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  1. Something like Diomedes and Afrodite together - a Godess of wine, sex and overindulgence. Also god of underworld is probably a must have. I think like in Paganism, they should combine it with god oceans.
  2. But i want oversexualized females !!! WTF is this?! Its a fantasy game, what kind of moron you had to be to come here and present your damn feminism. This isn't Total War game according to history to the letter. There is NO reason , no justification, bar the fantasy of authors for anything that can be put into the game. If they want all the females to walk naked around and be slaves to the man, then they should do so (the white/grey drow from D&D has this alreadty!), and i would highly approve it. We already has enough *good RPG* games with realistic armor. ENOUGH!
  3. *A Tone Shift that seeks to make a work of fiction "more adult". Usually, this is practically interpreted as "add more sex, profanity, heavy violence, and controversial content".* As much as possible.
  4. This is fantasy. Not realism. The armors and clothings should reflect that as well.
  5. This is no doubt - "Symbol of Torment" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn58158ygXI Nothing can beat the intervention of Dungeon Master.
  6. They better have Viagra as well. I am going to try and play an old guy, since in every other RPG i am 'youngster'.
  7. I chose everything, becuase i think all of those should be in. Sorry girls, but we had enough of fantasy games where the males and females are equal. Gendre choice should have bigger effect on gameplay and story. However i am for it to work both ways as well (like Amazons or Drows are matriarchal or women only).
  8. If you mean decade as past 10 years, well Witcher 2 was pretty good. Skyrim and Dark Souls as well, though they sucks in story of course. And there was also NWN2:Motb and KotoR. But of course in my opinion none of them stand a chance against PS:T , bar the Witcher 2, which unfortunately was lacking in only one thing - length.
  9. Sponsoring prostitute for Morte - and then when he came back with her after sex, the line from Nameless One: "I don't even want to know how you did it." - utterly unforgettable, we laugh so much at it in school. Reading Codex of the Inconceivable, is .... Inconceivable. I think the starting quest line for Death Knights in Wrath of the Lich King was one of the best adventures/quests i played. And i think its pinnacle of blizzard development in RPGs- everything about it is great except the terrible ending (Light's Dawn quest). Meeting with Myrkul in Motb was unforgettable as well (very good voice acting btw), i was so like "ooOOOmg, woooWooooWWW?" when i entered Limbo (or what was it). My first battle with wolf in Baldur's gate 1 is definitely memorable - i was totally shocked that my super awesome Necromancer couldn't beat two wolfs. A Dance With Rogues - probably best RPG mod ever created, and in my opinion best ever made along with T2X:Shadows of the Metal Age. I have a lot of great memories from there. There are so many unpredictable things and turns in the story - like one quest, where an innkeeper (secretly align with Rogues) should take you to forest to learn lay traps, and instead he leaves you there alone - "Well, this is a trap. Get from it!". Or sex with Vico at the gravestones in the brimstone covered plane of that spooky god (probably Jergal). Or in the Drow market for slaves, with dwarf couple(Duregars) browsing the merchandise.
  10. I would rather have half-naked characters like from Planescape Torment and Barbar Connan then the 'realistic' looking armors. We had enough those already in past RPGs. And if the enviroment permits it and we aren't stuck in cold climate like in Skyrim it would be quite fitting as well. Also, those that cry about realistic or practical armor just don't know what they talking about. Fully covered plate armor was ever used only by heavy cavalery, and even then guy had to be put on horse with lift. You don't ever walk around in heavy armor, go to market , date , meeting with leaders of country or just visit a friend in that kind of equipment. Not to mention that from realism point, you all reffer to, that armor has absolutely no meaning, and serves as nothing but aesthetics to which it should bow in the first place. Take for instance typical leather armor, that wears Prince of Persia in Warrior Within - that won't protect you from anything, maybe a little scratch on chest, but any dircect hit and you dead. The same with any kind of armor except maybe those heaviest that you wear while ridding a horse because they are too heavy to walk in. Even more so - in age where guns are, it would be more apporopriate to dress like people from 17-18 century (see Pirates of Caribean) - favoring a light clothing mostly, and only soldiers carring chest pieces and helmets. And i am not even mention fact that there will probably be a magic, and until the armors will be made from some kind of anti-magic material they will be all but useless - example a Inquisition style faction that hunts witches and sorcerers would found no use in armor as it would not protect them against their main opponents. Of course this is fantasy, and not a realism and thus it should follow its own path, and in my opinion the aesthetics should always be top and should fit in what setting and atmosphere Obsidian aims for. I personally would want all the armors, dresses and clothing to mirror those of Sigil from Planescape Torment, which had both scanty cloths as well as strong and meanacing armors.
  11. This, should definitely be in. And gender should have bigger impact on game as well, then in other games.
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