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  1. Well, interesting characters (not only party members) is a cornerstone of any story, IMHO. After all, why bother saving a village if you don’t even care about people living there? Why going into deep woods to find a little boy when his mother doesn’t have a heart-breaking monologue about her lost son?.. Otherwise it’s just another MMO: go there, kill 5 wolves, and bring 5 claws back. Don’t care why; don’t care how, just finish the damn quest. My favourite NPCs were ones from NWN. I remember one guy telling a story about his sick wife who he had to kill out of mercy. The voiceover was done
  2. I strongly agree to that, except for the special items from boss fights. The last thing I want to happen after killing Super-Monster Orc King is to find out that his only and one Helmet of Awesomeness was destroyed because I’ve bashed him too hard on head.
  3. I like the piglet, tbh. I could've come up with a name for it too.
  4. No, really, I wasn't sure... Sorry, must be my lack of English Ok, to turn this into valid addition on topic, I’m excited for this game because of three reason: a) developers behind it and their openness to the community (plus it sounds like they’re having fun with it too); b) neat marketing materials I’ve seen so far (graphics, trailer, info, etc.) promising great game and c) alternative to BioWare games. Not that I do not like BW games, but it feels that they are the only ones left producing good RPG (no Japanase MMO, please :S). Some healthy compatition won't hurt.
  5. Nooo...it is very old, its infinity from 2000! How innovative of them not to continue a franchise. Sure
  6. [sorry for the wall of text, guys!] You know what comes to my mind when thinking about good romance in gaming?.. Don’t laugh though, but it’s Fallout 2. Although I can talk all day long how well F2 characters were written in general, there were few moments that could’ve lead to a full romance story IF it ever existed in the game. In particular, I’m talking about “the good, the bad & the ugly”: John Cassidy, Leslie Anne Bishop & Myron. If you haven’t encountered it during your playthrough (*spoilers!*), here is a short summary: - When playing as a female protagonist, and havin
  7. PieSnatcher, Namutree, Honestly, if the game is good without a romance part, I’m on your side, folks. Just saying it would be a nice option, that's all.
  8. Make romance a DLC-option, IMHO. Spend some time working on it after the main game is finished, and then throw it on market. People who like romance options (like me ) will buy it; others will enjoy the game as it is. Why make such a big deal of it?
  9. I’m very excited for upcoming Pillars of Eternity and truly look forward to this game!!! That being said, I’d like to share my entreaty with a humble faith that developers may check this friendly note one day. Seeing how some of recent titles turned out, I sadly start to lose faith in gaming industry. It takes lots of effort nowadays to find good story-driven game with well-thought characters, convenient combat system, easy-to-use inventory and long playability. Patches are anticipated to come right after each new release because it almost expected for a finished product to be buggy. (And
  10. Voted for "yes". I have no problems waiting longer for a high quality game. Have seen enough rushed games in past 1-2 years, and they were just wasted potentials.
  11. Oh, God, I loved setting my enemies on fire or tearing them apart with machine gun back in Fallout. If they can pull something similar in PE without going into full video-scenes, that would be great. Otherwise it’s just a waste of resources to make custom video for each single enemy.
  12. I agree with what Aedelric said. A pet companion is fun, as long is it is not dull enough to jump into every singlt enemy and fight to death. Maybe some 'behaviour commands' could help, where you can order your pet to wait before a fight or to run away if it is critically hurt.
  13. As an option, sure it would be nice. But God forbids if you must play it to achieve something in the game, and if it takes devs time/ effort from SP content.
  14. What I meant was introducing characters that come “out of nowhere”. For example, a player faces the main enemy, the antagonist, that’s supposed to be really bad… and then suddenly, at the very end of a game, it opens up that this main enemy was just a puppet of some more evil character that player had no information on during the whole game. It may sound like a good idea to some, an interesting twist, but it is actually annoying. At least I know a great example of *X company* mentioned above that did it and failed at it greatly. It is just inconsistent. If you ever want to introduce a new key
  15. To add my two cents: I’d like there to be some really scary looking people. They should not be hostile, but because of their inhuman looks (I mean, something really different that would make “normal” people very uncomfortable by just looking at such creatures), they would’ve been treated bad by others. For example, such race could offer a help in hard times, but because so many people just don’t like their looks, there offer would be turned down rudely. Or if you play for one, other characters may react with great negativity towards to you. I think it would add a nice “bitter” feeling showing
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