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  1. I think it is just a prologue weapon, an early and weak gun, rather than anything worthwhile. I'm holding onto it for nostalgia and for giggles, but I think it is safe to sell it.
  2. Original folksong, as has been done with Leliana's Song in DA:O, and of course, Paragon of Drinking, and anything Bard's Tale, are damn good ideas. They can make the game doubly memorable. But it might be a touch unecessary, depending on the tone of the game. P:T did well enough without all too much of this specialty instrumentation, to my knowledge.
  3. This would be nice, so long as we're given a period of time after learning of the quest, rather than a period of time after the start of the game, for the odd side-quest. Or a post game to finish off non-timed quests.
  4. Magic as extension of the soul... Cooldown could make sense, but sectionning off a soul for the day, to be disolved at a point of use, as per Vancian, seems weird. Maybe if Magic got weaker with each use of a given spell set before rest?
  5. Better to have a weapon be better than another due to its' own technical abilities, (say speed of a dagger beats hammer swingspeed, but is weaker than such), rather than a mechanical bonus of plus 2 versus daggers to a given weapon. Same as most other newfangled systems, I guess. Swords are overused, I agree. Gimme whips and spears any old day. Do like the idea of melee combat with a bow, by the by. Maybe a... prestige class. Or transorming weapons? And maybe some bo-kata sort of deal.
  6. The dyeing of clothing? pfft -- Or a new game plus? With expanded dialogue therein? That totally has a place in Role-Playing Games.
  7. Come on, b'yes. Czechs play video games too! All fifteen million of us!
  8. I do not want Mr. or Mrs. Daddy Issues to love me because I solve their Daddy Issues. I want to love a character through their "character defining maladie" (looking at you: Carth, Bastila, Thane, Miranda, Annah, Morrigan) * and see them enjoying my company, and have me able to enjoy theirs, with no one 'right option' in starting and continuing a romance with them. Like with Lily in Kawata Shoujo, for example. Yes, she was blind. No, this could not be solved through my character's pen*s. Yes, my character and her flirted occasionally over slice of life matters, and over issues brought up during Gameplay. Eventually, with more than trinary Hate/Love/Neutral options, ( though Kawata is plagued with them,) Lily and my character enjoyed each other's company. See also: Mass Effect 3 character interactions. If Romance is in this game at all, make it slightly more non-linear than the dialogue wheels of the past have had it be. i.e. from Planescape Torment: [ I love you. I do not love you. I am insulting your parentage and making you angry, negating any chance of us being any more than fellow questers. ] I liked the Handmaiden's love, for we bonded over the force, and the teachings of Kreia as much as we bonded over her little Atris problem. I liked Atton having things to do with me apart from flirting, such as snark and hatred of the people around me. * Characters named as examples not to follow, not as characters Obsidian had influence over.
  9. I'd enjoy a run through hell to get back to my body, if such a thing is possible. After a point, and up to one as well, come to think of it. Something to make quicksaving pointless, save for replays.
  10. If we have Arcanum levels of Backstory generation, then we really don't need sub-races so much as skin tones and portraits. I would like to see some non-humanoid races, if only as an NPC, or Companion. Something able to wear parts of the common armor get up, but require special parts. Say, Half Slug people. Elephant Handed Halidonians. Bat Winged, armless humanoids. But less terrestrial and mish-mashed? And less drawn from a hat at random? Trusting you lot, and your godliness, either way.
  11. If we tie a specific craft(ing skill) to a specific character, then min-maxing will lead us to ignore other such set ups over the course of several playthroughs, and eventually for most future players. Like, say, in Morrowind, when you ignored everything until you got the Chameleon Ring, because someone said so. (Not that I'm angry, but I loved Morrowind the tiniest fraction less for memorizing exploits, as such.) Then comes the issue of making the craft feel special. It's done well in situations where there's limited crafting options, such as Skyrim, but only because (Alchemy affected enchanting which affected smithing which affected enchanting which affected alchemy) of synergy. Dragon Age 2 had passablly interesting, yet effective 'crafting,' and made sense within the scope of the game, taking place over several years in a narrative. However, it did not allow for the potions made, or the runes made, to have any sort of weight to them, save for the one rune I remember awesome Dwarf-Comedy-Relief making, in plot. KoTOR 2 had fine crafting, and Arcanum asides, but the former was lessened by being entirely shopping/monetary based, come end-game. New Vegas, as well, had this problem, though the Gun Runner's Arsenal upped the ante enough in terms of variety that it felt special again. Do I want an item I make to feel special? Yes. Do I want to grind for it? No. Do I want resources scattered throughout the game world? Yes. Do I want a variety of items to make, with seperate uses? Yes. Do I want a variety of ways to make a given item, possibly varying its effectiveness, and having consequences for doing so? Yes, I want to accidentally make a beer that poisons a king, using DEATHWEED as opposed to hops. And if you ever add something like, say, Gecko Backed Leather Armour, well... Could it combine more than one set of crafts? And maybe do more than make me look slightly tribal?
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