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  1. Just finished up Guardians of the Galaxy on the series X for the first time and really liked it. I feel like the studio did the right thing and focused on the story with Uncharted style gameplay and that was a good mix overall. Very solid fun experience. Also playing Grim Dawn on the series X and almost through AOM on the elite playthrough and really having a great time. Just love the game and the transition to console has been great. Started Crosscode over on the switch due to not having played in a long time and not knowing that was going on in game about 20 hours into it. Don't mind though as it's a really fun game with cool concept for the story. I just have the original V1 of the switch and not bothering to upgrade due to having a Steam Deck on preorder, and will more than likely only use it for exclusives moving forward. Just rumbling through the backlog now.
  2. Long time without a post, so may be winded lol. Due to time and place, I've mostly been playing my Switch. Have gone through Trine 1 and 2, Bastion, Transistor, Gris , a bunch of time spent with Slay the Spire, some Torchlight 2, a little of Blasphemous, and started a new game on Divinity Original Sin 2 (how did they get this on Switch and have it run so well). Honestly love this little machine with a busier life as of late. I have Witcher 3 preordered which I cannot wait for. I've beaten that a few times but its been a while and look forward to it on the go. I realize in some of these games, downgrades were made, but playing on a smaller screen, it hasn't really been too bad. Divinity has run superb and plays well on a controller. Loading times are surprisingly decent and overall really enjoying it on another playthrough. I know there's mixed feelings about DOS 2 on this forum, but the freedom and overall gameplay is what I've been enjoying most. As I said, really excited about Witcher 3, but also Ori and the Blind Forest and then Children of Morta. It's definitely a good time to be a gamer on the go.
  3. Started a new character for Grim Dawn. Am about level 33 and have it all invested in Oathkeeper at this point and think I’m at the end of the new expansion after having completed Act 1 previously. Really enjoy the new class and still trying to decide what to pair the class with at this point hard to decide as there seem to be some good synergy between a lot of the classes. Love the look of the expansion areas and excited to try some of the Shattered Realm soon enough. Love Crate.
  4. Plugging away at Dark Souls R. Taken down Angry looking bull, Capra demon, fancy moth, spider lady, molten fire slug, iron golem, gargoyle twins and so far feeling good but am at a point where not sure what weapon to invest in. Been using the Black Knight Sword and lightning spear but wondering with all the upgrades I do to a regular weapon, will it be better thank the black knight sword? I joke about the boss names but overall, having a good amount of fun and enjoying the game.
  5. Picked up Dark Souls Remastered on Switch....wish me luck Also, Very excited for the announced release date of the Grim Dawn expansion.
  6. Would this be from the recent release on the switch? If so, how does it play?
  7. Yeah. Waiting as well. Have you heard of the game Portal Knights? Decent enough game with a lot of the same mechanics you seem to enjoy about DQB.
  8. I kind of felt reminiscent of White Orchard with W3 as far as time and gameplay. Bumped up to level 16 so far and have just found out about the cult which I think is another good component of gameplay.
  9. I picked up AC Odyssey from steam with the sale which included the season pass. About 7-8 hours in and clearing everything I come across. I was someone who really enjoyed AC Origins due to the setting and this one for basically the same reasons. Enjoying the items/gear so far and the story has started off pretty decent. Overall pretty happy with it so far. On the switch, picked up my Skyrim character who is currently level 25 and like seeing the evolution and quality of life differences between the games that’s taken place over time. Have an inch to start a new game of Minecraft but honestly the switch has given me an itch to play a lot of games due to its handheld nature. I really would have loved it if they had released the streaming AC Odyssey here in the US like Japan. That would have been pretty interesting but excited to try out and play some more Dragons Dogma when it comes in April.
  10. Making my way through some more of my backlog on the switch, now through Celeste, Guacamelee, Ghost 1.0, Feudal Alloy, and Child of Light. Started up Axiom Verge for a few hours, then read someone's post on here about the latest Diablo 3 season and here I am with a Paragon level 54 Crusader already lol I know D3 is not considered the cream of the crop in this generation of ARPGs (my favorite has been Grim Dawn), it still has it's charm and fun burst experiences. We'll see how this playthrough of Axiom Verge goes. I know it's supposed to be a solid game, but as compared to other metrovania's, I feel like it'll be harder to come back to if I spend too much time away from it.
