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  1. I think it would be cool if they had map travelling like in Arcanum where you discover a lot of places by actually walking over them and time goes past as you travel. Plus there are those random encounters which weren't very good in Arcanum mind you but you get the idea. Most of the rest of the poll options are already a given or already have decent chances of making it into the game or they have been voted for enough times. I just want to give a little love to Arcanum's map travelling
  2. It would be cool if we could get feats without levelling up. i.e you talk to a hunter and he gives you advice on hunting and you get a 1+ damage bonus against certain creatures or etc. etc. you get the basic idea I know that in KOTOR 2 you could get bonuses for having conversations with your companions and in the Dragon Age games your level of influence/rivalry with your companions effects their attributes/abilities. And I agree that the name should be different than feats.
  3. There better not be a fixed surname... I don't completely hate fixed surnames but this game is different. This game isn't going to be fully voiced right? There shouldn't really be a need for a fixed surname. Maybe our character will have a title or something though. At the very most perhaps families/houses we have to choose that give us a fixed surname.
  4. Atheists may be very rare in PE (they would probably be hated and considered crazy/ignorant and I guess they would be pretty crazy and ignorant to ignore the PE gods who are clearly there...) but there could still be a lot of irreligious and apathetic people in the game. I.e a farmer guy who ignores and pays no heed to the god and only really cares about his crops A bartender who is afraid/detests the gods and is nihilistic etc. etc. maybe a group of people who want to kill the gods or something.
  5. I don't really care much about exploring and doing things once the game is over. If the storyline is alright for it and they can do a good job at it then sure. I would much prefer it though if they just had post-ending adventures/quests/content. Maybe this would have to be a DLC which some of us detest but it really depends on the cost and how much content we are getting and etc. For example the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2 was very much worth the money I spent on it.
  6. The only old school Rpg I've played is Planescape: Torment...I hope the game will be like that one. I seriously do. In everything except combat that is. I hear the combat in other old school Rpgs is a lot better.
  7. I'd imagine the drawback would be that the two handed sword armoured wizard wouldn't be as powerful in any of those talents as he would if he only focused on one of them. He wouldn't have as large of a variety as a pure wizard and he wouldn't have the same skill in combat as a pure fighter/warrior. We don't know the levelling system will be yet.
  8. If it fits then sure...if not then please no body complain. We don't need the game to conform to the old Rpgs 100% although we don't want casualization/simplification either. Variety in Rpgs is good and I hope we get a lot of customization options.
  9. A lot of 1:1 battles but some unbalanced battles here and there. Maybe an ogre-sized monster wearing armour that takes your whole party to fight. Or you might be further through the game and your party is very strong and well armoured and tons of men wielding nothing at all or just small weapons (axes, clubs, daggers) attack you. Maybe some times where for every one of you there are two of them and you have to tactically decide who is going to fight what and etc. depends on the gameplay mechanics we still don't know how the levelling up is and if the game is going to be realistic o
  10. Having a monk class seems like something that would only be in the game for the sake of it. Or to appease the old school dungeons and dragons people... I mean I think its cool and all but its gotta make sense especially when you consider we might have to fight big creatures in the game like armoured ogres/trolls/giants or dragons or other big enemies that I haven't accounted for. Maybe the monk would be more of a sidelines character or something. Very good at fighting weaker enemies and doing hand to hand combat and supporting their party (maybe they practice magic?) maybe even giv
  11. Maybe give us a trade skill + tons of trade related quests and maybe a way to create and operate your own business? And your business will get you a lot of cash and fame...and maybe have some effect on the plot. As for some of the things suggested in the OP I'm not too sure about. I guess some economic things could be implemented but it all depends on how much money Obsidian gets to develop this game and how much of this actually works and can be worked into the game.
  12. I disagree on this one. You could argue that they should also put racial prejudice against black people in the game but no game developer is going to do that because its unnecessary and we are past that in the real world. This isn't the real world, this is a video game with its own world created by Obsidian, they can make it different. That said maybe I'm bogging myself down with political correctness here. Maybe some gender prejudice should be allowed in the game just to give the game a more darker vibe. I mean George R.R Martin's ASOIAF has a lot of gender prejudice in it... I th
  13. I support this too. Dragon Age: Origins, The Witcher and Planescape: Torment had better morality systems compared to games like Fable, KOTOR and Mass Effect. Although to be fair I think Fable wouldn't be the same without its overexaggerated 'light vs. dark heroes vs. villains' thing but maybe that is my nostalgia talking. The only problem would be if the game shoved the grey morality in your face. i.e the game makes you slaughter and crucify baby kittens in order to keep order in a city, or you have to sacrifice your family to save dozens of people and etc. etc. They have t
  14. It makes sense that Justin Bell would be doing the soundtrack. I think he'll do a good job. But if not him then Mark Morgan would be great. Planescape: Torment and Fallout 1 & 2's soundtracks are amazing. People say Mark Morgan is old school but that isn't true, during an interview he said he was fully capable of making a more modern soundtrack for Fallout 3 (although Inon Zur got that job in the end.) Also he did Planescape: Torment's soundtrack in just a few weeks and he didn't have the technology sound designers and video game composers use in games today
  15. For the second question I chose the Bay of Crowns... It just seems like it will be a busy and interesting place in the game. Maybe there will be a city there with a town watch or militia...maybe there is an army located there. Pirates maybe?
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