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  1. I think DS3 was revolutionary and too many people were too daft to notice it. What's on the top of everyone's list right now? Diablo 3 on consoles. The original Diablo was was-driven, and had no camera control at all. You just click, click, click and It was amazing, yes? Dungeon Siege combat used to be mouse-driven, but had a bit more tactics to it. Dungeon Siege 3 comes out HOW LONG AGO? - and what is it? It's exactly like Diablo 3 on the consoles, but you have camera control, you get to interact with the story, role-play, and choose your dialog. Everyone's $#!tting their pants over Diablo 3 right now... so WHAT was wrong with DS3, exactly? Nothing, other than it isn't exactly like 1 or 2. I hope Obsidian does make a DS4, and I honestly hope they don't take the advice of all the haters on here. I own all three Dungeon Siege games, and you know what? The only one I could bring myself to finish was #3. We've all got opinions, and you know people say about opinions. People just don't make sense to me. How could people hate DS3 so much that you hope Obsidian never gets the rights to make another, then turn around and buy Diablo 3 for their 360 or PS3? I cannot be convinced there are not overlapping people here.
  2. My two cents: This game has no superior when it comes to the specific niche it fills. Think about this: 1) What other couch co-op RPGs are there? There's Magika, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, and uhhhh... Crimson Alliance isn't really an RPG. Neither is Marvel Ultimate Alliance. 2) How many co-ops do you know of that allow players to vote on dialog choices? None of the aforementioned games even have dialog choices at all. ------ Granted, I'd choose Fallout New Vegas over DS3 if I'm playing alone, but this game made it possible for me to enjoy a real RPG while spending time with my girlfriend. She likes playing LEGO games and Torchlight, but can't handle FPSs or the like. She can't even stand split-screen. DS3's controls are so easy, you can play co-op with someone who isn't necessarily a gamer. The story is on par with the greatest RPGs out there, and the combat is fluid and intuitive. I seriously can't relate to anyone who doesn't like this game. It's the only fully-featured, hardcore couch co-op RPG there is; it has no equal.
  3. I already own it, but it was the disc version. I bought the game again (how could I not at $2) just to show Obsidian support. I <3 Obsidian http://store.steampowered.com/app/34010/
  4. You're wrong. Have fun with that. Remember me saying people argue too much on this forum? Yeah.
  5. I actually see that as a good thing.
  6. Oh, my. Other eople have different opinions than Morgoth. On the Obsidian boards. The horror. (Meant as a joke) That was a funny, and well deserved slap in the face.
  7. Incorrect. I beat the game with 4-player co-op - two on the couch, two online. It was magic. Nay-sayer.
  8. Totally. Without trying to sound silliy, that help menu was really helpful.
  9. Yeah, they slipped since I originally looked. HOWEVER: The ratings on consoles are 2 stars higher than they are on PC, yes? Same game, yes? I may have had a point, yes? We argue too much on this forum.
  10. Well said. I'd like to add to your argument: Fallout 3 and New Vegas are almost nothing like Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics either. I know it's just my opinion, but I think the FPS versions of Fallout are WAY more fun than the old top-down, 2D RPGs. Not to mention - all those bad reviews for Dungeon Siege III everyone keeps talking about? On consoles; DS3 typically gets a 4 out of 5. On PC; typically a 1 out of 5. Odd, don't you think? Especially considering the game actually runs better and looks better on PC... It's almost as if... console-users were just judging the game for what it is. Imagine that.
  11. lol. I get it, dude. Seriously though, I know there is no sky to begin with, but what would be so bad about just seeing black above the map models? Think of Torchlight. What's outside their map models? Nothing. Just black. It's not so bad and unprofessional as some want to believe. We all agree it would hinder you in battle, but there have been some cool pan-shots where I was quite impressed with the visual, and if I walked over to that area later, I still couldn't quite look at what I was shown earlier. You know, like the shot of the outside of the house in the beginning of the game? -and when you're down in the mines when you get cool quick glimpses of the crystal structures? That stuff was COOL! I just want to look a second longer at stuff like that. I don't need to see the sky. I want to stare straight at what's already there sometimes. It would simply be a neat feature to have the ability (even if only while you stood still) to free-look when you wanted to. I understand if the dev's don't want to do it. Even if they didn't, I can't stress enough that I absolutely love this game as-is.