  11. Well, right now trying to keep the train of finishing games going..... Completed Celeste, Guacamelee, and Child of Light so far and am about 3/4 the way through Ghost 1.0, and having fun. Nice to get through some backlog. Also playing through Shadow of Mordor on PC. I think I beat the main game back on the PS4 when it came out, but after just getting done reading The Hobbit and moving on the Lord of the Rings books, I thought it'd be fun to go through Shadow of Mordor and War. I realize that the games I've beaten are shorter, but I figured I'd start with those because it's easier to keep the momentum going early on when I continue on to longer games. Of course, those three and Ghost 1.0 have been on the switch which does make it easier as someone (so sorry I forgot who) stated that sometimes it's hard to go back to the computer to play games when you spend a good part of your day on them for work. Looking at Guacamelee 2, Sundered, or that Feudal Alloy coming up. The bigger games coming up in February and March, I either really haven't looked at, or really, are not appealing to me lately. We'll see.
  12. Recently bought a couple games on Switch being Guacamelee and Child of Light. Have beaten both games years ago, but there was a nice say and thought it would be fun to play on the go when I have time. Looking towards Feudal Alloy coming out next week, hoping it turns out to be decent.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-hofu-rjfk I have to say, while in the past, I was mostly divided between playing the PC and PS4, since getting the switch last year in May, I've probably put the most time into that console. And this is just more good news. Yeah, I understand these are ports of old games, but man oh man, do I love playing all these games wherever, whenever I want. I've recently picked up Guacamelee (1st one) on switch and have just been having a ball. I previously beat it a couple years ago, but there's something about playing it handheld. Add to that all the other indies, like Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge, Celeste, Mark of the Ninja, Darkest Dungeon, (I realize these are all on other platforms) etc, etc, plus titles like Diablo 3, Skyrim, or Zelda on the go, it's been a good time and a great purchase. I still enjoy the PC and PS4 for sure, however due to daily life and seeking fun, I've definitely gravitated towards the switch.
  14. They have another expansion called Forgotten Gods coming out in Q1 which adds a lot more content with an endless dungeon like D3’s rifts. Looks fantastic but I do look forward to a new game from them. They’re quite dedicated!
  15. Picked up Spider Man on the PS4 in the recent sale and must say, this is a fun game. Traversing the city is great fun and the different objectives have kept my interest. I find myself doing all the collectible tasks throughout the city and assume there's going to be a point where I just have main quest and side missions, however both of these have been good fun so far. Just a nice game to relax to relax to really with a fun combat system and nice upgrading system. Interested to see how the story pans out and then break into the available DLC.
  16. Looking to start a playthrough of Fallout 4 with the DLC and can't decide how to go about building a character. Any thoughts/suggestions here?
  17. Putting some time into RDR2 when I can get a couple hours here and there to play as I feel like you need to play and appreciate that game in at least 1 hour spurts. Over the weekend, picked up Diablo 3 for the switch and absolutely enjoying the heck out of that game. It's perfect in handheld mode, in short gaming sessions, whether ripping out some bounties, doing a rift or 5 or just doing the campaign mode. Handles just like the PS4 version and has pretty awesome load times for the system it's on. Yes, I saw Blizzard's latest Diablo announcement, and no, especially at this moment, I don't care.
  18. There is a lot of button uses for each task due to the amount of tasks your character can do it seems. It definitely is one of the best representation of playing a cowboy from that era it seems. I can see why some people would dislike this game after coming from any other open world game, like AC Odyssey where you don’t have to go through two steps to do most things. Not to a detriment, but to a degree of realism. RDR 2 so far for me has been a good chill experience to relax to and enjoy the ride/experience instead of just go from one question mark to the next. At least so far.
