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  1. I am have the same issue. There are no bandits around as I had cleared out the area earlier and had talk to her then, but now that I have this quest she is is just listed as an enemy. I tried dragging some of the primals over to see if that would fix it but she just ran away during the fight. After the fight she came back but was still listed as something I could only attack with not talk with.
  2. I like random enemies and battles when moving on the maps but I don't want responds. It great not knowing what is ahead, it sucks not knowing what is behind.
  3. I don't mind that I can't do side quest X because companion Y anit in my party. I hate when I meeting character Y and now I have to imminently do a quest with them, so that I can continue the game.
  4. 100% realism doesn't matter but good stories need a world that works consistently. In the first few hours you can add many new elements of how the world works but you can't just add a game changing element in the final moments of the games and expect people to enjoy your game. (Look at you ME3)
  5. Only a metagamer would know Imoen was kidnapped by Irenicus.. the story shows you the cowled wizards taking her and Irenicus away.. any other information is not 'seen' with your protagonists eyes. I was making a more general point that a lot of games do this. For BG2 specifically I didn't say Irenicus had kidnapped her, but I tend want to get my party members out of prison ASAP. Also personally I don't my character think that the wizards that were getting their ass kicked are really going to be able to hold Irenicus, nor do I think he would see the cowl wizards as allies.
  6. Wise old dude that helps you threw the first bit of the game and then dies in a traumatic way. Also a wise cracking short thief, that doesn't get that stealing is stealing and is wrong.
  7. Mostly manual pause but I ALWAYS turn on trap spot pause, because if I don't I will walk on 90% of the traps.
  8. I like BG2 the only things that borrowed me about the game was. A. Irenicus used railroading magic a bit to much for me. I prefer a villain that has follow the same rules as I do. Make me feel like I am more in control of the story. B. The best time to do subquests should not be when your ally has been kidnapped by the villain or the villain's plan to about to come together.
  9. Yes please! I want consistent internal logic it makes games SO much better. When looking at plot of this game no should have to use the rule of cool or it's just a game as an excuse for plot holes or railroading.
  10. Till obsidian looks to make console version there is no reason to deal with a publisher. Publishers are only good for two things, getting your game in a retail store(most of which barely carry PC games these days) and getting your game approved by a console maker. (Again pointless for PC games.)
  11. Please please. Nothing makes a game feel more gamy then when the world revolves around the PC.
  12. Ehh.. I personally don't like the "friendly" monster characters. I just prefer interesting normal characters with interesting backgrounds and motivations.
  13. Gameplay first for me. Story to me is interchangeable. If you look at BG or even PS:T it's story could have been done in a style of game(FPS, adventure game, bioware RPG style, JRPG, etc..) but then I wouldn't have wanted to play them as much. I like the top down RPG style. That being said it doesn't have to be perfect or even bug free but I want it to be fun.
  14. Uhh want that... but that isn't an option. I want everyone in my party to have a magic item or two but not every slot filled.
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