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  1. I am really looking forward to trying it out. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience!
  2. Wow! Just... wow! Amazing work, guys. The environment really feels alive. It's great to see such commitment to making the world look amazing. If that is how every area will look like, I am sure this game will be included in the golden pantheon of every RPG fan. Now... Besides the excellent implementation of environmental effects there's something that I’d like to suggest to better improve the immersion. Particularly the characters. More particularly their idle animation. What I saw in this short video was amazing (I am ready to repeat it over and over again), including character animation an
  3. Love the update! The lore bit is interesting, even though a bit out of place since some bits and pieces are not entirely clear due to lack of lore part in general. I am sure when everything's done we'll have a good time reading all those interesting details. Oh, yes, the screenshot looks absolutely stunning! Keep up the good work!
  4. Great update! The music is stunning and I am very glad you allowed it for download. Anticipating new awesome music pieces and looking forward to tomorrow's update! Keep up the good work!
  5. In the IE games, there was a 'select all' button that became quite useful for those easier fights where you didn't feel the need to stop and assign everyone a unique action. For example, you come across a group of about 5 Orcs. No need for micro-management in such a situation. Simply click "select all" then point your curser at one of the orcs, and your entire party will just start attacking the orc you clicked on until he dies, then they'll automatically move on to the next orc, then the next, then the next until there's none left. Thank you, but I am quite aware of this option
  6. Err, guys, I never recieved my new title as a member of the OO on the forums. I understand that you've got a lot of people to go through, so I am just reminding that I am anticipating to see it soon.
  7. What I'd really like to know is if there's going to be something like in BG, Icewind Dale, etc., meaning scripts or some kind of AI based sets of behavior for certain classes during combat? While I am looking forward to being able to control the whole party, I also don't want to go too deep into micro management for some easier fights and in case of a difficult fight I also would like to see my companions being able to handle themselves without me telling them their every single move.
  8. Great article and great replies with concerns. Now a few things that are important for me personally: - Ego-stroking. While I don't have a problem with this, I feel that I also don't want to see companions that do nothing but praise you or support your actions. Real life example: If you're with a friend somewhere and he/she says something stupid or out of place you may agree and, perhaps defend their opinion to a point, but afterwards, when no one sees you'll say the truth "Are you freaking stupid? What was that?!" and so on. Now why am I saying this... I'd really like to see reactive com
  9. Seems like a solid update. I am really happy about the diversity you guys are giving the players. Even if some might not actually go for different modes it is always good to have the choice. Personally I feel it's going to be very excitig, especially with the ability to turn different modes' features on and off at will. Keep up the good work!
  10. Agree totally. I grow tired of seeing a lot of bulky, impractical armors and rediculous weapons that if used in real life would only slow you down, make it impossible to move or do anything. Worse even, might kill you if you make a wrong move. So, yes, please keep equipment sensible.
  11. Also as a follow-up to what I said earlier, I'd like to see my companions to actually try and stop me from going to old graveyards and tombs. Literally. That's how I see it: - through dialog where some or all of followers tell the PC that they are not going to that cursed tomb and won't let him/her to do the same (in case we have gone through a lot and became friends and еhey don't want to lose their leader/friend/etc.). And that's where the fun begins: you have to really convince them that you know what you're doing. And I'd go for something more sophisticated than just some kind of speech t
  12. Undead are a frightful sight and should so remain. I understand that most of us are seasoned RPG players and when we see a skeleton or a zombie animated by necromancy we say something like "Let's bash some skulls" or something like that. But really... If we ourselves saw a walking corpse in reality, I believe our first reaction would be to run the heck away and hide somewhere far-far away, because a walking dead corpse that is approaching you (be it zombie or skeleton or any other type) is actually terrifying and dreadful. So my take on this - make 'em rare, make 'em scary. Let them be somethi
  13. I'd rather they didn't do this at all as it would quickly become an all or nothing design decision. If you have 5 party members with you then surely one of them will have the required stat/personality/class/race to open up whichever option you wanted. This dramatically reduces the effectiveness of your own characters stats on dialogue, who cares if you only have 10 Intellect when your party mage has 18, who cares if your Dexterity is 5 when your party rogue has 20 etc. If they are going to allow party members to speak for you then if would need to be in every conversation, everywhere bec
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