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  1. That's actually pretty easy - those are the bodies of gods. It is said in one of those conversations with them that gods used to have physical form. And you also see a body of one in White March.
  2. For being in aft/fore line the enemy gets an extra malus to accuracy (same for player if you try to T-bone the enemy). But if the hit.. they hit hard, all shots along the line of the ship are raking shots.
  3. He’s not alone, I like the turn based combat and I like hunting ships for loot/bounties. You have to accept there are players who like this aspect of the game just like I accept there might be players not liking it. But if you hunt ships for loot.. Boarding is the best way to do it anyway. Boarding gives more loot than just sinking the ship as far as I understand the tutorials. And with ship having onboard a few hired adventures built for ranged destruction (I personally use bleak walker/rangers with custom AI spamming FoD/Wounding shot) you can also punch above your level in boarding.
  4. Ondra is so easy to ship with Wael. Wael wants to hide stuff from people, Ondra wants them to forget stuff. Together they are basically a recipe for Alzheimer.
  5. Lol, thinking about it - it would make a better premise for PoE II if Eothas indeed destroyed the wheel while you are still recovering from destruction of Caed Nua.. and your role is to find out how to fix it. But I guess that is the plot of PoE 3 Deadfire 2
  6. One thing about Voyager though - while it may seem a very tempting ship - it only has one purpose: full speed to board. Taking part in combat means you will get raking hits all the time due to canon placement. Even if you turn/unturn after/before firing - the window of opportunity is big for the enemy to T-bone you. Out of all the ships I consider Dhow superior against NPCs. It is very fast (I maxed at 110-115m per turn with initiative) and can hold considerable firepower. Due to speed and Jibe speed you can dictate the range of the engagement. It is the only ship on which I could reliably field the dual cannons and use them in the optimal range. And having that - sink Galleons and Junks. With Galleon I noticed that yes, you get a lot more tankiness but in the end - I needed to spend more resources repairing a galleon, as the battles became a slugging match.
  7. In the Nakataka district with Watershaper Guild - there is a herbalist store with a lot of enchanting stuff, in left-lower corner. I found a brain there.
  8. Doesn't Serafen get a "turning point" at a different spot? When Furriante asks you to help the slavers he gives the player the talk on how slavery is a breakpoint for him. I guess having him in the party while strucking a deal with slavers might trigger his leave.
  9. Vallian Trading Company - "we're ****, but at least we are honest about it!".
  10. Actually.. They discussed both. God can posses a godlike (they do have a strong link to them, chat with Teheku a bit and peer into his soul to see what I mean) but can also suck all their godlike children dry if necessary.
  11. It was mentioned in POE1 that Engwithans searched for the real gods and found none, so they've decided to create them. Though they may be artificial ones but they're very real at least. It is mentioned, but it still doesn't mean there are no gods. They just found none. Maybe there were gods who created Eora and then just left? I mean, look at RL - we have as much proof of gods not existing as we have proof of any god existing - so literally none for both options. We could as easily conclude "there are no gods", jsut would need to convince more population to that belief. There is a reason why religion is in sphere of belief not facts. I interpreted it more like they were disappointed by lack of any response from the gods and concluded there are none. Or if they are - they don't give a **** which is as depressing. So they made gods that "work properly". (sidenote: I still don't get why they create the trollgod Rymrgand, he basically behaves like he was made from those Engwithans that opposed the whole concept and just wanted to die out. Every god has a role that directly ties with kith somehow, Rymrgand is actually above that and above other gods in a way. He is a force of nature - entropy)
  12. Fixing the Wheel is actually the core of Eothas's plan. It's a test for the kith- they're meant to find a solution to the Wheel's destruction, and in the process they'll grow beyond the need for the gods. It also gives them an opportunity to stop powering the gods leaving them out of the new Wheel, if the kith don't want to continue serving them after learning the truth about their creation. This makes no sense at all. If 'gods' and reincarnation were created by Engwithans, who created souls and everything else? Whoever it was - abandoned Eora or is inactive/ does not intervene. The artificial gods do not exclude existence of actual gods.
  13. The second one actually makes a lot of sense. In a way - the first denial as well. None of those two are idiotic. After events of PoE1 Watcher can be absolutely in the "I'd rather die than be a pawn of gods" position, which is understandable. Have you met the gods? I actually almost died in my first PoE2 playthrough right there, because my default stance was exactly "I ain't touching that ****". The choice of course is not the one of the Watcher, because for my Watcher the answer was absolutely "FU, return me to the wheel". The choice was mine of a gamer - ok, I agree to go with this because I want to play the game. BTW - After all Berath does not threaten with killing you - you *are* pretty much dead. She offers to actually cheat The Wheel for you as long as you agree to be her stooge. And in the second spoilerific case - well, have you seen Watchmen? A very similar scene happens for a very similar reason - you might be against overwhelming odds and have literally zero chance, but it is the question of not bending over but standing by your morals/conviction - that what is going to happen is wrong.
