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  1. Bashful? Sounds more appropriate for a permanent descriptor. Anyway, I still want my double-Os. Mostly because two Os put together resemble a Möbius band. Same reason the membership fee is 8.
  2. Of the above list/poll, I like Deadfire Corsairs of the Obsidian Order the best. I'm not particularly biased toward Corsairs over Marauders or Pirates or whatever, but I like having the game name referenced again, really want to keep an O alliteration in there, and keeping continuity as another - mayhaps more unsavory - branch of the Obsidian Order would be a nice bonus.
  3. Well, WL2 and D:OS shipped from within the EU, but I didn't have to pay taxes for SR:R, either. Anyway, the disc alone should definitely be within the tax-free range.
  4. Did not and will not vote, since I really don't care either way, as long as I get a proper DRM-free disc. Cheerio.
  5. It doesnt right out say it and according to d&d faq on the OGL, its mainly the line that states u cannot add or force "permission or restriction" on the ogl content which most games make u accept an uael agreement to play the game. Its that agreement that is against the OGL, no making a video game but making players agree to restrictions and permissions and so forth. Which line is that? I don't see it. The main restriction is on Product Identity. I got words mixed up. Its the "no terms or conditions may be applied to the Open Game Content under this liscense". The D&D faq even had a
  6. Well, they had a working pledge system of their own and with it kept the hype going right past the bells ringing for their KS campaign, which helped significantly in them more than bucking the trend of post-campaign pledges being meager dribblings, so I wouldn't expect Obsidian to double their budget within a month or anything, but the timing seems as great as it will ever get to be to reignite people's passion for another million or so. Edit: Plus all the ship selling, of course, which can't be translated over to PoE at all.
  7. I'll be honest: It's been bothering me since day one that there are more classes than proper companion characters, so I'm all up for more stretch goals. Having a backer portal up and gameplay to show, it shouldn't be too hard to drum up some more support. Plus, ToN being confirmed as turn-based should drive some additional money toward PoE as well. Anyway, there are indeed a couple of add-ons I've been considering getting, so if prices are still the same in February, consider me game.
  8. I do have to agree that the Monk sounds kind of cool, but very Barbarian-ish (which is RPG-speak for berserkers). Not quite, of course, but too close for my liking. Doesn't really remind me of any real warrior monks at all, be that the typical Chinese ones or others. :-/ Please excuse me while I go facepalm for ten minutes, but before that: I'm no expert on the matter, but for what it's worth, my initial mental connections regarding each of the Vailian designs were Baroque, Late Renaissance, Golden Age of Sail and New Orleans (each of them covering a broader (and partly simultaneo
  9. Meh, I loved the prior damage vs. armor system, like this one and sure hope it doesn't get simplified further. And Vancian Lite? Well, at least I won't have to deal with full-blown Vancian or actual cool-downs. I really like that fatigue-based system somebody kept promoting on the boards, though. Quite a shame. Anyway, the rest of the update is great, though, so there's that.
  10. I'm in a bit of a hurry and frankly the only thing I really care about is the following, so I'll just restate it once more: Have the pantheon(s) have proper family relations. Too often in fiction deities seem like a random assortment of natural forces grown sentient at best with only some half-assed relationships mentioned at most.
  11. Since the other thread apparently only discusses gods: What about add-ons? The update doesn't really clearly refer to them one way or another.
  12. My prior post went through a number of revisions to reduce blocks of text by adding more sub-questions. Not really any new content of note, so I won't plaster another giant post here, but you can check it out on my scarcely used tumblr here.
  13. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption by the Quest for Glory designers (an unofficial Q&A-style list of known/important details by yours truly) Pledge goal: USD 400,000. Reached 1/2 of that in 2/3 of the time, so we need a bit of a proper end rush to prevent it from becoming one of the 3 % of KS projects that fail despite having reached 50 % of their goal. If you have already seen the project page, I implore you to check out the replaced video/recent updates. Or at least check the art question at the bottom here. Q: What is Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption? A: A role-playing/adventure/puzzl
  14. ?A quirky old (and kinda hippie) couple is all I see, which admittedly is far from your archetypal game dev of any era, but people age, duh.
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