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  1. I kind of wish they did a really good job with first release, because it's all about initial reaction with gamers. I think that if they polish the game with DLCs later it won't have as good reviews at the start, and that means a lot in gaming industry, since most reviews stay on websites for ever and every new player would see it when checking it out and all they would see is a lower grade. I've been guilty of such act many times. And if it improves the outlook of this types of games, i'm all for it Yes, the game has to be polished before it's release, i totally agree with that. And i'm against DLCs (little content sold at high price for what it's worth)... i only talked about "solid add-on" (strong content, reasonnable price) But for me, there is a difference between polishing the game and adding stuff. For me, "polishing" means finish and correct what was planned. And quantity doesn't always mean quality. I don't say that more companions and areas is not a good thing, of course it is, but i don't think that it is so important and that it will have a significant impact on the overall quality of the game and therefore on the reviews when the game is released. The game can be very good and polished without this stretch goal. If not, then the problem would be more than just missing areas and companions. That being said, I have not voted yet. I wait for Obsidian to be more specific about all of this.
  2. Who would not like a better game and more stuff in it ? But you can go on forever with this idea and never see the end, because for many people, there's always something to add, it's never enough. There's a time you have to stop filling your plate and eat what's already on it. I know we are only talking about a few more areas and companions, but I don't like the idea of a new stretch goal after all this time, just because "we want moar"... of course we do, we always do... So I would prefer that Obsidian finishes what was planned initially... and when the game is released, then you can think about a solid add-on, financed with sold copies of PoE and maybe a new KS campaign.
  3. With intelligence and subtility. Not too "crude", not too "soapy"... well, it should depend on characters and players at least. It must be believable. With many ways to deal with "your lover" (I remember in BG2, when you could choose the way you interact with Viconia, leading to a sex relationship, or something more gentle) It doesn't have to lead everytime to something tasteless like having sex and "ok honey, let's continue the game". It could be "just" a certain number of dialogs, all along the game, without "reaching the sex state" for example. It would be platonic. Or not. Depending on dialogs. You could hurt feelings of your partner, all the way i mean (being selfish, disrespectful, not loving, etc). Anyway, It should make your character and NPC more vibrant, bringing you feelings, good or bad. And not something tame with a gift at the end ^^ Planescape romances were very good. I've also a good memory of romances in BG2. But, well, i was young and it was new for me. Maybe it was not so good, i don't remember enough to judge it. But Dragon Age Origins romances seemed tasteless to me. Not bad, but... i don't know. And i don't even speak of wedding in Skyrim For a practical reason, i feel that romances should happen in the team, but with some NPC could be fine too. And we could also be spectator, with two companions being closer and closer for example. However, i don't feel all of that HAS to be done. Romances are an option. The game can off course be excellent without it. But it's an interesting option though, if it is intelligent and well written.
  4. I too always loved to see echos of my actions in RPGs. It just makes sense. But it must be subtle. Well, i won't repeat all that was said before my post.
  5. 27. Fallout 2, Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate 2 Fallout was one of my first PC game and my first RPG. I even didn't know what is a RPG ! So, somewhere in 1998, I launched the game, saw the cave and little blue guy with rats around, and i thought "what is this crap ? It's weird, ugly". I shut down the game. Many weeks or months later, I gave Fallout a second try. I was kinda lost. I had hard time dealing with rats and then molerats in the desert. Finally i came to shady sands. "Oh, people everywhere !" "oh, i can talk to them ! What is this kind of game ? It's awesome !" ...A love story was starting ...Fallout and RPGs became my religion In fact, this first PC had great games bundled : Total Annihilation, Blade Runner (dvd version !), Tomb Raider 2 and Fallout (i think that's all, i'm not sure) When i launched total annihilation, i had quite the same reaction than with fallout : "what is this game ? what am i supposed to do with this little power rangers thing ?" But i loved it too, months later. I was lucky to have this great games with my first PC, whereas i didn't know them and didn't buy the PC because of this. And this luck didn't leave me, because months later, i discovered totally by chance the existence of Fallout 2 and then Baldur's Gate 2. I didn't know there was a sequel to Fallout, and i didn't know what was BG2 !
