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  1. The in the poll proposed system seems to be the typical Bioware 0-100 Influence System. I find that this would be too simple. I would prefer if the game tracked your actions and dialog choices in some way. That way companions or NPCs could possibly react to the fact, that you tend to act towards the same goals as they do but they might not like your means. I realise that the overal way a character sees you will probably be tracked in some overal stat. But they could retain information of how they got there. Maybe you kill an important NPCs friend and then go on to do a lot of things that
  2. Considering how well it went for Star Citizen, to have Stretch Goals after the campaign was over, I would love Seeing some for pillars of Eternity.
  3. I would like to see a System, where heavy armor makes it more likely to get hit, but mitigates most types of damage. The way i see it, somebody in full plate is not going to be able to jump around and evade hits. I generally like the system of D&D, with the different damage types, especially since they could be used to determine a weapons effectiveness vs armor. However i feel, that armor penetration as a stat on weapons is probably the better and easier to balance approach. Shields should mostly change the chance to be hit, but some weapons such as crossbows and maybe axes should be
  4. I wouldn't mind romances if they are well written and not too over the top. Something along the lines of Planescape Torment. The dialogue there was very well written, but it left most everything up to ones imagination. On the other hand if it is going to be like: "Hey i have a Shower. Lets ****" then i would not miss them.
  5. They definitely added the book to the $50,- pledge, if not more, so that's complete rubbish. Yeah. I fear it will give a lot of error though, keeping track of all personal wishes of 55-60K users. It's not Amazon, but a gamedeveloper. I fear things will get messed up somewhere along the road It shouldnt be a problem if Kickstarter gives them the survey results in a somewhat usable manner. The biggest issue will probably making up the survey, to get the information structured in a way they can use.
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