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  1. Most, if not all of the designers and writers, etc, would have finished their work on Eternity by now, Obsidian can't just keep a large part of their staff around doing nothing. It's pretty standard for any studio to be working on multiple projects and after the success of the first Kickstarter, I can't think why they wouldn't want to go that route again.
  2. I was a bit disappointed when their first Kickstarter turned out to be the standard fantasy affair, so I'm hoping this one goes in a different direction from that. A sci-fi RPG, along the lines of Mass Effect, but with much more emphasis on the story could be amazing and I'd be equally excited for an unofficial follow up to Alpha Protocol. I would be pretty hyped for a Star Wars game too, but yeah, as others have said, Kickstarting something like that would seem a bit silly, especially with Disney being the ones behind it now.
  3. The cost of voice acting isn't the problem, but the amount of it that would be required. The biggest problem (in my opinion) with modern RPG's is the lack of choices. Even for something as simple as a "yes or no" response to a quest, there needs to be separate dialogue for each option and that gets more and more complicated as the quests and options become more complex. It's exactly why we have to play as a set character in games like Mass Effect and why we tend to have few options for selecting back stories and other character traits nowadays. For an old school RPG, designed around choice
  4. It depends on the context. I'm all for ease of use features, assuming they don't interfere with gameplay. People are too quick to jump on the "they're dumbing it down!" bandwagon, when they're simply adding accessibility options or streamlining interfaces. Making a game easier to play doesn't mean it has to be dumb. I want an old school style game, but I don't want to go back to clunky menu's that require you read manuscripts before you understand how to even start playing the game. For example, I don't see the problem with things like minimaps, as they simply allow you to see things i
  5. Oh man, every time we hit the goal I've been hoping we make it too, they add something even better that I badly want to see. The 3.5 million update may be a bit too ambitious, but I really hope they can hit it. Unfortunately, the postage costs to outside of the US make it far too expensive for me to upgrade my pledge. Sorry
  6. I'm not personally interested in those two new classes, but having more variety is always a good thing. I do really love the idea of the adventurers hall. I was a little disappointed when they stated the companions would be 100% pre-set, so this is a great compromise, although I'd still have liked the customisable companions to have some personality/storylines.
  7. Crossroads Keep was used by the developers as an example of a "player stronghold" that requires management and not the type of thing they're looking at the player housing to be. I do enjoy the customisation and management aspects, but then it needs to tie into the story a lot more, so I can see why they're staying away from that. Something like the Sink from New Vegas seems more likely. Somewhere to store your stuff and interact with your companions, maybe with a few quests to get some optional upgrades.
  8. Free international shipping. I guess this is a problem with how US shipping methods work, but the fact anyone outside of North America has to pay the same amount of shipping as someone in the US would be for a higher tier, is pretty disappointing. It completely puts me off wanting to give them more and I don't think any of the digital rewards are particularly appealing, especially things like wallpapers and ringtones.
  9. Old school, of course. Although I wouldn't be hugely upset if they go the DA route.
  10. Not a chance. It'll easily hit the 2 million stretch goal though.
  11. DLC done right is fine and New Vegas was a pretty good example of doing it right. It needs to add a significant amount of new content, essentially being an expansion pack. It shouldn't cost
  12. Very important. The world should be deep and immersive, so having a lot of unrelated lore and background information you can find out about everything, helps a lot.
  13. Voice acting adds an element of immersion but it also severely limits what they can do with the game. Look at the amount of conversations we had in games like Planescape and Baldurs Gate, compared to a game like Dragon Age. By not having voice acting, they can have a lot more random conversations, branching paths and options; without having to worry about paying voice actors for an insane amount of recording time. I'd rather that money went towards something more meaningful. Sure, they could have some of the lines voice acted, but personally I find that to be very jarring. I'd rather h
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