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  1. Watched Roughnecks vs Wildcats yesterday and thought it was pretty decent. Looked a bit sloppy at times, but that's to be expected I suppose. I liked the rule changes though after the touchdowns and the new rules during kickoff and punts.
  2. Paying $30M a year for Jamies would be insane. I get it that some team most likely will, but it's still insane. I pity the fans of whatever team it might be.
  3. Albany! Me and the wife had a competition a few years ago where we learnt all the 50 US states and their capitals, doing quiz competitions against eachother. Still remember most of them. But to keep it NFL related. How come Eric Bieniemy isn't a head coach yet? I think he has the merits for it.
  4. Felt good that the Chiefs beat the 49:ers. Since we beat the Chiefs during regular season... Ok, I won't go there. I think I went 8-3 with my play off picks. Feel pretty good about that. Bring on the scouting combine!
  5. I put my bet on the Chiefs.
  6. Agree with the pie chart, but other than that, I hope the Chiefs take it.
  7. Las Vegas Raiders And in other news, Justin Herbert apparently did really well at the Senior bowl practices. I was secretly hoping he might slide in the draft down to #30 but seems like that won't happen.
  8. So, when does the scouting combine start? But seriously, maybe now you see where the "most fradulent" narrative came from? It was super embarrasing. For the second time this season. It was just plain bad all over. With all that said, it's still a way better season that anyone expected, including myself. Happy and proud of the team but still a bit sour to go out in the way we did.
  9. Regarding the O-line, to be fair, last year we had Justin McCray at RG and Laine Taylor at LG and they were terrible. This year has been much better though, but Billy Turner can be a liability at times. But yeah, Rodgers has regressed the last two years, but he is still pretty great and I wouldn't trade him for another QB in the league.
  10. All I know is that if the Packers win the Superbowl, all the analytics people will whine about the Packers being the most fradulent Superbowl winner ever and throw twentyeleven statistics why they shouldn't have won.
  11. More or less everyone is predicting the 49ers to win this Sunday (and rightly so). However I think that could be the weapon that tips the scale for Packers. If the 49ers think it's all done and start looking ahead to the Superbowl, they might underestimate the Packers enough to have an upset on their hands. And yes, I'm grabbing for every little straw out there.
  12. I could pretty much copy all that Bartimaeus wrote. If you are making a bet, Chiefs vs 49rs is the reasonable pick for the Supwerbowl teams. There's not a single thing that speaks for the Packers in this game. I actually can't find a single thing that makes me think the Packers have leverage in a certain area. But I will be rooting and cheering for my team, cause as long as the game isn't over, there is a theoretical chance. Go Pack Go!
  13. Went 0-2 last night in my predictions but it was really fun to see the Titans play. Really knocked the wind out of the Ravens and except for a few moments of brilliance, Lamars Jackson looked pretty average. If the Packers get beaten on their way to the Superbowl, I really hope the Titans take it.
  14. Of course they are. They are set with Stafford.
  15. Oh you bet. I'm nervous already but at the same time, we're at Lambeau field and our defense is so much better than it has been in a lot of years. I feel positive. We're gonna smash them! My predictions for the divisional round: Vikings Ravens Chiefs Packers (Go Pack Go!)
  16. Can't help laugh at the spot Giants have put themselves in. Two years ago it was evident they needed to plan for life after Eli. With a thick QB class and at a draft spot of #2 they were in perfect position to pick a QB. And of course they take a RB. Last year was a thin QB class, they had a bit worse draft spot but at that point they gathered they needed to pick a QB regardless and took Daniel Jones, perhaps not the biggest QB prospect of the century, to put it mildly. And this year they're at the #4 spot in the draft. Ahead of them is the Lions and the Redskins who most likely won't draft a QB (but you never know of course). Bengals will probably take Joe Burrow (also not a certainty) so it's not impossible that a QB like Tua could be there at #4. What will the Giants do? Whatever they end up doing, it will look like a mess regardless. The GM of the Giants should get an award for bungling things up.
  17. First of all, no, it was not a deep QB class last year. I mean not if you compare it to the year before that when you had 4-5 highly rated QBs. The QBs of last year were not graded to be better than the year before and to my recollection most people agreed that last year was a thin class going into february 2019. Regarding mock drafts that projects so and so many QBs going high in the draft doesn't have to correlate with talent, but rather an indication of how important the position is on a team and the teams at times being desperate for a new flagship. *cough* Daniel Jones to Giants *cough* You can have concerns just about anything you want. My point is that before Murray a lot experts/GMs/what have you had an idea that you can't pick a QB at the #1 spot if he's 5'10. But the Cards did just that with Murray so now the bar has been raised (or lowered in this case) whether anyone likes it or not. Hence it's not that huge of a deal Tua being 6'1 as it was before. Again, his major red flag is his injury (and injury history). Fair enough, we were down to the Bucs and not talking about dropping out of round 1. Personally, I still feel good about Miami taking him (if no other team has taken him before that of course). In about four months we will know.
  18. But last year was a thin QB class where no QB (perhaps sans Kyler Murray) was as highly touted as Burrows and Tua is at this point. Or Tua was prior to his severe injury I should say. So how the draft played out last year doesn't really say much how this year will play out. As for the height, I don't think it will ward that many teams off. Kyler Murray set a new standard last year, so as long as Tua is longer than Murray (which he is), it won't be a deal breaker. Is he a product of a perfect situation at Alabama? Sure, that could be the case. But are you going to bet against that and pick a "mediocre" QB from some lesser team thinking you've got the next Tom Brady on your hands? Some would, but I'm sure most wouldn't. If there's one concern for Tua, which is serious, I think it's his injury history. He could be the greatest QB since sliced bread but if he can't stay on the field, that won't help you much. So if he falls, I think a lot would have to do with his medical history. So let's say even Miami pass on him, you still have teams like the Chargers, Panthers, Jaguars, Colts, Bucs and Broncos that could be interested in a QB of Tua's talent. Heck, even the Patriots looks like they're in full swing for a QB. And even if all above teams pass on Tua, you also have the Saints and the Packers, which in such a situation, would say that the value is too high to pass up on Tua. So, with the caveat that the injury he has doesn't turn out to be career threatening, I will bank on Tua being picked in the first round without a doubt.
  19. I can't imagine Tua dropping farther than the first pick of the Dolphins. They've had their sights set on him for a while and I would be very surprised if they passed on him.
  20. I think it would be weird whatever team he ended up in.
  21. Went 3-1 with my picks. Feel pretty good about that. But now the playoffs start for real when the Packers enter the fray. Go Pack Go!
  22. Agreed! One note though; Dalvin Cook was injured in that second game. Huge boon for us.
  23. Okay, here's my predicition for the wild card weekend: Titans over Patriots Texans over Bills Saints over Vikings Seahawks over Eagles
  24. Actually isn't this the take of the season; the decline of the aging QB's? Brady, 12 and Rivers have all been mediocre this season (exception to the rule is Brees of course). Will be interesting to so how these teams will act during the offseason.
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