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  1. Still waiting for mine to arrive too. Another UK customer here. I just hope it arrives soon.
  2. I would also like to hear the final figure that you lovely guys and gals had to work with. Hope you can give that figure at the end of the day.
  3. When I bring up the Area Map it seems to glitch out with all kinds of lovely shades and lines running over it. This happens every time I exit a building.
  4. It isn't their fault that they aren't global. 8am with them will always be different for others, we all know this. Thanks for the update though, its made my day so far!
  5. This will break my poor bank again! Well depending on their pitch at least. I'm more of a fantasy player, but I don't mind oter genres of games either. I would love to see a spiritual successor to either Arcanum or Bloodlines, but I'm also curious about what they could be kickstarting.
  6. This was what I was looking forward to seeing! This is certainly my first character in Project Eternity!
  7. As with Indra, I went on to support Divinity: Original Sin after Project Eternity, so I've found other things to watch over and love along side my first kickstarted project, and although I also backed Torment, it just doesn't have the same appeal as PE or D:OS does. As for the wait, I've gone back to playing some of my older games while ghosting on the forums here (I may not entirely contribute to every single discussion). Still love getting all the updates and enjoying seeing the ideas raised on the forums.
  8. Nice to see that everyone has shaken off the holidays and are back at work. Hope Josh is feeling better, hate colds and flu that take ages to get over. Keep up the good work folks!
  9. I was addicted to the kickstarter page. I rarely left it, and now I'm behind on moderator duties on a RP board due to reopen soon. I know I'll just disappear when PE is released... how much warning should I give? 17 months seem ok?
  10. Well I'm more than happy to work up to $250 because I really want the signed stuff but I can't afford to do so all at once. Not having a job sucks, especially when there's a game developer that I love and want to support more than I have done so already.
  11. I also would love to know roughly how long I get to upgrade to the highest tier possible, after all it would be such a pleasure to see.
  12. I'm replaying Baldurs Gate. I'm hoping to play through all of Obsidian's previous titles in anticipation to Project Eternity.
  13. Wasn't it also said that Obsidian was considering making PE a franchise?
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