  14. Considering throwing them is quiet.. can you just sit in stealth and throw 3-4 bombs, then move back so they dont find you, repeat?
  15. Hi, Obvious spoilers to negative crew events below: I sailed with skeleton crew on my sloop to test the bad morale interactions: I got crew members kill each other - yet they remain onboard without injury. I keelhauled a crewmember, I flogged one to death, I made a dinner out of one and I killed all the mutineers (so pretty much all of them) with attack action. They all remained onboard without injury. I don't think that should have happened.
  16. I dunno, I've seen all the endings and Principi and no alliance ones were the worst for the region. Huana was very meh. Rauatai was ok. And Vailan Republics one was the best, imho, looking at the big picture of events. Just gotta stick with the old director at the trial, he actually cared for doing more than just grinding adra. Also that makes Pallegina happy, gotta stick with your old buds But that are the endings, not how the factions conduct themselves during the game Also both Rautai and Principi have a sweet way of achieving final goal, so I add them points for that!
  17. Well, at least 2 of them can be percieved as semi-good (Huana / Royal Company). Both trying to bring some sense of order and stability. Pirates are doing it just for the lulz or worse (depends on how you resolve their quests) and Vallians are in it for the money. To be honest Vallians actually look as the only clear 'bad guys', exploiting everything and anything for profit , including slavery. Even in the case of Beta Island where Huana are excited that their crap island will survive thanks to Vallians And if you want a faction to clearly succeed - choose watcher. You have an option to not side with anyone and finish the game.
  18. The one saving grace is that the members of their lowest caste are guaranteed to be reborn into a higher caste in the next life. If you think about it long-term (in which souls are cycling from caste to caste and every soul gets to inhabit all statuses multiple times), it actually makes a weird kind of sense. Every culture in POE has its downtrodden, but only the Huana guarantee that theirs is reborn into a better station. How (or if) they're able to actually manipulate the wheel in that way, I have no idea. sounds like traditional "opiate of the masses" sales pitch for oppressive cultures and/or regimes to be using organized religions to maintain order. promise o' reward in the next life helps keep the populace placid. HA! Good Fun! Except in POE reincarnation is a confirmed reality as opposed to a dogmatic belief. We can also probably assume that in a world with watchers/animancers/awakened, the Huana reincarnation mechanic of rotating castes has probably been confirmed to some degree. I think a lot of people are looking at it the way we look at caste systems irl, which are entirely socially constructed. In POE it's part social engineering, part metaphysics. I'm not *for* the Huana caste system or anything, I'm just saying it's more nuanced than at first glance. The reincarnation system is confirmed to exist. But there is nothing about it that says that Roparu always reincarnate as higher caste. Or as Huana for that matter. From all we know from PoE1 as Watchers this is pure BS. Souls are often grinded to pieces and put back together before they are sent back. And the best BS always includes a grain of truth
  19. Going after Benwith early gets a good (but not unique) pistol (and there is another fairly decent one lying around as well) What's more - he also gives a light armor that is awesome enough to last until endgame. And you can do his quest on pretty much any level, right after leaving 'La Tutoriala' Island, escusi.
  20. Yeah, I was expecting that The Wheel Engwitans created was an extra syphon on the "natural" process - to keep feeding the artificial gods. And by destorying it Eothas would let the gods die/go back into the actual rebirth cycle. Then it went "nah, they invented the whole thing, before there was no reincarnation". Maybe the souls were not lying around but came from adra? That would make sense as limited resource, but it again does not as Adra captures soul essence from the dead, so it works in the opposite way. This lacks cohesion or a sensible in game explanation. The first question I'd ask after learning that Wheel was absolutely artificial would be "wait, what, so how it worked before?"
  21. Nice work! Some observations for anyone seeking to maximize their dialog options: Resolve is no longer the most important attribute for unlocking dialog options. Instead, Perception is, followed by Might. If the datamine includes the exploration CYOA stories - the result is skewed. Many of those perception tests are any other team member you chose. But probably count to total of watcher tests anyway (because Watcher can be chosen and then it is a Watcher test).
  22. But where does this resource come from? With Wheel souls come from In-between.. before The Wheel - they were just hanging around waiting to be used? Doesn't exactly make sense.
  23. I can confirm you do regain the perk later on. Regained mine, from sacrificing.. yes, you guessed it! Maneha.
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