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  1. We were in the middle of tuning things when the patch went out. My fault. It will be a darker color that's easier on the eyes in the next patch. As part of an effort to make spell descriptions easier to read, we now tint stats that are getting a bonus in green, and penalized stats in red. This is why the tint color for text that is attached to a hover state (previously red) was shifted to a neutral color.
  2. I went through the icon work I did for this patch and found another one that has the same problem. The item name is which is another unique hatchet. Just want to let you all know that we are aware of these two bugs.
  3. You can tell if a character will be affected by an AoE by looking at their selection circle. Anyone who's circle turns into a targeting reticle will be affected by the ability. You can also read the description of the ability by right clicking on the icon and check whether is't a AoE (affects friends and foe), Friendly AoE, or Foe AoE. I admit that currently the AoE targeting graphics do not communicate this distinction very well. My current plan is to shift the red color on Foe only AoEs to a deeper yellow to indicate your characters will be safe anywhere within the AoE range. This change won't make it into our next patch, but will likely show up in the one following that.
  4. Nice portrait. We currently darken areas of the map that are beyond the line of sight of your characters. I do agree though that the inconvenience not being able to see the map clearly far out weights the value of line of sight radius information. I'll bring this up and see if we can fix in patch.
  5. Yes, the numbers by the anvil icon indicate the item's current and max enchantment value. The enchantment UI desperately needed some love, and was one of the last things we were able to squeeze into our first patch. It's far more informative now, and you can expect some more polish down the road.
  6. These are really nice, great job! We're still lacking portraits for races exclusive to our game, so any additions are very welcome. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Our resident programmer Roby pushed to get all the steam related assets done before release. We support the following: Achievements Badges Cards Emoticons (be sure to collect both "eyes") Profile Backgrounds
  8. Me and Roby have a thing where we yell "it's not like the IE games!!" in our terrible Aussie accents. Just our way of getting back at you at the office. I'll be honest, coming in on the weekend to work and reading hateful posts can be a bummer, especially when you're busting your butts already. But I also remember myself as a young gamer spewing poison on the old diablo 1 forums, so I know what it's like while waiting for a game you really care about. Beyond the negativity stuff though, I think community members like you helped us gain a perspective that is hard to maintain when you're in the eye of the storm 24/7, and also found a ton of bugs for us. So I thank you for investing so much of your time in our project and hope you enjoy the game on release. J
  9. Not sure if I understand you correctly, but one thing we will be doing is separating the "frame" and background gradient into two separate assets so they are not bound together like it is now. That will give modders far more flexibility.
  10. You're also going to have to centre the damn combat log! Yeah.. that's a call I can't make on my own, and certainly won't be changing for day 1 patch. That is not to say it won't change in the future. I've seen a lot of different mock ups posted around here, which is a great thing, but ultimately they need to be tested in the game using that layout before we can make any meaningful judgments on what works / doesn't. This mod allows us to do that sort of rapid testing, which is super cool. I haven't gotten the time to play with this yet, but will take a look once I'm done implementing core content (unique item icon art etc.) and things wind down a bit. Keep up the great work guys.
  11. Nice job with the solid HUD art Karkarov, it looks great. I'm gonna have to up my game here!
  12. I filed a bug on this on Friday. The texture probably got scaled down during our push to reduce memory usage. Should be a matter of exporting a higher res asset from the source file.
  13. I can see the resemblance, but both are coincidences.
  14. Taking a break and playing the build from home today. Can confirm that at 1920x1200 the image quality for the small portrait is a 1:1 match with the source. However the portrait which draws in the dialogue UI is very blurry. Will file a bug when I get in the office, thanks for reporting this.
  15. The buffer between the log and right edge of the screen is there to prevent the user from unintentionally panning the camera while interacting with the scroll bar in the log. Suppressing panning just in the log area is obviously not good, so we are left with some options: Fill the gap with the log frame while leaving the scroll bar in it's place. Switching the scroll bar to be anchored to the left of the log. Either one doesn't feel like a solid alternative to what we have, but if you have any ideas I'm open to them. I do plan on tweaking the transparency / color of the log's background. Darker character names are very hard to read right now. For now I've moved on to polishing other UI screens which are in far worse shape than the HUD. But if I see interesting ideas on here I'll fiddle with them in my spare time. Thanks for the feedback.
  16. By the way these are two very useful features that got thrown in recently. - Shift clicking items in the inventory stashes the item - Right clicking (almost) anywhere on item inspection UI closes the window (The small parchment one) I think credit goes to Bester for suggesting the 2nd one.
  17. You can thank the programmers for that one. They are slaving away trying to get the game running well on low-end systems.
  18. Thanks. Not completely happy with the HUD yet, and I imagine the blandness will be the primary criticism for this build since it's pretty much just a slab of wood right now. But I do think it cuts down on the noise and lets you focus on the functional parts of the UI, such as icons. Also the neutral colors play better with the background regardless of the colors of the environment. It's tricky business adding stuff down there since you want to stay out of the players way and let the environment take the spot light, but doing so without sacrificing interest or functionality. As for the segmented background bit, the block is composed up of 3 textures. One for the gradient + bevel, one for the wood texture which gets multiplied on top and one for the faint carving detail that runs horizontally. The first gets "sliced" up by Unity which allows us to scale it without resolution concerns, and the later 2 are tileable. It's built in a very modular way so I don't think modders will have a hard time editing it.
  19. Wait, why does Sensuki sound happy in this thread? What have you done to the real Sensuki?? Un-assigning hotkeys is a bit foobared now. In our latest build you can work around it by assigning unwanted abilities to the same key, that way you can get it down to one hotkey at least. :\ I have it noted somewhere but it's not filed as a bug. Will file it tomorrow.
  20. Yup, I've had the same opinion on wood textures for lists being too light / noisy to be used against text. We already have new assets for that and will be replacing the old list assets soon.
  21. Lightning Resistance and Corrode Resistance? That said, it should list what it is and where it comes from. A lot of games really fail with the "where it comes from" part of tooltips, but it's really, really helpful in learning the rules and figuring out if something is or isn't working. I am not sure if this is true in 392, but we do offer tooltips for these icons in the current build.
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