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  1. Just want to add my voice to the crowd that's saying DON'T REMOVE THIS!!! The majority of people complaining most likely never played or plan on playing your game and are just being told to be offended by their SJW masters. Your backers seem to be overwhelmingly against censoring this content. If you cave in and censor this content, I will lose a lot of the confidence and trust that I've invested into your company and likely won't be purchasing any more of your games. Stand up to the bullies and don't let them beat you into a corner and take away your artistic freedoms! Draw the line here!
  2. Don't cave to pressure Obsidian!!!! These people are NOT your audience. your backers will stand by you if you stick with it. Don't let the tumbrinas and feminazis bully you into censoring your game (even backer created content) over then getting butthurt over a joke.
  3. Broken Age is a much different case than Pillars of Eternity for a number of reasons. I backed both games and have been intently following both games and I LOVED Broken Age Act 1 but they did things so much differently. Let me briefly go through this. Broken Age was kickstarted prior to ANY pre-production of any kind. They didn't even know what their game would be about, what mechanics it had, what story it would tell. they only knew that it would be a point and click adventure game. So when the game got funded they had to devote months and months toward coming up with a good idea, making the story, making all the puzzles, etc. Pillars of Eternity, however already had a substantial amount of pre-production finished and I wouldnt be surprised if they put $1-2M of their own money into pre-production before they even announced the kickstarter. The world was well realized, their goals were well defined and they had a pretty good idea where everything was going. Broken Age made their own engine for the game pretty much from scratch. They took an indie open-source engine and heavily modified it to work with their game. While this may help them in the long run since they now have a new engine they can use for future games, it was a large up-front expense that was not strictly necessary. Project Eternity is simply using the Unity Engine which is a well established and reliable engine at this point. Voice Acting. Eternity isn't going to be fully voiced ( I don't think anyway) Broken Age is. It's WAY more expensive to voice and write dialog than it is to just write it, and if you are going to only be voicing the important parts, you can write TONS of dialog pretty cheaply. (EDIT: I do think though that Double Fine probably got lucky with a lot of their voice acting and had a lot of celebrities do voices for them on the cheap simply because they wanted to be a part of the game, so this may not be as big a factor as it could have been) Experience and comfort zones. While Tim Schafer is renowned for making adventure games, the fact is that this is the first one that he's made since Grim Fandango, and his first point and click game in 16 years. Double Fine studios have NEVER made an adventure game before. Obsidian makes RPGs. It's what they do. This is right in their wheelhouse and they'll have a much better feel for pacing and scheduling and executing. No major bottlenecks. One of the big problems with Broken Age was them deciding to base their entire games' visuals on Nathan "Bagel" Stapley's artwork. This created a severe bottleneck because Bagel had to hand draw most of the artwork. They eventually split it up more and had other artists and animators mimicking his style but this was still a major slowdown and bottleneck for production, which costs money. Project Eternity, as far as I can tell, has none of these bottlenecks. The documentary. While Eternity IS getting a documentary, I highly doubt it will be as long or cost as much as Double Fine's one since it will likely be only one or two hours long, compared with the hours and hours of video the Double Fine team is making. There are likely other reasons as well but this is what I came up with off the top of my head. I wouldnt be too worried about the game. I'm sure some compromises will have to be made, but I think this game will still be great and a good callback to the old CRPGs
  4. Cool! I'd like to see the Mob Rulers update next! I'm super excited for this game to come out! :D
  5. From update 23 on the kickstarter page: Also lots of random silly comments in the comments section about paladin burning and kerfluffles...
  6. This epic boss battle is brought to you by Pepsi! OT: No, in game advertising should not be allowed at all, even if it comes as a donor name request, that name should be denied. Kerfluffles has become kind of an inside joke in the comments section of the PE page and I highly doubt anything more substantial than an easter egg will end up in the final game.
  7. I don't really see it being NDA protected but you never know, I honestly don't mind either way
  8. Really? Because my GF and I are playing Icewind Dale together right now online and we both find that everyone moves SUPER fast... Stuff is happening so quickly we can't even register that it's happened before it's already done. Especially in combat.
  9. It's GORGEOUS! I was honestly amazed when I saw it and I was expecting it to be awesome!
  10. I am Sight Unseen, the lone wolf of the obsidian order :D http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1449702110
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