  6. Yes. I've not played very old RPGs but even Might and Magic 7, for example, was localized on release. Fallout 2 had even voice acting, and so did BG 1&2, Icewind Dale 1&2, Planescape Torment, Arcanum, etc. M&M7 : http://www.skritz.co...2/02/mm7_fr.jpg
  7. You're just completely wrong when you say that those games, "ancestors" to PE, were only in english. I have always played my favourite RPGs in french, and it was very good translations by the way. Baldur's Gate 1&2, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale 1&2, and other RPG from the same era : all localized, even with voice acting for some.
  8. Yesterday I sent 2 mails to the same magazine (the most popular francophone website on video games, maybe 1 or 2 millions of pages consulted everyday). One mail to the redaction, and the other to one of their journalist who is fond of RPGs and makes almost all the reviews of RPGs. But for now, no news from them. No article or response. It's weird though because actually they did 4 news about Project Eterntiy since its teasing. I hope suppose it is just a matter of time before they make a fifth news about the translation. However, we talk about the game in forums, so people are aware of last news, even if they don't read english.
  9. I read some people here being against localization because it is often bad, dumb, awkward and kills the original jokes... But have you actually thought about the very simple fact that this localization is precisely planned for people who just can't understand jokes and subtilities of the original language ? It's no use for them to have original text if they just can't read it or understand all. Being a "purist" is ok (i am one sometimes), but you don't have to be selfish too... Localization is not for purist. It's for people who will only understand or fully appreciate the game in french/german/spanish. It's just as simple as that... Translations may be crapy sometimes, it's a fact. But it can be very good too, it's also a fact (french text of Planescape Torment is a delight, for example). And anyway, this is for people who need this, as is said earlier...
  10. EDIT: Yeah OK, so there are some articles. Sorry! But most arguments for translations are still along the lines of "it would be suicide to ignore the market of Taiwan" and do not talk about how this would immidiately raise funds for the Kickstarter. Why not crowdsource the translations? I agree that playing a text- heavy game and posting on a forum requires different levels of English competency, however I believe those levels are closer to each other than you think. The Paypal option is by far superior to most people in Europe, but where I live, the conversion rates are not that horrible. Well, i can tell that Jeuxvideo.com, first video game site in France (and so very popular too in french speakers countries) did some news about the success of Project Eternity. It means that at least thousands and thousands of people in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec etc, do know about Project Eternity, even if they don't speak english. And in the forum created by jeuxvideo.com for Project Eternity, there is some people (maybe half of us, but we are not numerous) who are annoyed by the fact that translation is not certain, not even announced. And so they don't support the project for the moment. My point here is not that Obsidian will receive a lot of cash from non english speakers if a translation is announced. I have no idea of the possible cash they represent. My point is that Obsidian is a well known developper, there's a buzz around Project Eternity, and there are guys everywhere who don't speak english (or hardly understand it) and are however aware of this game and want it as much as you guys do, if it is localized. Yes, we don't see them here, but i guess they don't feel good about the idea of coming here and trying to speak about it with a "Googled english" ^^ So I think they just count on guys like me, and so we come here and write this kind of post. Sorry if my explanations are awkward.
  11. Howdy from France ! Well, hit me if you want (not in the ballz please !), but i can't prevent myself from observing the fact that the results of this poll speak out in favor for a FIGS localisation Not in the ballz, remember ?
  12. Hello everyone. Even if i am myself quite good to read english, it is always better to have the possibility to play a game in your maternal langage (especially RPGs of course) in order to be sure to understand all the details of dialogs for example, all the subtilities in any situation, and so that you can fully enjoy the game. And as stated above by Lokamb, the game will feature deep dialogs, so a translation is even more important than for a "standart" RPG. And of course, it would be nice for people who have not a good level of english to be able to play the game ^^ And in the case of Obsidian planning to put voice acting in the game (but it seems quite improbable right ? It would be sooo expensive ! and not so useful), it is obvious to me that those voices would not have to be recorded for foreign langages. Only text translation is important. Anyhow, for most of us, we are used to it i guess. So, if we can afford it, it would be really cool to plan for at least a FIGS localisation
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