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  1. So Nick Foles is up for grabs. Any takers? I think he'd be a good fit in Jacksonville. But dependant on if they can get out of Bortles contract of course. Otherwise Miami, but same goes with Tannehill's contract.
  2. No you shouldn't because all positions doesn't have the same worth. The most important position on the field, without question or debate, is the QB and a running back isn't even second on that list. So if you're sitting at #2 with an aging QB who at best is average and it's a QB rich draft class, you better take a QB. The stars won't align better than that.
  3. As I've said before, Giants shot themselves in the foot last year by not picking a QB. Last year was a good QB class and they were at #2, now it's a poor QB class and they are at #6. Which means they most likely will have to pay (trade up) to get a QB with worse projections than were available to them last year. The Giants were beyond stupid last year. Blows my mind. As for Hunt and Kaepernick. The thing that is striking to me is that teams/owners talk about how all that matters is winning and that's why they give second chances to players who knocks people down right and left. But when it comes to a guy who all he did was to put a knee to the ground, suddenly winning isn't that important. They rather stick with Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabbert or Mark Sanchez. It's racism.
  4. Many Patriots players are already saying they won't be going to the White House, but would like to meet President Obama. Oof! Who wouldn't want to go to the White house and get a free burger from Wendy's?
  5. Thanks for the links. I will delve into those! And regarding your original post, no Nick Bosa? He seems to be the prime edge rusher, and no 1 pick, on a lot of lists I've seen. Or you are wary of his injury?
  6. Did you see Eric Fenstermaker's tweet yesterday about an article in the New Yorker? It was, let's say, interesting. Josh concurred in a reply to the tweet. I think it was a pass at MCA.
  7. I love the whole draft deal. I know it's become a spectacle, but I love it all the same. So, the draft class seems low on QBs but stacked with good edge rushers and D-line. Perfect for my Packers. Trying to get my head around TE T.J. Hockenson. Some project him as the best TE and going in the first round, but I've seen him as low as in round 5 in some projections. Anyone have an opinion of him? And by the way, do any of you have recomendations of sites, bloggers, youtubers, twitter accounts, etc. to follow whos specialty is the draft/draft prospects?
  8. The game was in the middle of the night in my time zone, so I haven't seen it yet. Will watch it over the weekend, not as much for the game itself (which seems to have been dull) but more so for the fact that I will get to listen to Tony Romo's sweet voice a final time of the 18/19 season.
  9. Ah, sorry. Thought you were refering to my previous post before Volourn. I get what you mean, and no doubt would I've been very mad if it was the Packers that this happened to last weekend and not the Saints. I just find it so easy to stare at the things happening at the last minutes/seconds of the game. But fact is that every minute and every second of the game counts. For example the fake punt, had the Saints just been more alert they could have stopped that and the Rams wouldn't have gotten the momentum they got at that point in the game. There are so many impactful moments through the entirety of a game. But hey, different opinions, no problem. We can agree to disagree here.
  10. I'm not saying there should be no rules, nor that the non-call was a good call. What I'm saying is, it shouldn't have mattered. The Saints had a great start to the game but weren't able to keep going the full distance. It turned out into a poor performance way before the ref's made the bad call (non-call). The Saints need to reflect on their own performance over all four quarters. Not nit pick at the ref's during the final minutes of the game.
  11. Yeah, I've been thinking about that call. Another perspective is that Saints dominated in the beginning of the game (with a big help from the crowd) and they really failed to put the nail in the coffin. Saints can blame the refs all they want but they really blew it much earlier than that. They let the Rams get back into the game. Saints have to own up to their own shortcomings too. And as for Romo; he's a god. I wish he would commentate every game I watch.
  12. I really feel sad for Drew Brees. Maybe his last shot at a Superbowl and it gets taken away from him by a ref blunder. That stung. But I predicted Rams Patriots in the final, so there is that. And the big winner? The machine also known as the New England Patriots.
  13. It's in the bottom four so it matters little at what place it ends up at this point.
  14. The Saints found the keys to the arena after all. Good for them. I thought the wild card round had really good and entertaining games. The divisional round was the exact opposite. As for the upcoming games, I hope Saints and Chiefs will win. But my prediction for the Super bowl is: Patriots Rams
  15. First Colts didn't show up, then the Chargers and now the Saints apparently weren't able to locate their own arena. This is ridiculous.
  16. Yeah, just as exiting the games were last weekend, this is becoming the opposite. Chargers slaughtered.
  17. My favourite, Quenton Nelson, didn't show up. The entire offense didn't show up. And add Vinateri to that. I'm honestly shocked.
  18. Colts Rams Patriots Saints Colts O-line is so darn good. For me, Quenton Nelson is the rookie of the year. A joy to watch. Couple that with Mahomes having his first run into the play offs and Colts snag this one. Cowboys must grind to a halt at some point, right? McVay will sort it out. I'm really conflicted about Chargers - Patriots. Chargers have good momentum now (much like Colts) and I've been doubtful about Patriots all year. I had the same feeling last year and went with Jaguars over the Patriots and that didn't pan out, so I'm sticking with Patriots this time around. Eagles were extremely fortunate against Bears and Foles is no magician. Brees will burn the Eagles to the ground.
  19. Thanks for all the help. If anyone else is looking for pyrite, I found a pyrite at Dereo the lean's lair, in one of his containers.
  20. I've done that a couple of times, but the vendors still had the same items from what I could see. Atleast not any pyrite.
  21. My bow is kick ass. The Arcane archer seems very fun. Will have to be used for one of my future runs.
  22. I completed the game back when it was released and I can't remember having trouble finding pyrite, but doing a new run now with all the DLCs I've only found 1 pyrite so far (lvl 9, been ship hunting and doing quests around Neketaka mostly). I've checked the stores in Neketaka mentioned in this thread but none of them have pyrite (I've checked multiple times). Any suggestions?
  23. I'm not really knowledgeable about the different coaches, their style, philosophy, etc, however I do like Mike Pettine, so I hope it will be an offense minded coach who ends up keeping Pettine as DC.
  24. Clay is still a decent player, but he's paid too much of course. I'd like to see him back for 2 years on a reduced salary. Whether Clay would go for that or not, not sure. Given his production I can't see other teams paying big money for him though. As for needs, yes, pass rusher is the biggest need. But after that I'd say the right side of the O-line. Bulaga has had too many injuries to be relied upon for a whole season and Bell/McCray as right guard are barely average at best. I think the crumbling O-line has impacted negatively on Rodgers play this year. He often looks gun shy as a consqeuence of him expecting the pocket to collapse around him, which it often does. And then we need a safety or two. And I'm not so sure about our young WR:s. So yeah, a lot of needs. But pass rusher and right tackle would be my first two picks. But the right tackle might be able to be found via free agency. Glad I'm not a Cardinals fan though, indeed.
  25. I figured out that the hard way. Completely blew the sails down to zero of the rathun, but by then I had spent two volleys and then the rathun always close in on me and board me. Then I'm dead meat. So I've just had to stay away from them.
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