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  1. I feel like multiclass and subclasses combined will be too complicated. Maybe only have subclasses for single class characters or at least only the first base class you pick can have a subclass.
  2. If they reduced the number of resting supplies found, would that fix your problem? Or would you just travel across the map to an inn just to rest and recover your spells. Maybe you would use your spells more sparingly without camping supplies lying around every corner.
  3. I rather spam same spells than be forced into resting constantly due to running out of useful spells. Vancian spell system + random ambushes during rest period = save&load spamming. PoE didn't have those random ambushes, but I remember them from Baldur's Gate and everytime I wanted to punch someone in the face for coming up with that design. Maybe you shouldn't waste all your spell casts on one encounter and save them for when they're needed on tougher encounters. I am playing on potd and I'm always resting because of low health and not because of lack of spell casts. With implements and the Blast talent, plus the arcane assault, wizards are still useful on trash packs, they don't need to always be casting spells. With the new system you will just cast the same spell sequence every time, no longer using the spells as a resource, or putting any thought into it.
  4. So you guys prefer spamming the same spells every encounter? With the vancian spell system you can't just spam the same spells because you run out of casts for that level, with this you will just do the same thing every time.
  5. What difficulty were you playing at if combat lasted 12-24 seconds
  6. Select all->attack must not go so well in the IE games as in PoE. Must be frustrating when your characters die all the time and they don't get up and heal automatically.
  7. Apparently it's all one big misunderstanding. Yeah, clearly this was a kickstarter for a NwN2 sequel.
  8. Nonsense. You don't understand his philosophy. The mirror images can be torn down fairly swiftly with a variety of attacks (including mundane attacks), hence it is not a hard counter. The Mirror Image spell in PoE, all things being equal, is actually more powerful than its AD&D counterpart. Several images with the same poor AC versus one character with very high Deflection that goes down piecemeal with every hit - the former are easier to destroy. You are so wrong, it's kind of hilarious.
  9. Yes I do move my characters around during combat, and it amazes me that a lot of people don't. It seems a truly boring way to play to me, but I don't really care. What does piss me off is that these same people seem to go out of their way to defend engagement, which makes our kind of playstyle impossible. Even when it doesn't affect their own in any way whatsoever.
  10. Ever heard of formatting? I am not reading that ****.
  11. I don't give a **** about the "exploits". This mechanic is cancer, and it needs to be cut out.
  12. Yes! Because: A) They don't already have those. B) Why give your Fighter the ability to engage 3 people at once when you could have him just go "KNOCKDOWN! KNOCKDOWN, KNOCKDOWN! Oh, you're getting back up? KNOCKDOWN! Oh, there are 3 more people headed this way trying to get to my Mage? Fighter lieutenants, COMMENCE KNOCKDOWN DEATH BLOSSOM!" /sarcasm How many knockdowns per encounter do you think we should give each Fighter, to be able to passively handle this whole "I can't really stop you from jogging past me" situation in place of some form of engagement mechanic? I have neither the time nor the patience to properly respond to this kind of idiocy.
  13. B) "You can just stop people with active abilities" isn't a very good argument, because that's kind of the point of the "problem" initially referenced by Josh. SINCE people could simply jog past your melee folk with impunity, the only means you had of stopping them, or otherwise hindering them in any fashion, was the use of active abilities. "Crap... my melee guy is useless in preventing that orc from rushing my mage. Better burn a Web or something so that I can specifically deal with that one guy before he gets to me." Or you know, give melee classes CC abilities i.e. Knock Down.
  14. That doesn't solve anything, and is also a horrible idea.
  15. The engagement system makes it so you can't retreat your injured character from the front-line. Why would anyone want to defend this ****ty mechanic?
  16. Dear god Chilloutman, you have no idea what you are talking about. Please stop.
  17. I choose to believe that not everyone is a realod spamming scumbag. Edit: Also if they are, who cares?
  18. Sensuki stop trying to ruin the game. Also your posts hurt my delicate feelings, pls stop.
  19. QFT. Grow some balls you spoiled whiny children.
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