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  1. Ahem... Fallout 1,2 had the best world maps in my opinion. Make them fantasy beautiful but the same functionally and it'll do the trick.
  2. I'd love to hear more on monks. Seems nobody but me is worried, but I wonder how this oriental themed class will fit into Eternity...
  3. I'd say - forget Japan, China and Korea. Trying to make game suitable for these guys can kill PE for Americans, Europeans and Russians. This should work the same way as Final Fantasy - when Americans and Europeans loved the game made for Japanese purely. Translations - yes, but no oriental content please! Take a look at the Mysts of Pandaria - an addon for WoW, made purely for Chinese (yeah that's personal opinion, I know). I believe it will have the worst results of WoWs addons so far.
  4. My personal favorite = mana resource, which should be refilled by rest and by (extremely rare and expensive) potions at higher tiers. In computer games encounters happen WAY more often then in pen&pencil ones and I always feel a bit lame when my great and powerful mages spent their spells on some wayward goblins and arrive to some mighty dungeon with only say "vocalize" memorized. Mana mechanic allows you way more control over your spells and in my personal opinion makes your mages more fun to play. You CAN cast those three fireballs in a row. That will leave your Mage with NO man
  5. If their only purpose is fanservice I'd rather have them left. Eternity should be a unique world and the start to something entirly new. No I see those guys as a full scale characters fitting well with PE world and story. Fanservice, as you named it, is just small but pleasant part of them. It is not necessary but nice addition to the game. And I seriously doubt there are that many of us who remember Jan from Fallout 1 here. But what few of us left will be happy to see old sidekick getting a new life...
  6. Happy birthday Chris! Thank you for some of the best moments in my life with your games! Regarding characters - it would be very cool to have some great companions from the past, like wounded caravan driver Jan, or grim jester Morte. They should be fully developed characters fitting to PE (Morte won't be a flying skull and Jan won't have jeans) but their names and personalities referring back to beloved guys will please some RPG veterans (like meself and buch of other supporters) to no ends. Just saying.
  7. I want a hardcore oldschool happy ending to be one of the possibilities
  8. Speak with the dead. I want to kill them and then tell me where did they take the girl.
  9. Don't shed no tears for me, I know what I did and did so in full consciousness. No tears, no regrets. It's done. I'm with the Obsidian Order now. Romiras - Super Mutant of the Obsidian Order.
  10. - Statement that players will be able to transfer their "history" into the next title ("final save" rules!). I'm not speaking about direct party transfer - but about some "key" information - what characters made it, key choices player made etc. So that this "history" will influence the whole series experience - Announcement of something similar to a car from Fallout - unique upgrade-able object that will allow you to travel faster and hold your wares - Announcement of a pen and paper RPG rulebook available with the collectors edition above $100 - Figure of one of the characters in collector
  11. Hey guys, just imagine - party ventures towards some important point in the story and all of a sudden Narrator starts to speak like in this video: Of course this should not be for the WHOLE game like in Bastion but this approach will provide a fresh type of narrated sequence - letting you hear it all without taking control from you
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