  19. Let me basically summarize the main points of the 40+ minute review: According to SkillUp there's a pretty hard level requirement wall on the main quest at lvl25 where you're basically forced to grind side quests for about 7 hours (takes about one hour per level, according to him) to get to the next level gated main quest. He heavily implies that this was done to push players towards the cash shop show to shorten that grind and that, without that forced grind he would have been able to unconditionally recommend the game. As it is he expect most players to just not bother and never see the, apparently awesome, endgame quests. He also addresses the difference between the side quests in the various open world RPGs and why the ones in Odyssey don't stack up to, say The Witcher 3. He also addresses the fact that, indeed, some people might enjoy this type of quest design and that he isn't one to judge, being, among others things, a Elder Scrolls and Warframe player. But that he, personally, did not enjoy the vast majority of Odyssey's side quests. tl;dr he thinks it's an awesome game but feel that that the forced "filler" stuff will ruin it for the majority of players and he flat out states that this filler crap is usually forced by the money people. Well, once I hit that level 25 quest mission blockage that he refers to, I'll have more to talk about, however this "filler" stuff being referred to seems to be content, like quests, forts, cultist stuff, etc. I like Skillup, but I'm also playing the game for myself to make my own conclusions. At this point, I have had no need to purchase boosters, however I could see if you were just plowing through story quests, you'd hit a wall for sure, but why are you playing this game then? Why just do the main quest storyline when all this content is out there. Arguments can be made over the quality of this side stuff, but until you've actually played it or seen the content, lets reserve judgement on this "filler" description.
  20. Been awhile since I posted on this topic, but reading through, I definitely have an opinion on some posts as well. Having played about 19 hours of AC Odyssey. Let me preface by saying I love Greek Mythology and the history behind the game. I understand it's not 100% historically accurate, however I'm more than impressed with how they recreated the landscapes, cities, etc. There is a TON to do in this game. A ton of places to go and discover, a ton of quests to complete, and a ton of loot to find. After 19 hours, my character is level 22 and my stats say I'm about 34% into the main progression (whatever that means) but I have not felt the grind others have spoke about yet. I've not come across a main story progression quest I've not been able to do because of being too low level, but I have definitely explored a ton in that 19 hours. About the boosters.... This game is huge, literally HUGE. There is a ton of content to this game. It's not all amazing, but the quests are definitely better than previous AC games. To me, there will be too main groups who play this game. One who explore almost everything, because it's really fun to explore and will never feel the grind and the other group who will get bored of the side content and then will fall behind in levels to progress and will quit because of being walled off by story quests level requirements. I'm not defending Ubisoft in any way, but it's gotta be somewhat hard as a developer these days. A lot of gamers who play open world games want huge games, with a ton of content and when you have a loot based system like Odyssey, there needs to be cutoffs for certain things/quests. Alongside this game, I've been starting a new playthrough of Wticher 3 and I see similarities and differences. While W3 is huge, it's nowhere near the size of AC:O, and while it does have level requirements for quests, it feels different because while there is loot, there's not as much as AC:O, and due to the size of the world being smaller, the devs have a better handle on where the player might be at certain times during the game. Obviously, due to not being out yet, I haven't played Red Dead Redemption 2, however I haven't heard that your character levels up. Only gaining more "power" through better weapons and mods for the weapons, but I would assume it to be easier to develop a game, regardless of the size (territory) of the map based upon the idea of not having actual "levels" of your character or a loot system. In the end, I think you need to ask yourself what type of open world game you wanna play. To me, they all have their place in my catalog, but only play them with different mindsets. The whole microtransaction thing, well, due to creating such a huge map, with so much content and available XP, I'm thinking Ubisoft was just giving players the option to cut more of a B-line through the story. Now, should they necessarily charge for that? Maybe not, maybe it should be a feature that you can turn on and off at your leisure depending on your current "fun level." Besides all that though, playing AC:O, finished up The White Orchard area in W3, started a new playthrough of Darkest Dungeon on the switch and going back and forth, back and forth in my mind on if I want to get RDR 2 at launch or wait since I'll be picking up Diablo 3 on the switch the following week....siding towards no RDR 2 at the moment.....
  21. Can’t wait to hear more of your impressions of the game. Seems pretty interesting from what I’ve seen of it.
  22. I LOVE the Rivellon tune from Divinity OS2. One of the best tracks in the game.
  23. Some Titan Quest on the switch after playing some Ghost 1.0. Tomorrow Salt and Sanctuary and then Dead Cells next week. As always, need more time.......lol
  24. After the story part of the game is finished. Is there more to keep you coming back?
  25. I’m about 80% handheld and 20% docked overall I think. Lately playing more Hollow Knight ad I’ve bumped the completion up to 86% and still loving exploration. Going to probably pick up Ghost 1.0 since I really like the developer and the work they put into the game and then play the waiting game till the end of the month when Titan Quest comes out for the switch.
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