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  1. Would be awesome if the Titans could make an upset against the Patriots.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  3. I've thought a lot about why Deadfire flunked and the quoted lines above is what I think is the biggest reason for the failing sales of Deadfire. The problem was never Deadfire itself, the problem was the original game. It was marketed as a spiritual successor to the Infinity engine games, but never really came close to that in its tone and presentation. It was a good game in itself but I think expectations weren't really met for all those who bought the first game. So even if they changed the formula for Deadfire, people stayed cleared cause they "knew" the successor wouldn't be for them anyway. Of course, there were other reasons too, but I think they were all minor and doesn't explain the massive decrease in sales. I bought D:OS2 on sale some weeks ago, and to my mind it's an inferior game in all aspects compared to Deadfire. However, it is a very lighthearted game and in that regard it strikes a greater resemblance to the BG-series for example. Maybe that was the factor that drove it's sales, cause I can't imagine Larian having a bigger marketing budget than Obsidian (or the publishers involved).
  4. I just feel Jimmy G is much lesser compared to both Wilson and Brees. So I have both Seahawks and Saints ahead of 49ers at this point.
  5. We're getting closer and closer to postseason. My SB prediction as of right now is Ravens vs Seahawks. Barring any major injuries, I'll be sticking to it.
  6. Some tough games ahead though. Three division teams, two of them on the road. They will really need to step up their game cause playing two inferior teams these last two weeks didn't really make you feel comfortable about anything.
  7. Vikes lose. Feels good to back alone on top of the NFC North. Play offs looking good right now.
  8. So you're saying NFL teams don't want to win. Got it. Will remember that the next time an owner says the most important thing is winning.
  9. Blough vs Trubisky and Kaep is still unsigned. Can someone explain, please?
  10. Haven't seen the game yet, but looking at the reports, it seems like it was worse than it was against the Chargers. And I frankly can't understand how that's even possible.
  11. Hey, don't jinx things. I know there's a 90%+ chance the Packers make the play offs at this point, and for exactly that reason they might very well royaly screw things up. One game at a time please.
  12. Trubisky couldn't finish the game last night. A hip injury was hindering his throwing. So he's had that hip injury all season then?
  13. Gonna watch the game later tonight on game pass. Seems like it was a real showdown. Does anyone know what provoked it all? Was it rough all night or was it just one "in the heat of the moment" incident?
  14. 8-2 going into the bye week. I'm very down with that. Quite a bit of luck but they pulled through in good fashion. A pity the Cowboys couldn't beat the Vikings though. And every time they show Kyle Allens parents on the broadcast, a kitten dies. I'm sure of it.
  15. Have you ever seen the distilled essence of crap? Well, look no further than the Packers offense last night. Embarrasing. Only positive is that the entire NFC North went 0-4.
  16. I was actually sursprised the Cowboys won, as they didn't manage to budge the Jets last week. But good for you. The longer Jason Garret stays as head coach for the Cowboys, the better for the Packers. As for the Packers, the offense balled out yesterday, despite that Devante Adams wasn't on the field. Much encouraging. But if we should nitpick, and we should, the defense gave up way too much big plays. Been happening the last couple of games prior to that too. I'm a bit worried the other teams have "figured Mike Pettine out".
  17. 20 minutes until game time and I'm feeling very calm about this game against the Raiders. In other words it has all the signs of a trap game. Go Pack Go. *edit* Aw yes! Tony Romo doing the game today. Christmas came early.
  18. I don't feel any sympathy for the Lions. There have been plenty of teams screwed over by bad calls over the years (including the Packers). The Lions weren't the first team and won't be the last either.
  19. It was something. Scrappy and scruffy. But a win is a win. I'll take it.
  20. Indeed. I watched Rams first drive last night when they just ran the ball through the faces of the 49ers. I thought the Rams would win easy. Boy was I wrong. 49ers look really dangerous this year. I put a warning out for them last year, but Jimmy G got injured and I think it was a year too soon anyway. Now they look really stacked and might make a good push towards the Superbowl.
  21. MNF against the Lions. Davante offically ruled out. But honestly I'm more worried about Darnelle Savage not playing. We've lost four games in a row against the Lions and I actually think this is the time we break that streak. I've been quite conservative about the projected results this season but after beating the Cowboys on the road I feel a bit more optimistic. With homefield advantage I think we'll give the Lions a beating. And if we are defeated, see this as a perfect jinx.
  22. Watched the Browns vs 49ers. Poor Baker. He seems more or less stressed all game by the pass rush. I'm not a particular fan of him, but I really felt sorry for him in that game. Hard to play well when you get that pressure in your face.
  23. Okay, so the point now seems to be that Baker snubbed a handshake after the coin toss, and did indeed shake hands prior to the coin toss. When I watch games on game pass it almost always starts after the coin toss is already done and over, so I know little about it and how the players greet eachother. Is it normal to shake hands twice, ie both before and after the coin toss? I mean, is snubbing the handshake after the coin toss something unique?
  24. Does anyone know what the deal was with Baker Mayfield? Why he didn't shake hands at the start of the game against the 49ers?
  25. Yeah, I heard he's on the last year of his contract. Would be shocked if the Cowboys doesn't have a new coach for the 2020 season.
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