  12. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but you forgot : Option C Make fun of him. -and that's what I did.
  13. Be careful, dude. Mentioning flexibility of camera angles and the ability to appreciate one's surroundings is fightin' words around these parts. I F'ing love DS3, but I'm right there with ya. The surroundings are so pretty that sometimes I wish I could just stop for a second and look around - just to stare at things and take a breather. The level design is so friggin' pretty, but we are unfortunately stuck looking at the ground for the majority of the game. Sadly, many people on here have a closed mind about the idea. I can only assume you didn't read all the previous posts in this thread. You've only posted once, so chances are I could just be speaking to the wind.
  14. Wait..... what? Longer story line? More side-quests? Camera tweaks? What the heck are you talking about? What does this have to do with Space Siege? Oh! Ha! That's right. This thread is about DS4. You were getting back ON topic. My mistake. I was fine talking about Space Siege! Haha! I've still been playing it, btw. Totally enjoying it. My advice to those that don't like it, perhaps just wait a while longer and try it again in the future. As I mentioned, I initially didn't like it either. After completing DS3, the time just seemed right. Now I totally appreciate the controls, the story, the environments, the health stations, the upgrades, HR-V, just all of it in general. I know I'm still talking off topic. I apologize.
  15. Agreed. My girlfriend played as the hot Russian gun-chick and I played as the fire chick. We had a lot of difficulty, and despite my original preference, once we died a few time during that boss battle we opened our game up to the public. Before too long we had two strangers join our game and we beat the game all the way through together. It was awesome. That's my advice; stop trying to do it alone.
  16. i like run on sentences do you like run on sentences i hate punctuation do you hate punctuation i think punctuation sucks its good to see someone else who loves run on sentences and hates punctuation as much as i do i also hate capitalizing the first letter in sentences and the letter i welcome to the forum
  17. Truth be told, if you enjoy Dungeon Siege III, there is a high chance you will enjoy Space Siege. No joke. Dungeon Siege III is better in my opinion, but it's still good. I think a lot of the hate for Space Siege came from Mass Effect and Fallout fans hearing there was a new RPG on the market only to find it wasn't a shooter. It's why I initially didn't like it. Now I almost feel kinda bad for prejudging it. It's like a cross between Dungeon Siege III and Alien Swarm.
  18. I've never even played WoW. How weird does that make me? I've played LotRO for about 90 hours, but it's been a while. Most LotRO subscribers are former WoW subscribers and they've told me that I'm not missing much. Especially since LotRO is free to play. I've only spent a total of like $6 in the entire time I've played the game (buying dye and other useless micro-transactions). Fetch-quests or no, $6 USD for 90 hours of playtime is some serious value.
  19. I found Silver on eBay for only a couple dollars. Good suggestion, thank you ) I signed up for the beta for Path of Exile as well.
  20. That may not be the biggest compliment anyone ever paid to a game, but you know what? I own that game and forgot all about it. I bought it when I was on a strictly FPS/RPG kick and the whole top-down/point-and-click thing annoyed the piss out of me back then. I didn't get further than five minutes into it. Now that I've beaten Dungeon Siege III, your mentioning Space Siege made me realize I might finally be in a mood for such a game, and I am! I'm actually quite enjoying it. It's cool because now that I have the capacity to appreciate this type of RPG, I feel like I just won a brand-new game! I know you don't directly deserve/want thanks, but thanks!
  21. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan either, but I effing loved KOTOR 1 & 2, so I'm buying TOR just based on that. We will see if it's any good...
  22. Thank you. ) I am sincere when I say I will take your suggestion to heart. If anyone else has more suggestions, keep 'em coming! I'll play just about any/every suggestion you've got!
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