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  1. There's only one appropriate answer (again): That was literally rape How dare you
  2. I hope Obsidian removes these other backer epitaphs I assume they weren't VETTED
  3. REMOVE IT CENSOR EVERYTHING ALL HAIL TWITTER SJW'S True paragons of virtue and free thought Only they should decided what's in the game cuck king Josh Sawyer agrees so he can get good boy points from his hipster liberal friends
  4. Disinfo He admits here that he wanted it to stay the original Obviously there was heavy political pressure on him
  5. Obsidian please remove Pillars from the title because that is phallic misogyny Change it to Boxes because that is less problematic I just assume you didn't "vet" the title properly
  6. Can't have discussion that doesn't agree with the politically correct opinion. It must be locked and censored for our safety. THINK OF THE INNOCENTS Thank you Big Obsidian for saving me from bad thoughts
  7. He can use terrorist in any context he wants. What are you, ****ing President of the English Language? You can't use languague that some people don't arbitraily approve of because otherwise it's "problematic" or "toxic" or "hate speech (defined by them of course)" or "sexist" etc etc I for one love that language is something to be controlled by interest groups instead of being free because otherwise my filthy man brain might use it wrong
  8. I regret backing these spineless cowards Have fun designing games that are forced to fit some group's definitions of right. Can't have thoughtcrime now can we. ALL HAIL "FREEDOM" ALL HAIL CENSORING EVERY SINGLE THING THAT OFFENDS SOMEONE
  9. Oh so you want some joke world were women are equal to men and transexual rabbits are kings and queens?
  10. They did include it. Cook-Cook? And all of Caesar's Legion? But they made it cartoonishly evil instead of practical like it would be
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