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  1. heh i was just thinking abou this issue with wizads book and wanted to test what they did and voila now i know , yeah they will have to fix this somehow cuz this is not fair, on the other hand if wizads book is not cleared this could be used as an exploit to get all spells cheeply
  2. and here is mine, i really wish u could fix this asap its very hard to read DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  3. i will upload mine in an hour or so, need to do smt else now
  4. Im getting the same as do a bunch of other ppl on here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/528398719812285858/ this needs to be fixed asap
  5. similar build (18/5/16/10/18/11) never had a real trouble on hard and now im lvl 6
  6. im wondering how many pledgers will fall out when payment actually happens and the real amount of money Obsidian will get after the end of kickstarter
  7. they will have to work very hard on it or it will be tedious and boring dungeon
  8. indeed limited choices when u have all continents to choose from
  9. Because it lies both in Europe and Asia, obviously. so then u don't live on a continent because u live in Russia btw im form Slovenia
  10. i always liked this pic but is this book levitating cuz i can see his hands holding it also left arm is somewhat strange
  11. i cant see this happen because of this: which means that we are thrown in medias res into the story. except if they make some prologue (similar to Dragon Age) which then leads to this event regardless what we do.
  12. yea cloaks, mantles and hats (like the one in my avatar) for the wizards plz
  13. I prefer inventory tetris to gothic style universe big bag of holding. but why not implement a real pack mule, seriously! Hee-haw hee-haw! Here i come
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