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  1. You could get the random events from messengers, i always found Skyrim messengers funny because they run very fast.
  2. Best crafting in my opinion at least is in Gothic games because there you actualy make swords not just a pop up windows appears and bam your item is crafted like in Skyrim, thats cheap but anyway i don`t think this will work in a isometric game or does it ? you could make the forge anvil and honing wheel clickable,this could mean alot of work if you want to make it properly or dont and focus on something else in the game.
  3. I hope you dont give up on Bloodlines, the most atmospheric game i ever played along with Half Life 2 episodes, you guys are the best.
  4. And i thought Diablo 3 monk was badass, fighting on the edge of life, this could turn to be hilarious in the wrong hands.
  5. Just a quick question, will gog version have patches after release, bug fixes and stuff ?
  6. Maybe you guys can add the Harpers in the game, a badass organization that appears out of nowhere to restore balance at a crucial point in the game ( maybe before a great villain is killed or evil is too strong and its on rampage ). I just like the ideea of secret mage organization that teleport near you ( 1 member or more ) out of nowhere doing some crazy spells that doesnt make any sense for the player at some point in the game, just an ideea.
  7. I will just cross the bridge with my non-combat skills then go back and kill all the bandits for maxim xp, i hope i can do this without penalties. Also at the end of the game i don`t want to be master of all non-combat skills, i mean if you can have them all maxed out there is not much of a choice but in what order you get them and i think this is a bad system that will kill replayability. Also will be very hard to balance Lock Pick with others non-combat skills, i think is the most used skill in most games of this type due the great rewards that come with it.
  8. They said it will be a funny world, i really liked Larian Divinity 2 world.
  9. I don`t care if they port this game even to Wii, as long as it sells well we can hope for an expansion.
  10. Also i hope you dont go for full voice, too much time investment, Icewind Dale 2 did it the best, Isair and Madae voice was godlight.
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