tried to use it again... thanks for the heads up!
  10. if you make a ranged rogue, you don't need constitution. dump it. you want to do as much damage as possible, so max might and dex. dependig on how much you value your rogue disabler abilities, invest or dump intellect. if you want to disable with other party members, like ciphers, to prepare them for sneak attacks, you can dump intellect as well. if you want to use the rogue abilities invest a little in intellect. perception and resolve aren't as important. as a ranged character you shouldn't engage alot of enemies, so deflection isn't as important. ranged weapons are bad at interrupti
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