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  1. This. And I'll have Fallout 2 style with some optional and secret world megabosses a la Weapons in Final Fantasies, please.
  2. Are you talking about Neeshka or Annah? Because Annah has various romance options (in the PS:T way though) He did say hot, so I'll go with Annah. Annah had a romance option. So it kinda narrows it down.
  3. - no uninavitable recruitment into Secret Elite Epic Ninja Commando Whom Nobody Gives A Crap About Order. - no NPCs (guards, peasants, or children) randomly insulting the passing by PC for no reason, and without consequence; or at least --> -> no killing restrains (this one is probably better than the previous point) - no hot tiefling girls without goddam romance option - no overbeading world-heroes with "1-shot-all-party-members" spell; let's keep this real, and give us a chance - no unavoidable Mentor \ Obi Wan figures - no forced friendships, when a new party member, after a couple of random fights, starts acting like they've been hangin' out with you their whole life - no parent-slaughtering orcs - going back to 2nd: no offensive banter, like "ew, you smell", or "your clothes are absolutely dreadful" well you know what! Gimme an option to WASH myself or BUY smthing DECENT TO WEAR ffs, just don't play those little commoner comments on me, thx edit: - oh, and no boobplates, too
  4. Let the wounded feel their pain! It's great that PE isn't going to be D&D, so perhaps it's possible for the wounded to get all the sweet penalties from their injuries. Lost 1\3 of your health bar? Walk slower dammit! At least if you ain't got some perks that allow you to ignore damage done to your frail mortal body.
  5. The best injury system ever made, was in Jagged Alliance 2, IMHO. It gave sense of real danger and consequence. Whoever played it, will understand. Allods 1, 2 also had this "mortaly wounded" state, when a character was laying immobilized, and losing last points of health, but could still be saved by healing spell in only a few seconds before dying permanently (until reload). NWN1 also had this quick and surprisingly permanent NPC death, that gave a feel of thrilling realism
  6. Getting wasted in-game isn't really fun. With all the side effects and sh*t. Unless it leads to some quest-ish things.
  7. One of the biggest downers for badguys is that other badguys don't necessarily like them just for sharing common opinions on the basics of ... social behaviour. They can't ever have a true friend. Just temporary allies. No matter the length of the "temporary", it will not last, once the control is lost. Yet, some things make it all worthwile for them. And let Obsidian decide what will those things be.
  8. Yeah, politicians obviously get all the love. If they do it rite. The evil guys gotta have this goal of becoming a shadow governor, a member of the elitest club. But ofc it's all up to the devs' resources.
  9. And hello to reputation ratio! Fallout's Karma was kinda neat. High store prices for the baddies though. And random encounters with power-armored bounty hunters with gauss weapons, like, every single car trip. Selling loot off them could bring some profit, but, man, that got SO AGGREVATING©.
  10. Man, that Flaming Fist support cleric\mage chanting his "Alteration school" for "Haste" spell sure was scary to hear. However, BG1's chanting sounds differed from the later projects i think it only shared them with early ICWD 1.
  11. That's actually one nice, hope-giving comment right there.
  12. Don't get me wrong, i don't play evil characters. I just feel bad for them, coz it looks like they often miss out on most of the fun.
  13. Srsly, can a guy get some natural, simple profit from being Evil? That which makes it so appealing for everyone, who care less about feelings of others. Or at least have the same xp\gold profit as the Good guy, but in another manner, with diffrent screenplay. Besides, it takes lots of guts and a blade-sharp mind to make a formidable vilian. Not just a mere bandit. Isn't the constant pressure of maintaining everything intact a punishment enough for the choice of Evil path? Of course in RL there's no save\load where you can try to crit that guard until you get his plate armour and repeat the procedure with all other guards. So yes, i guess it's hard for the devs to make an Evil character's life hard enough to secondguess his ways. Much easier is to just make his life miserable and without any real profit, which Good char can't achieve.
  14. Just like a Evil ending of AoSaMO (if i'm correct). You end up in the ruins of the world, with all you've achieved and gathered, just sitting there (everyone's dead) all alone and nothing to do. Boohoo.
  15. Saving all the girl's kittens in the tree, and refusing to accept any reward makes a Good guy feel good. And still fills his pockets after a while, when a certain ammount of good reputation is gained. And he buys all the stuff he needs to save the world (which is not so much, really) and lets everyone dance around in perfect communism just until he dies happily in his wood cabin or whatever. But what about the bad guys or girls? Who'd rather burn down the tree and take any kinds of advantage of that stupid lass, who brings herself in trouble by talking to strangers. In older IE RPGs there was little profit from being Evil. Except for some aesthetic pleasure and interesting dialogues maybe. Well, yes, you could collect those 100 gold from an old lady's corpse, but eventually you'd lose more by gaining that bad rep and stuff. And even if you had a lot of gold, you couldn't really spend it on any sort of attractive luxury, which Evil dudes often crave. No bards, or actors, or fools performing for you in fear, no elite prostitutes, no fakesmiling aristocratic friends, no golden statues of you, no castles or towns, or land, or slaves to buy, no .. entertainment. So what do you guys think? Edit: yes, there were a couple of choices to engage slaving buisness at some point, but not exactly extensive enough to bring up much intrest. c:
  16. 30 BG (all) PS:T The Witcher series (coz i liked the book series as a teen, i guess) sorta rpgs: Allods 1, 2 Diablo 1 Jagged Alliance 2 (;
  17. The revalation of a girl under a combat suit is what's supposed to make a pleasant surprise, just when she removes that stylish heavy helm. Although... i guess there just should be a possibility to choose. Both for mature dudes, and for.. Xena fans, or whatever. PS: some girls wear their femme armor to compensate their actual cup size, like Xena did.
  18. ok, armor bikinis have their fanbase, but lets rather turn to some dark fantasy stuff Srsly, guys. Isn't that hot?
  19. in short: devs, pls don't make boob-plates longer version: lets get real (mature), dudes if a female wants to go melee, she'll have to lose those heels, if you know what i mean in case her level is high enough, she can beat some bandits with her heels on but a dragon\golem\undead horde? not a good plan chicks can wear smth regular\casual to show off their booty at DAT HOUSE which is comin' up, or some non-combat events and as we all know by now, spellcasting chicks can surely wave their booty around and even use it to cast fireballs so maybe leave it as that if perverted schoolboys rage too much over this, make a possible option for them, to visit a blacksmith and order a boob-plate(chain\studded leather) for a reasonable price; and ofcourse not without some trolling on his part, like, "why the hell would u wanna do that? gee, that's awkward. oh well." perhaps exception goes to extremely magical sorta-elven stuff but i'm guessing that a fighter girl, who knows the melee deal, would prefer to look badass in combat, rather than seduce her enemies; but! in casual life wear her dresses and be girly all the way she wants i mean, look at women in sports, or G. I. Jane.
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